These McTears will be our McTissues

McDonald’s released its Christmas advertisement on British television screens in advance of the holiday season. It will appeal to all burger lovers. 

Matilda is a young girl with an active imagination who creates Iggy, her fluffy imaginary friend. 

Matilda loses Iggy as she grows up. But a visit to the local McDonald’s ignites Christmas memories and Matilda is reunited with Iggy.  

Mabel performs Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time”, and the advertisement is set to Mabel’s rendition. Mabel will donate 10p per download to FareShare’s food charity FareShare. 

McDonald’s will donate funds as part of their Christmas campaign to FareShare, which can redistribute up to five million meals for families in greatest need. 

McDonald's UK has released its heartwarming Christmas advert for 2021, which follows a girl named Matilda, right, and her imaginary friend Iggy, left

McDonald’s UK released its Christmas advertisement for 2021. It features a sweet little girl called Matilda and Iggy (left).

At the start of the advert, Matilda, who appears shy and withdrawn, draws Iggy and brings him to life

Matilda draws Iggy from the beginning of the advert. She appears shy, withdrawn and brings Iggy to life.

Matilda is shown drawing on the ground at an early age during Christmas. 

She creates a blue creature, with red and white socks, green ears, and black horns. 

Matilda raises her head to see that Iggy had come to life. Matilda then gives Iggy McDonald’s carrot snacks. 

They became best friends while Matilda decorated her house just in time to celebrate Christmas with her parents. 

Iggy is a furry and lovable creature who wears a knitted hat over its horns. Matilda and him instantly become friends

Iggy is a cute furry, affectionate creature that wears a knitted headpiece over its horns. Matilda meets him immediately and they become best friends

The little girl and her imaginary friend sit down together and cuddle to watch the starry night sky, pictured

The picture shows a little girl cuddling her imaginary friend while she watches the night sky.

Iggy gets Matilda out of her shell with games around the house during the festive period, pictured

Iggy brings Matilda out from under her shell by playing around in the home during the Christmas period. 

A few Christmases after, Matilda, an older Matilda dressed up as a reindeer puts on a show to her family. But she gets stage fright. 

Iggy cheers Matilda on, does her choreography, and stands behind her family. She is thrilled when Matilda finishes her performance. 

Matilda becomes a teenager and receives her first smartphone as the advertisement continues. The family is seated together and watching a movie with Iggy on the ground. Matilda stands up to leave the room. 

Matilda finally outgrows Iggy. She leaves Iggy in her closet, a sign of her abandoning childhood and losing love for Christmas. 

When Matilda puts on a show for her family at Christmas ,Iggy is cheering her on behind her parents and relatives, pictured

Iggy cheers Matilda along behind her relatives and parents when she puts on an entertaining Christmas show. 

Matilda then becomes a teenager and outgrows Iggy. She leaves him behind in her wardrobe, pictured

Matilda is then a teenager, and she outgrows Iggy. In her wardrobe she leaves Iggy behind. 

Next, Matilda visits her local McDonald’s along with two other friends. 

She is eating her lunch and notices that a boy in her midst. He seems to be feeding him the exact same food Matilda used as Iggy, when she was little. 

Matilda is captivated by this and rushes to get Iggy out of her closet. 

Heart-broken Iggy clutches the drawing Matilda completed when she was a child, understand she is now too old to play with him, pictured

Iggy, who is heartbroken, clutches Matilda’s drawing when she was a little girl. She understands that he has now grown up and she can no longer play with him. 

She fears for her friend’s safety at first but soon, Iggy comes out of the closet and smiles tentatively. 

Matilda and Matilda hug each other, then rush down to see the night sky as they had when Matilda were a kid. 

The advet, produced by Bert & Bertie, will premiere on Channel 4 during Gogglebox this Friday. 

Years later as a young adult, Matilda goes out with some friends over the Christmas period

Matilda is a young adult who goes out to Christmas parties with friends years later. 

On the Christmas campaign, Michelle Graham-Clare, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s said: ‘Christmas is such as joyous time for children and adults alike – with this year set to be better than ever as families reunite all over the country after a difficult few years. 

‘We’re confident our advert perfectly encapsulates the magic of childhood imagination which comes alive at this time of year and provides a helpful reminder that you’re never too old to make believe,’ she added. 

‘We are looking forward to seeing our customers’ reactions to the advert and hope that the friendship between Matilda and Iggy brings a smile to viewers when watching,’ she said. 

While enjoying a meal with her friends at her local McDonald's branch, Matilda spots a familiar scene

Matilda, while enjoying a delicious meal at the local McDonald’s with her friends, spots something familiar.

She sees a little boy feeding carrot sticks to his own imaginary friend like she did with Iggy, pictured

Like Iggy did, she observes how a child feeds carrot sticks to an imaginary friend.

McDonald’s just released its holiday menu and the advert was created. 

This limited edition holiday menu has been unveiled by the fast-food chain. The special will go out all over the UK beginning November 17. 

The selection, available for six weeks, includes two new £4.89 burgers: A Festive Stack of beef, cheese and chicken with a crisp coating and cranberry glaze. 

Customer favourites like the Cheese Melt Dippers, £1.89, and the £1.49 Celebration McFlurry will also make a return.  

After rushing home to free him from her closet, Matilda and Iggy are reunited and resume their Christmas traditions, pictured

Matilda and Iggy rush home in an attempt to get him out of her closet. They reunited after that and began their Christmas tradition. 

Festive Stack includes two beef patties, a cheese sauce, red onion relish, bacon, white, and red onions, as well as lettuce, cheddar cheese, and a glazed brioche roll. 

It can be enjoyed on its own or for £6.39 as part of a meal. 

The Festive Crispy Chicken, on the other hand, is made from breast fillets, cranberry sauce and a stuffing-inspired mayo sage, onion and bacon. It also includes lettuce, tomato, cheese, and cheddar cheese.