Max Verstappen, Formula One’s world champion, says he won’t be filming for Netflix’s hit documentary Drive to Survive because it ‘fakes rivalries to draw American viewers’

  • Max Verstappen denies that he will be participating in the new series Drive to Survive 
  • The Netflix series has exclusive behind-the scenes footage of Formula One 
  • Red Bull’s star claims that the series has ‘faked some rivalries’
  • Verstappen (24 years old) currently leads the world championship standings, by six points 

Max Verstappen revealed that he will not be taking part in the upcoming series of Netflix’s hit show. Drive to Survive because it has ‘faked a few rivalries’ to gain new viewers in America.

Since its inception in 2018, Drive to SurvivePresented behind-the scenes footage of Formula One Season, including interviews with drivers, team principals, and other key figures throughout each campaign.

The series has been extremely popular and has resulted a surge in Formula One interest. ESPN, a US broadcaster, revealed that the sport’s viewing numbers have risen from 547,000 people in 2018 down to just shy 1 million in 2021.

Max Verstappen says he has refused to take part in the upcoming season of Drive to Survive

Max Verstappen denies that he will be taking part in the upcoming season. Drive to Survive

Netflix's Drive to Survive series has helped to attract new viewers in America since 2018

Netflix’s Drive to SurviveSince 2018, series has helped America attract new viewers

Red Bull star Verstappen, despite the positive impact it has had on F1’s popularity, believes that the show values drama and reality. The show is edited in a disingenuous fashion.

‘I can understand why it is necessary to boost America’s popularity. But from my side as a driver, I don’t like being part of it. They faked some rivalries which don’t really exist,’ the world champion leader said about the show ahead this weekend’s Grand Prix in Texas. 

“So I decided not to be a part and didn’t give any interviews after that, because then there is nothing you could show.

The Red Bull driver has claimed that the hit show has 'faked a few rivalries' over the years

Red Bull driver says that the hit series has ‘faked rivalries’ throughout the years

Verstappen is currently going toe-to-toe with Lewis Hamilton for the world championship

Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are currently going toe to toe for the world championship

He stated that he was not a drama-loving person. He just wants facts and real events to happen. ‘The problem is they will always position you in a way they want, so whatever you say, they will try to make you look reckless or trying to make you… whatever fits the story of the series.

“So I never liked that. I prefer to have a one-on-1 interview with the person who would like me to know. 

After its second season’s portrayal of a rivalry between Carlos Sainz, and Daniel Ricciardo, the hit show was criticised.

Ricciardo commented on the series, “I mean the second seasons, there were some parts or episodes where I felt they forced it a little bit,”

Daniel Ricciardo had claimed that the series forced a rivalry between himself and Carlos Sainz

Daniel Ricciardo claimed the series forced him to rival Carlos Sainz

‘They tried to create a bit of a rivalry between me and Sainz and it wasn’t really there. Like, he’s no more rival than anyone else. There wasn’t any personal grudge with him, but I think [Netflix]Carlos was the answer to my questions.

Netflix is currently filming the fourth season. Drive to SurviveFans eager to catch all the action in a dramatic season when Verstappen meets Lewis Hamilton for the world championship.

The 24-year-old Dutchman leads his Mercedes rival by six point and they have been at odds throughout the season. They collided at the British Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix.