That will teach him! A brazilian mechanic takes his girlfriend for an afternoon ride in a Porsche customer’s Porsche… and is then taken by thieves at gunpoint.

  • Francisco Rogerio Leandro Ramos, Mechanic, was abducted October 24
  • He had taken his girlfriend along on a ride in the Porsche of a Brazilian customer.
  • CCTV captured two armed men forcing the mechanic to his back and driving off. 
  • The thieves took him to a cash point believing he owned the motor.
  • The thieves stole the car from him and he was fired. 

After thieves believed that he was the owner of the Porsche, a Brazilian mechanic took his girlfriend out on a Porsche ride.

CCTV footage captured the moment that two men with guns ran towards the luxury car and forced the mechanic’s girlfriend and his girlfriend to get out.

Francisco Rogerio Leandro Ramos was turning right off a main street on October 24, when another vehicle was blocking the road.

CCTV footage captured the moment two men armed with guns ran towards the luxury motor and forced the mechanic and his girlfriend out of the car

CCTV footage captured the moment that two men, armed with guns, ran towards the luxury car and forced the mechanic’s girlfriend and his girlfriend to get out.

The armed men approach the car from the front and force the mechanic Francisco Rogerio Leandro Ramos and his girlfriend out

The armed men approach and force Francisco Rogerio Leandro Ramos (the mechanic) and his girlfriend to leave the car.

Ramos’ car was quickly moving ahead, but he was unable to continue his trip as the two armed men ran towards Ramos’ Porsche and forced Ramos (and his girlfriend) out.

One of the armed men believed the mechanic was the wealthy owner of his vehicle. He then bundled him up in one of the backseats and drove off with his accomplice.       

According to SBT News, an unnamed businessman from the city of Nova Iguacu in Rio de Janeiro had left his Porsche worth over BRL £65,000 at the garage to get its faulty stereo fixed.

Francisco decided to go for a drive with his girlfriend in California, while the car was at work. 

The armed man wearing yellow then grabs the mechanic and pulls him from the driver's seat

The mechanic is then pulled from the car by the yellow-colored armed man.

The mechanic is then bundled into the back of the car, before the thieves drive off in the Porsche, leaving the mechanic's girlfriend stood on the side of the road

The mechanic is then taken into the back of Porsche by the thieves, and the mechanic’s girlfriend remains standing on the sidelines.

After the abduction, a mechanic was driven to a bank, where he was forced take money out. 

His captors soon realized that he was lying when the car he claimed to be his did not belong to them.

The men drove to Nilopolis, a neighboring city, where they abandoned the car and released the mechanic.

It was not reported if police were investigating the case or if disciplinary action was taken against the mechanic.