This is the glamorous and enigmatic ‘pottery’ girl who has taken TikTok by storm with her stunning videos of TikTok in the studio. She’s poised to make it a very profitable business.

  • Silk Castellas-Cartwright only started pottery at the beginning of 2021 
  • After becoming bored in prison, the 21-year old turned his attention to the new hobby. 
  • Silk from Melbourne describes herself today as a part time ceramicist 
  • Her website, By Silk, features unique bowls, mugs and plates.
  • Now, she has over half of a million TikTok fans after sharing video clips  

After her travel plans had to be canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions, a young Australian woman fell in love pottery and captured the interest of nearly half a million TikTok users.

Silk Castellas-Cartwright, from Melbourne, started experimenting with clay at the beginning of 2021 then enrolled in local pottery classes to improve her skills.

While working as a part time ceramicist, the 21-year old describes herself as an online seller of her creations through her company By Silk.

Silk explained to FEMAIL, “I create pieces that are fun and modern, that can be used both functionally and as art.”

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Silk Castellas-Cartwright, from Melbourne, Australia (pictured) started experimenting with clay at the start of 2021 when her travel plans were put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions

Since then she has gained more than half a million followers on TikTok sharing how she makes her ceramic creations

Silk Castellas-Cartwright, from Melbourne, Australia (pictured) started experimenting with clay at the start of 2021 when her travel plans were put on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions

'I planned to travel for the year after finishing my Arts degree, but found myself with a lot of spare time in and out of lockdowns,' Silk told FEMAIL

Silk explained to FEMAIL, “I had intended to travel throughout the year after I finished my Arts degree. But, it turned out that I was very busy in lockdowns.”

After finishing my Arts degree I had intended to travel throughout the year, but instead found myself in a lot of lockdowns.

“I bought clay to start hand building and I then signed up for a couple of classes at my local pottery studio in order to learn wheel throwing.

There she purchased a potter’s wheel, and began setting up her own studio.  

Silk started TikTok as a way for her to share and create videos. But it quickly grew and has now attracted 500,000 people.

Silk shows you how to make ceramic cups, vases and jugs in these short videos. She admitted that about 50% of her attempts were a failure as she is still learning.

An earlier video has received more than 20million views. 

According to her, she draws inspiration from modern art and sculpture as well as fashion trends.

The 21-year-old dubs herself as a part-time ceramicist while working on her business By Silk where she sells her creations online

She describes herself as part-time ceramicist at 21 years old while she works on her online business, By Silk.

Silk turned to TikTok to create and share videos for 'a bit of fun', but it instantly 'blew up'

In the short videos, Silk records the process of making ceramic vases, cups and jugs

Silk used TikTok for creating and sharing videos to have ‘a little fun’. But it quickly ‘blew up!

Her latest video shows how she created six patterns ceramic cups. She started by making sure she only used 400g.

She said, “To create the cup shape, I place a piece of clay in the middle and slowly move it outwards.”

“I then use my both hands to lift the walls. Clay can stick to your hands, which can cause it to become stuck and knock it off its centre.

Silk products can be ordered on the By Silk website. You have the choice of matching mugs or colourful bowls.