Disgusting moment a McDonald’s worker shines a light to reveal a mass of WORMS inside a soft drinks machine at one of the chain’s London restaurants

  • This video was shot by a worker in Old Kent Road (south London)
  • It shows the earthworms that are stuck to the drain of the soft drink machine. 
  • McDonald’s stated that the drink station at McDonald’s was being ‘immediately shut down’ in order to conduct a deep clean 

Here’s what it looks like: A McDonald’s worker shines his light and reveals a large number of worms within a soft-drink machine in one of the chain’s restaurants.

The video was taken at Old Kent Road in South London and uploaded onto TikTok.

McDonald’s claimed that the beverages station has been “immediately” closed after an issue was discovered and a “deep clean” was performed.

This is the disgusting moment a McDonald's worker shines a light to reveal a mass of worms inside a soft drinks machine at the fast food chain's restaurant in Old Kent Road, south London

Here’s the moment when a McDonald’s employee shines a flashlight to expose a large number of worms in a soft drink machine located at the restaurant chain’s Old Kent Road location.

The video was filmed at a branch in Old Kent Road, south east London, and posted onto TikTok

This was taken at an Old Kent Road branch and uploaded onto TikTok

According to reports, the film’s subject is a whistleblower for the chain of fast food restaurants. He shines light on how soft drinks are being wasted.

This image shows earthworms sticking to the drain’s top, just below signs for Fanta, Coca-Cola, and Oasis.

This video has the caption “This is McDonalds Old Kent Road, south London”. 

McDonald’s claimed that the creature were originally maggots, but McDonald’s later said they were actually earthworms. 

McDonald's said the drinks station at the Old Kent Road chain (pictured) was 'immediately closed' once the issue was identified and a 'deep clean' was carried out

McDonald’s claimed that Old Kent Road’s drinks counter was “immediately” closed after an issue was identified. A ‘deep cleaning’ was also performed.

MyLondon received a statement from a McDonald’s representative saying that the company takes hygiene and cleanliness seriously.

“Unfortunately, we discovered a problem in our Old Kent Road restaurant’s drinks station a few weeks back.

“We quickly closed the drinks station, and our hygiene staff identified the problem which was corrected before we did a full clean.

“The issue was thoroughly investigated by outside specialists. Customers were not allowed to drink until they were certain that it had been resolved.”

A spokesperson also stated that it was an isolated incident and not an infestation.

McDonald’s in Beckton was forced to close the restaurant after maggots fell from the ceiling.