Ghislaine Maxill’s defense presented closing arguments Monday afternoon. They told the jury that Maxwell was innocent of wrongfully being accused for crimes she never committed.

In her closing remarks, Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said: ‘The government has failed to prove any charge beyond a reasonable doubt and the only correct verdict in this case is not guilty on each count.’

Menninger said that defense tried to again discredit the statements of four accusers. “The evidence has established, what we promised you it would,” Menninger explained. This case is different. These men were brought to the FBI by the money they claimed. There, their personal injury lawyers could be found.

Menninger claimed that Maxwell’s portrayal was like Cruella de Vil, Devil Wears Prada and other characters.

Menninger claimed that this portrait was “as old and as Hollywood”

Ghislaine Maxwell's defense delivered closing arguments Monday afternoon

Ghislaine Maxwell delivered her defense Monday afternoon

In her closing remarks, Maxwell's lawyer Laura Menninger said Maxwell is 'an innocent woman wrongfully accused of crimes she did not commit'

Laura Menninger, Maxwell’s lawyer, stated that Maxwell was a ‘innocent woman wrongly accused of crimes she didn’t commit’ in her closing remarks.

Menninger said: 'We are not here to defend Jeffrey Epstein, he is not my client', but she added: 'Ghislaine Maxwell is not Jeffrey Epstein'

Menninger stated that ‘we aren’t here to defend Jeffrey Epstein. he’s not my client’. But she also said, “Ghislaine Maxiwell is not Jeffrey Epstein.”

Menninger stated, “The lawyers altered their stories and government accepted them without ever corroborating them.”

Menninger claimed that the accusers “suddenly” rediscovered memories many years later.

She explained that Ghislaine was implicated, and that Ghislaine also was present, which she believed was her testimony.

Menninger stated that Epstein was the subject of a lot more conversations than usual in court about Epstein’s life, his wealth, his property, and private planes.


This photo shows Ghislaine Maxwell, a bruised prisoner. 

Menninger claimed that Epstein had been a master manipulator who “abused his money” and his power.

She replied, “We aren’t here to defend Jeffrey Epstein. He isn’t my client.” But she also said that, “Ghislaine maxwell is not Jeffrey Epstein.”

Menninger said that Epstein was killed by the prosecution and they ‘pivoted to go after Maxwell.

It was a simple idea that “Ghislaine must have known” because she was there.

Menninger was critical of Epstein’s New York City home for stealing 38,000 photos in 2019.

She asked: “Where are all the 31960 other photos?” Was it other women? Were there other women? Others women

The jury shouldn’t draw any inferences from Epstein taking photos of Maxwell. Menninger asked the jury if a boyfriend or girlfriend took photos of Maxwell. Would that be considered sex abuse?

Menninger condemned such images, calling them’straight up sensationalism.

Menninger stated that after having “lawyered up”, they had ‘inserted Ghislaine maxwell’ into the narrative.

Menninger claimed that you don’t require a lawyer to contact the FBI.

Menninger claimed that it fell on the defense to ask tough questions of the accusers. However, cross-examination had revealed that the truth was changed and manipulated over time for the purposes of victims receiving a pay check. 

Menninger looked at the inconsistencies between Jane and Carolyn’s statements and concluded that they were suffering from “post-event suggestion”, as Elizabeth Loftus, their false memory expert, had said. This is when new or incorrect information was added after an event.

Menninger claims that the prosecution made a series of promises to Menninger to provide witnesses, including family members, housestaff, and others, to support the allegations.

Maxwell, prosecutors, suggested Maxwell was a “facilitator for sexual abuse” to Epstein in order to keep her wealthy lifestyle.

Menninger claimed that Maxwell, at the time, was a “beautiful women in her 30s” who was only beginning her career.

Epstein was known for manipulating others around him and dating women behind Maxwell’s back.

Menninger stated that Jeffrey may have been the one who was in need of Ghislaine, and not his money.

Menninger turned to each accuser and said Jane was an “actress who forgot all her lines” – Jane is an actor on a soap opera.

Four of Maxwell's siblings - Kevin, Isabel, Ian and Christine - arrived to court to support their sister Monday

Maxwell’s sisters, Isabel (Kevin), Ian (Ian) and Christine arrived in court to support their sister on Monday

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile's cheek with her arms wrapped around him. Many have testified that they believed Epstein and Ghislaine were boyfriend and girlfriend

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile’s cheek with her arms wrapped around him. Many people have stated that Epstein and Ghislaine are their boyfriends and girlfriends.

The couple appear in one photo in what appears to be a European city. Ghislaine is seen kissing Jeffrey on the cheek

In one photo, the couple is seen in what appears like an European city. Jeffrey can be seen kissing Ghislaine on the cheek

Prosecutor Alison Moe claimed in her closing arguments during the morning session that Epstein wired Maxwell $30 million through bank receipts.

According to her, the evidence was “clear and consistent” and only led to one conclusion: Maxwell is guilty.

Moe claimed she was willing to discuss with jurors eight reasons Maxwell should not be tried.

This photo of a young Annie Farmer in a school picture was submitted into evidence by the government

The government submitted this photo of Annie Farmer, a young girl in school pictures. 

First, she was alleged to have been a ‘partner in crime’ with Epstein. The crime at issue is the sexual exploitation of young women.

Moe stated that Maxwell was Epstein’s right hand, and they had a long-lasting romantic relationship. They were also partners.

Moe spoke to the jury about Maxwell’s essay in which she discussed Epstein’s 11-year relationship and how they had become ‘best friends and great partners’.

Moe said to the jury, “Ladies and Gentlemen, when someone is with you for eleven years, you will know their likes.” Epstein liked underage girls. His favorite thing was to touch girls underage. Maxwell understood it. Maxwell was, without a doubt, a key figure in the scheme. Epstein would not have been able to do this by himself’.

Moe claimed that any single man of middle age showing interest in teenage girls will come off as creepy.

She stated, “That set off alarm bells.” However, when that man is accompanied with a beautiful, smiley, respectful, and age-appropriate woman, everything becomes legitimate.

This woman asks girls to massage the man and it “lures them into traps”.

Moe claimed that it allows a man to get away with molestation of these girls. Maxwell was the key to this entire operation.

Moe informed the jury of photos that were introduced to evidence, such as one where Maxwell or Epstein are naked in a swimming pool.

One other photo, that was made public, featured Maxwell massaging Epstein’s feet with her breasts.

Moe stated that he was looking at two individuals in a relationship. These were the partners.

Additional evidence that they were partners was the 58 page household manual Epstein wrote at his Palm Beach house, which Moe claimed Maxwell also wrote.

She said: ‘These were the rules that Maxwell put in place…this makes clear she was the lady of the house’.

Moe stated that Maxwell’s defense was absurd and that Maxwell was “just an employee”.

She replied, “Of course Maxwell knew exactly what was happening in that house.” She was adamant about what was going on in that house.

Moe shared testimony by Juan Alessi (the former Palm Beach manager) who stated that Epstein used to massage young girls with sex toys, so he would clean them off and place them in Maxwell’s toilet.

Maxwell compiled a list with 13 types of oil and lotions that could be used in massage.

These six charges are against Maxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to minor to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts (20 years).

20 years of Conspiracy to Transport Minors With the Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity (20 Years)

Transporting a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking of Minors 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

These charges stem from testimony that she made in 2016, in an Epstein case against Virginia Giuffre.  


Prosecutors allege that Maxwell groomed 3 girls in 1994 to 1997 for Epstein. 

Although they aren’t named in the indictment she did allegedly target them in London and New York.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. They would be made to feel at home by Maxwell taking them out to see the movies or taking them shopping. She won their trust and later delivered them to Epstein.

Prosecutors say that she undressed herself in front of the girls and asked sexual questions to ‘normalize the abuse’ later. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

A group of alleged sexual abusers includes “sexualized group massagings”. 

According to the indictment, Maxwell also encouraged Maxwell to make Maxwell feel ‘indebted to Epstein’ by encouraging Maxwell to give money to him to pay for his education and travel.

Moe claimed that Epstein was closely involved in Maxwell’s “massage” sessions.

“She was responsible for all details, right down to oil and lotion production. She was involved in the entire thing.

The household manual contained instructions for staff that included the instruction to say, hear and see nothing.

Moe stated that Maxwell knew exactly why the jury wanted these rules to be in place. ‘It was because she was Epstein’s partner in crime. Maxwell, Epstein were committed horrific crimes behind closed doors in the house.

Moe claimed that Maxwell ‘ran the exact same playbook with all her victims’ and should be found guilty by the jury.

She claimed that similarities among the accused in this case was “incredibly strong evidence of defendant’s innocence”.

Maxwell assisted in selecting victims who were vulnerable and/or struggling, Ms Moe stated.

Jane was just 14 years old, and her dad had recently died. Annie, 16, wanted to attend college. Maxwell dazzled Kate when she was 17. Carolyn had lived with her alcoholic mother since the age of four and was abused.

Maxwell and Epstein invited them to Maxwell’s house in New York or to Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico. 

Moe stated that it was designed. Maxwell designed it. Maxwell was ‘hanging out with these girls, isolating then befriending them.

Maxwell was able to normalize sex talk once the girls had left Maxwell, Moe explained, citing Maxwell’s massage for Annie Farmer.

Ghislaine Maxwell's second accuser Carolyn took the stand on Day Seven of the British socialite's sex trafficking trial

Carolyn, Ghislaine Maxwell’s second accuser in the sex trafficking case against the British socialite took the stand during Day Seven.

Maxwell's lawyer Laura Menninger questioned the alleged victim - who is using the pseudonym Jane - and attempted to undermine the accuser's memory during the first week of the trial

Laura Menninger Maxwell’s lawyer questioned Jane, the alleged victim, and attempted to erode the accuser’s memory. 

Moe stated that Maxwell actually touched three accusers’ breasts.

She told the jury: ‘They were kids in massage rooms on massage tables…it’s powerful evidence of the defendant’s guilt’

Moe stated that all the girls reported interacted with the “same” woman.

She said: ‘They knew her as charming, sophisticated….a woman who moved in social circles that were intimidating.

‘The relationships Maxwell cultivated with these girls were essential to the scheme….Maxwell helped established a close relationship that became the cover for sexual abuse.’

Moe stated that Jane was the third reason for conviction.

Maxwell and Epstein, she claimed, recruited her when she was fourteen at an art camp in Michigan. He flew her round his houses where she was repeatedly abused.

Maxwell was seen being naked by Epstein’s pool in Palm Beach, one of the first examples of normalizing sex.

Moe stated to the jury that he had seen Maxwell naked by the pool and knew this.

Moe claimed that such behaviour had a purpose, which was to’set the stage for whatever came next’.

Maxwell was Jane’s big sister and it made Jane feel normal and casual, Moe stated.

“None of this was normal,” she said. This was unacceptable. It was very disturbing. It was shocking that they were molestation an underage girl. Maxwell was the one who did it.

Moe claimed that Maxwell had an ‘essential’ role in massages, and Jane stated she was the one who was present’most often’ when Epstein molested Jane.

Maxwell, Epstein and Jane were abused for years. Moe stated that Jane was ‘literally growing in front of them’.

She stated that she turned 15 and 16 years old, then 17 and 18. The coercive relationship continued into her early 20s.

Moe ridiculed the defense’s opening statement that Maxwell was being held responsible for something a woman did, as she finished her closing argument of two hours and ten seconds.

In fact Maxwell ‘made her own choices’,  Moe said.

Moe agreed that Moe was defending the claim that this case was only about’memory and money, manipulation’.

Particularly, she encouraged the jury to reflect on the $300 Carolyn was paid to Epstein for her massages and contrast it with the $30m Epstein offered Maxwell.

Moe dismissed Elizabeth Loftus’ testimony as “false memory” expert and a defense witness witness as a total distraction”.

Maxwell’s attorneys had to discredit victims’ testimony because it was against her.

She replied, “Commonsense tells us that all witnesses can not be lying.