John Lewis’ Christmas ad, which was highly anticipated, divided opinion this week. Some felt the tale of an alien being welcome to Earth had ‘too many of a message’ instead of a traditional festive theme. 

Matalan now has an ad that features an alternative nativity and a young boy in angel wings, featuring Matalan.   

The young star of the show is seen performing a play for his family, with his sister riding in on a robotic dinosaur head. After that, he presents a teddy bear for her brother to ‘lay down in a little bed.

It is not clear who is playing the role of Mary because his sister is dressed in a robot costume while the boy is wearing blue t-shirts.  

Everyone dances and rejoices that school is over and they can have a good time instead.  

Matalan have released their Christmas advert for 2021. It reinvents the Nativity scene as seen by a young boy who says what he loves most about Christmas is spending time with his family

Matalan has released their Christmas advertisement for 2021. It reimagines the Nativity scene, as seen by a young boy, who believes that what he loves most is Christmas time with his family. 

Meanwhile, Asda put on an ice-skating spectacular, pictured, to advertise their Christmas range and delivery service

Asda put on an amazing ice-skating show, as seen in the photo, to promote their Christmas range.

Matalan’s advert features a little boy and his sibling as they create a very special Nativity scene.  

The boy is dressed in festive PJs and cozy knits. He then asks for help from his family to make costumes, hang decorations, and put on a show. 

The boy explained that Christmas is special because he can spend time with his family.

The story is then retold by the boy and his sibling.

In the short and sweet Matalan spot, the family all come togetther to decorate their house for the nativity scene, pictured

The Matalan spot is a short and sweet spot where the family decorates their home for the Nativity scene.

The boy's sister is a 'Mummy reindeer' that arrives on the back of a dinosaur, in this re-imagined Nativity

The boy’s sister is a “Mummy reindeer”, which arrives on the back a dinosaur in this reimagined Nativity 

Before the home-made show begins, he sits down with his grandfather and parents.  

In their version, Mary is  a ‘mummy Ranger’ and baby Jesus is a ‘very magic baby’ wearing reindeer antlers. 

The whole family applauds as the story is told and then the boy ends by saying, ‘And no one has to go school!’ 

The advert is short and sweet, and it’s set to the sounds of 1970s band Pilot’s Magic. 

Asda also has a festive offering. It features a spectacular on ice show for families of four who have gone to their local store.  

The boy sits his parents down to watch the show. His grandfather is wearing antlers they both created together, pictured

The boy sits with his parents and watches the show. His grandfather is wearing antlers that he and his father created together. 

A family of four walks into an Asda store to shop for Christmas presents in the supermarket commercial. 

The mother looks around and spots Asda employees dancing around with trolleys to the sound of Ravel’s Bolero 

The mother looks down and sees that she has been fitted for a pair of golden skates. Her children and husband also have their own pair. 

As the vegetable aisle opens, the family begins to skate around. 

Asda's adverts starts with a family-of-four going to their local supermarket for their Christmas shopping

Asda’s ads begin with a family of four heading to their local supermarket for Christmas shopping 

The mother realises she is fitted with sparkly golden skates, pictured, and her husband and children have skates too

The mother realizes that she has sparkly golden skates. Her husband and children also have skates. 

The family then goes to school for Christmas, where a Christmas Pudding cheers up another child and holds her hand. 

Next, the mother’s office Christmas party is where she and her coworkers enjoy cocktails while seated on copiers that Asda employees have moved. 

In the next tableau,  lorry drivers deliver Asda products directly to the family’s fridge, while fireworks go off in the background. 

The parents then skated through a Christmas party at the home where they treated their guests to appetizers from the Asda Christmas range. 

The family skate from one traditional Christmas scene to another in the advert, starting from the Asda vegetable aisle

The family moves from one traditional Christmas scene into another in the advertisement, starting at the Asda vegetable aisle. 

They then see a school play, where a Christmas pudding and a flame become friends and hold hands, pictured

They then go to school and see a play where a Christmas pudding, and a flame, become friends.

The advert also shows us the mother's Christmas party, where she is seen drinking cocktails on top of a copier with her colleagues, pictured

The advert also shows us the mother enjoying cocktails at her Christmas party with her colleagues.

The father skates through the doors and proceeds to the ceilling. It is only lit by fairy lights, and contains piles full of mysterious presents. 

Asda workers then assist the family in decorating the table for Christmas dinner. They set out plates with Christmas treats, including a delicious turkey.

The family cheers and claps as the daughter dances on her skates at the end of the dinner. 

The father surprises everyone by surprising everyone with a large round Christmas pudding from Asda before the mother realizes that their daughter has fallen asleep under the table. 

The advert ends with a mother putting her daughter down, smiling, and then walking out. 

Asda: Make Christmas spectacular! As the advert closes, a voice-over announces that the advert will continue from the big day through all the little ones in between. 

In the next tableau, lorry drivers deliver Asda products directly to the family's fridge, while fireworks go off in the background.

The next tableau shows Asda products being delivered by lorry drivers directly to the family’s fridge. Meanwhile, fireworks are blazing in the background.

Then, Asda workers help the family dress the table for their Christmas dinner, putting down plates full of Christmas treats, including a scrumptious turkey.

Asda workers then assist the family in decorating the table for Christmas dinner. They set out plates with Christmas treats, including a delicious turkey.

At the end of the dinner, the daughter twirls on her skates as the family cheer and clap, before the father brings the desert in

The dinner is over when the daughter dances on her skates to the cheers and clapping of her family, before the father brings in the desert. 

Online social media users have criticised John Lewis’ highly anticipated 2021 Christmas advert as being “pathetically predictablely woke”

The retailer’s two-minute ad, titled ‘Unexpected Guest’, features a young boy introducing an alien to Christmas traditions, before she emotionally departs back to her home planet.

It shows Skye, a space traveller, landing at the heights of celebrations in the woods nearby Nathan, 14, who introduces Skye the traditions of eating mince pie, decorating the tree, and, to her slight confusion wearing novelty jumpers.

Viewers have taken the ad to mean that they are open to people from all backgrounds and observed that it could be a reference to child refugees or acceptance and connection among people of different cultures.

However, some were far from impressed with the retailer’s latest campaign and accused it of lacking ‘any Christmas emotion’ – with some even vowing to boycott stores.