After being filmed in a feather headdress and performing a bizarre dance for her students, a California math teacher was placed on unpaid leave. 

Footage of John W North High School math teacher Candice Reed wearing feathered headgear while chanting ‘SOH CAH TOA’ -a mnemonic for remembering the definitions of the trigonometric functions sine, cosine, and tangent- went viral this week. 

Riverside Unified School District stated that it does not condone Reed’s actions and has placed Reed on leave while it investigates the incident. 

In a statement to community, the district stated that “These behaviors are completely unacceptable” and was an offensive depiction Native American cultures.

“We are deeply committed in implementing inclusive practices, policies, and programs that respect the rich diversity of our region and district. We will work with our families, staff, and community to regain trust. 

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Footage of John W North High School math teacher Candice Reed donning feathered headgear while chanting 'SOH CAH TOA' has gone viral

Video of Candice Reed, John W North High school math teacher, in feathered headgear while singing ‘SOHCAH TOA’ has gone viral

Another clip shows Reed on top of her desk, legs crossed and arms outstretched praying 'please tell me the secret Indian (illegible) but they don't hear'

Another clip shows Reed standing on top of her desk with her legs crossed and her arms outstretched, praying for the secret Indian (illegible). But they don’t hear.

The video was posted to Facebook on Wednesday by Shadae Johnson, a member of the Urban Indigenous Peoples Advisory Council Member in Vancouver. 

Johnson stated that the footage was shot on Tuesday by a Reed math student of Native American descent.  

According to Johnson, the student started recording after several minute’s of Reed ‘war hooping and tomahawk chopping’ because he ‘felt that violence was being committed against him and he had the right to record.’

It seems that Reed was using dance to teach students trigonometric functions. Find the side length and angle measures of right triangles.

Johnson attached footage showing Reed performing the ‘tomahawk cut’ while chanting in front of the classroom the math mnemonic.  

Reed starts to scream it, jumping up and down and waving her arms. She then runs out of air and rests her head against a wall. 

On the whiteboard behind her, you can see a projection of a stick figure wearing a feather headdress and surrounded by two teapees.  

Reed was also captured jumping on a desk at the back of the class while another student hangs his head in embarrassment. Other students stare at each other awkwardly, clearly confused and uncomfortable at her behavior. 

Reed was even filmed jumping on a desk in the classroom while a student hangs his head in embarrassment

Reed was even caught jumping on a desk inside the classroom while a student hangs her head in embarrassment

After jumping off the desk she continues to shriek 'SOH CAH TOA' while hopping and running in an exaggerated manner

After jumping off the desk, she continues to scream ‘SOH CAHTOA’ while running and jumping in an exaggerated fashion

 What is SOH CAH TOA?

“SOHCAHTOA” is a useful mnemonic to remember the definitions of trigonometric functions.

Sine is opposite to hypotenuse, cosine is adjacent over hypotenuse and tangent is opposite to adjacent.

SOH: Sin(θ) = Opposite / Hypotenuse CAH: Cos(θ) = Adjacent / Hypotenuse TOA: Tan(θ) = Opposite / Adjacent

These properties can be used to solve any problem that may arise when you need to find a right triangle’s angle measure or side length.

After jumping off the desk, she continues to scream ‘SOH CAHTOA’ while running and jumping in an exaggerated fashion to a silent classroom. 

Another clip shows her sitting on top of her desk with her legs crossed and her arms outstretched, praying for the secret Indian (illegible). She then snickers and adds, “because this is ridiculous.”

It is then recorded that she goes to the corner of class and says, “Run into the rock god”, while students can hear them groaning, “Oh my god!” 

Reed, clearly amused by her performance, laughs as she sets the rocks on her desk. 

Johnson stated that she hopes Reed is held responsible for her actions and included contact information to school officials in her post. 

“I am sharing the video because these behavior can’t continue to be ignored!” She wrote. 

“We need to end discrimination, violence against indigenous youths in schools!” We are not in the 1960s anymore, she should know better! Johnson agreed. 

According to a Twitter user who widely shared the video, Reed has been doing this lesson plan since at least 2012. 

The clip has been viewed with outrage online. Many wonder what educational purpose Reed’s routine might have served for students.

One person tweeted: “The worst thing about this is that the teacher probably didn’t even think it was disrespectful or offensive. The kids are shocked and alarmed as they watch their teacher completely unaware. Because she was raised in a cultural bubble, she is oblivious to this fact.  

“This is Riverside, CA?” Another person tweeted, “This is from Riverside, CA? ‘How can this happen when there are literally at most 10 Native tribes around the area? UCR (University of Ca Riverside), works with Natives in this area and she didn’t know? Expressionless face.  

Another tweeter said: “As an educator, there’s NO WAY that there’s a reason for that.”