The series premiere of HBO Max’s highly anticipated Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That sees Mr. Big enthusiastically take part in his 1,000th Peloton ride and receives a shout out from Allegra, an instructor. However, viewers are left stunned when he succumbs to heart failure moments later. 

Jess King (36), is the real-life Peloton instructor who portrays Allegra.

Jess isn’t addressing the surprising twist in the series premiere. She has however taken to Instagram and celebrated her participation in it – even though her role on the show is intertwined closely with Mr. Big’s passing. exclusive report in August that Mr. Big was killed by a heart attack after his 45-minute workout with Allegra (a Brazilian Peloton instructor). This role is currently occupied by Jess, fitness professional. 

In the series premiere of And Just Like That, real-life Peloton instructor Jess King plays on-screen instructor Allegra

The series premiere of And Just Like That features Jess King, a real-life Peloton instructor who plays Allegra on-screen.

In the series premiere, Mr. Big is enjoying his 1,000th Peloton ride in his and Carrie's apartment

In this series premiere, Mr. Big enjoys his 1,000th Peloton ride inside his apartment with Carrie.

He and Carrie both discuss the instructor Allegra, who is giving him a special shoutout for the occasion

Both he and Carrie discuss Allegra the instructor, who gives him a shoutout to mark the occasion 

After the ride, he grips his arm in pain and ultimately dies of a heart attack

After the ride, he painstakingly grips his left arm. He then succumbs to a heart attack. 

In the lead-up to the shocking plot twist, Mr. Big tells Carrie about his excitement over his upcoming 1,000th Peloton ride, which he does at home while she is out at a concert.

You can hear Allegra the instructor on the screen, motivating him during the ride. 

Big — who is played by 67-year-old Noth — completes his ride but is soon gripping his arm in pain and collapses outside of the shower, having suffered a heart attack, which kills him.

After the premiere, Peloton shares nosedived 11 per cent — sending the company scrambling to have a doctor remind fans that Big liked cocktails, cigars, and big steaks, and that riding a Peloton bike would have helped delay his fatal heart attack. 

Jess has happily promoted her participation in Peloton despite Big’s scandalous death post-Peloton. 

Peloton riders may know Allegra by her name Jess. She teaches Tread and Bike classes.

“Jess is an energetic instructor who exudes enthusiasm for dance and charisma. Jess is a former dancer and performer and has moved to NYC for a new career. 

Jess, 36, 'is a charismatic instructor with a boundless energy and passion for movement,' according to her bio

Jess (36), is described as a “charming instructor with an unending energy and passion to move,” according her bio

She had never done a cycling class before getting the job as an instructor. Her background was in dance

Before becoming an instructor, she had never taken a bike class. Dance was her background.

Peloton's share prices fell by over 11% in the wake of the shocking scene. The company's stock fell to $40.70 at market close on Thursday, representing an 11.35 percent drop in value

Peloton saw its share price fall by 11% following the horrific scene. At market close Thursday, the stock price of Peloton fell to $40.70. This represents an 11.35 percent decline in value.

A senior fitness instructor at the company, the Myrtle Beach native is the daughter of Ximena Bernales, a competitive bodybuilder. 

According to her, “My mother was a bodybuilder competitor, owner of boutique gyms for personal training, and she taught me all about fitness and well-being,” she shared with The Path.

Before joining Peloton, she hadn’t even taken a class in cycling before becoming a founding Peloton instructor. 

She had a background in dance and was one of the top ten finalist on Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance 2008.

In Las Vegas, she also appeared in Cirque du Soleil.

But in 2014, she was struggling to make it on Broadway when a producer suggested she take a meeting with Peloton, which was looking for coaches.

Self revealed that at first she was resistant to quitting her dancing career. 

'What drew me to Peloton was the impact on people’s lives I would now have. As a dancer you seek to elicit emotion from your audience via physical expression,' she said

‘What drew me to Peloton was the impact on people’s lives I would now have. She said that dancers are trained to provoke emotion through physical expression.

The Myrtle Beach native is the daughter of Ximena Bernales, a competitive bodybuilder

Myrtle Beach’s native daughter is Ximena Berales, a competitor bodybuilder.

“They wanted me to audition for Peloton as an instructor, but I said no. I was confident that I would do the job well and could handle it. I’m probably the only Peloton-certified instructor to never have to apply for the job.

She told The Path, “I felt confident in my body as well as my ability to connect with people.”

‘What drew me to Peloton was the impact on people’s lives I would now have. You are a dancer who seeks to provoke emotion in your audience through physical expression. 

“Peloton allowed me to express myself physically! I’ve always had a message of empowerment and self love. I am honored to be able to still perform, move my body and change people’s lives as a consequence.’

In her personal life, Jess is in engaged to Brass Against singer Sophia Urista.

They met in 2005, when Jess had just started working at Peloton. Jess spotted Sophia in a nightclub, and told PopSugar: ‘I just felt overcome and overwhelmed by this pull and draw towards her. 

In her personal life, Jess is in engaged to Brass Against singer Sophia Urista. They met in 2005, when Jess had just started working at Peloton

Jess has a personal relationship with Sophia Urista, Brass Against singer. Jess met Sophia Urista in 2005 when Jess started at Peloton.

'I just felt overcome and overwhelmed by this pull and draw towards her,' Jess said

'When you meet Sophia, you can't help but recognize and acknowledge how incredible she is, not as my partner, but just as a person in general,' Jess said

Jess said, “I was overwhelmed and overcome by her pull towards me.”

They didn't begin dating immediately, but did eventually get together and have been engaged since 2020

Although they didn’t start dating right away, they did end up getting together and are now engaged.

‘And I walked up and spoke something ridiculous to her. Somebody said something along the lines of “Hey! Do you want to hook me up?”

Although they didn’t start dating right away, they did end up getting together and are now engaged.

Jess stated that Sophia is an incredible person and that she can be recognized as such immediately after meeting her. 

“It wouldn’t have been possible for me to be here, and who I am today, without her love.” “Her love has brought me healing in so many ways,” she said.

Sophia, 36, was the subject of headlines for an inexplicable reason. She was captured urinating in front of a Florida audience member during a Florida performance. 

When she was halfway through a set at the Welcome to Rockville concert Daytona, she suddenly realized that she was going to need to use the toilet and she couldn’t hold it any longer.

She didn’t want to leave the stage nor pee her pants. Instead, she pulled up a male fan in the crowd, made him lie on the stage and then relieved himself.

Sophia, 36 made headlines in November for a less-than-incredible reason: During a performance in Florida, she was recorded urinating on a fan's face

Sophia, 36, made news in November because she was caught urinating on an audience member during a Florida performance 

She was in the middle of a set during the Welcome to Rockville concert in Daytona when she announced to the crowd that she needed to go to the bathroom and invited a man ons tage

It was mid-set during the Welcome to Rockville concert, Daytona. She announced to the crowd she had to use the restroom. 

Nicole Shields was prompted to call 911 to report the incident on Saturday by a county dispatcher. Nicole stated that the underage girl had witnessed the inexplicable public restroom break. has obtained call logs from the Daytona Beach Police Department. Shields stated that Shields urinated onto a stage performer. She is now wondering if she’s being remunerated. [sic]This was because her 16 year old daughter, who saw the event live, was present.

Messod Benjamin, spokesperson for police, stated that investigators had tried to contact the complainant two times but were unsuccessful. Sophia was not charged and no police report was made.

Indecent exposure, a misdemeanor of the first degree in Florida, can result in a one-year sentence in prison or a fine up to $1,000. 

But Jess’s And Just Like That episode is pulling attention this month, especially after it has had some real-world ramifications.

A doctor enlisted by Peloton noted that Big smoked, drank, and liked big steaks - 'and was at serious risk as he had a previous cardiac event in Season 6'

Peloton enlisted a doctor who noted that Big liked steak, smoke, and drink.

Peloton shares tanked 11.35% after the show debuted, and the company issued a statement through cardiologist Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum.

Buzzfeed News reports that the company knew that one of their bikes would appear in the episode but didn’t know that Mr. Big would actually die.

Dr. Steinbaum, who works for Peloton on its Health & Wellness Advisory Council, said Mr. Big’s history of cardiac arrest would have put him at higher risk of a heart attack. 

Steinbaum said in her US Weekly statement that “I’m certain SATC fan, like myself, are shocked by the news Mr. Big has died from a heart attack.”

‘Mr. Big lived what many would call an extravagant lifestyle — including cocktails, cigars, and big steaks — and was at serious risk as he had a previous cardiac event in Season 6,’ she continued.

His death was likely due to his lifestyle and possibly his family’s history. She said that riding his Peloton bike might have helped to delay his heart attack.

Steinbaum also revealed that ‘more than 80 percent of all cardiac-related deaths are preventable’ by changing one’s lifestyle, diet and exercise.

She continued, “While heart attacks occur in 25% of patients who have already suffered one, such as Mr. Big), they can still be treated.”

“It is important to speak to your doctor and get checked. Also, it’s important to have a good prevention plan. Peloton tracks your heart rate so that you can ride safely.