Jealous teenager, aged 17, stabbed 15-years-old boy to death in ‘perceived relationships’. She was obsessively following him on social media.

  • Kyle Pickles (age 17) attacked Loui Phillips (age 15), after finding a girl that he was infatuated with.
  • Loui died after being rushed to the hospital following the August 8th attack.
  • Pickles, who pleaded guilty in October to the murder of his wife, was sentenced today for life.
  • Roger Thomas, judge said Pickles had shown no empathy or remorse in response to his actions
  • Loui’s mother, after today’s sentencing said that she was ‘totally lost” without her son

After finding a Snapchat girl, a ‘jealous teenager’ stabbed a boy aged 15 to death. He was sentenced for his entire life.

Kyle Pickles (17) stabbed Loui Phillips in his heart. He was jealous of a “perceived relationship” between Loui, the girl and Pickles. After he left, Pickles calmly moved on from the scene, without speaking a word to a judge.

The victim was attacked by her father using a stanley blade, and he was released on police bail.

Loui, who was conscious after the attack, gave an account of his experiences to a cop as he was taken to hospital Sunday August 8.

Open heart surgery was performed to remove the blade. The patient was transferred to a specialist unit for cardiac care, where further procedures were carried out.

Tragically, his death occurred four days later in spite of all efforts by medics.

Loui’s devastated family cheered today that Pickles, who pleaded guilty at an October hearing to murder, was sent to jail for life.

Kyle Pickles (pictured) was today jailed for life after stabbing 15-year-old Loui Phillips to death after tracking down a girl he was with by using the mobile phone app Snapchat

Kyle Pickles, (pictured), was sentenced to life imprisonment today for stabbing Loui Phillips (15 years old) to death. Pickles had tracked down the girl with whom he was on Snapchat and was able track her down using mobile app Snapchat.

Loui Phillips (pictured) was conscious following the attack on August 8 and managed to give a full account to police before he was rushed to hospital. Tragically, he died four days later

Loui Phillips (pictured) was still conscious after the August 8 attack. Before being rushed to hospital, he gave a detailed account to officers. Tragically, he passed away four days later. 

Doncaster Crown Court today heard that Pickles (from Barnsley in South Yorkshire) had tracked down the girl via the location feature on Snapchat.

Pickles was told by His Honour Judge Roger Thomas: “You knew she’d be on the street, and you decided that you would use your knife to kill any boy with whom she was comrade.”

“You didn’t know him at all.” You had never seen each other before.

“You have to end the life of a boy, who was destined for a full adulthood.”

Pickles was further accused of showing ‘no empathy nor remorse’ and the judge also stated that Pickles was guilty of pleading guilty in exchange for ‘less time’.

Pickles, the court learned, had been attacking boys with whom Pickles was associated for several weeks and entered her home to assault her father using a Stanley knife.

In just two months the teenage assaulted six men who he believed had any connection to the girl. He also stalked the interactions of the girls on social media.

Pickles beat a 16-year-old boy to death before Pickles ‘took an aggressive run’ and kicked him like a football, according to court testimony.

Judge Thomas stated that you had shown a lack of empathy or regret for your actions.

“You cannot comprehend what his family went through.”

Louise Hartley spoke after Loui’s sentencing and said that she was ‘totally lost” following her son’s death.

According to police, she said that Loui called me on the phone after the stabbing and then the following days when he died in hospital.

‘I miss Loui constantly. It was the little things like his coming into my room and sitting with me, or calling me to tell me he would be back soon.

Loui could see the whole world. His looks were young and he was well-educated. He seemed to have many opportunities. His passion for football was evident and he excelled on the pitch. His college of catering was also just recently opened.

He was an extremely social boy who was charming with girls. He would always make sure his hair looked great before leaving the house.

“It was Loui’s 16th Birthday on 4/11. I celebrated it at his graveside. My smile is no more. I’m physically incapable of feeling happiness. Knowing that Loui cannot, I feel guilty about doing so. He is so special to me and I would love for him to be here.