An assortment of white women gather together in Cheshire’s field under the full moon. They form a tight circle and hold hands.

The drumming begins with chanting followed by silence. Each woman then engraves on a silver or white candle her ambitions and hopes for the month.

Claire Stone (40), who lives with John and runs a property company in Hale, says, “This is to draw in the energy from the Moon.”

Moon meditators: (from left) Leah Stone, Sarah Twist, Victoria Twist, Claire Stone, Claire Rimmer, Anthea McClay and Joanne Edge

Moon meditators (from left to right) Leah Stone and Sarah Twist. Victoria Twist. Claire Stone. Claire Rimmer. Anthea McClay. Joanne Edge.

“When we are ready to let go of something, we light black candles.

“At the exact same time, you visualize exactly what you’re attracting to your life. 

It is possible to’see it’ in our minds. You can amplify your intent by the energy of Moon and others in the circle.

“A fire is lit, and women write down anything they want to give up.

It’s amazing how much hokus-pocus there can be. Claire is an example of the typical mother and businesswoman Claire is. However, Claire is just one of many women who are interested in harnessing the Moon’s power in this manner.

We may have been told as children to “wish on a star” in order to fulfill our dreams.

Claire believes it’s wishing upon the Moon, which makes everything happen for her. She believes so.

She is adamant, for example, that the only reason she now lives where she does — home for Claire, her husband and daughters Leah, 17, and Lexi, nine, is a £1.4 million 17th-century thatched farmhouse which has four acres of land, two open fireplaces, a converted barn, separate office and another spare barn — is because she wished for her dream home in a full moon circle ceremony.

Pictured from left to right: Leah Stone, Sarah Twist, Victoria Twist, Claire Stone, Claire Rimmer, Anthea McClay and Joanne Edge

From left to right are: Joanne Edge, Sarah Twist and Sarah Twist.

Claire believes that while the hard work of Claire and her husband was important in enabling them purchase such beautiful land, it was only because of Claire’s faith in the power of Moon that Claire was able let go of negative thought patterns to set goals for her future.

The collective positive energy of the other women present, she insists, served only to make these intentions more powerful — and she adds that thousands of women across the UK attend such ceremonies, whether online or in person.

Claire first became interested in alternative healing methods as a teenager.

According to her, she suffered from agoraphobia as well as dreadful anxieties.

It’s the reason I looked for happiness. In my 20s, I started to join a few local women’s groups that met once a month at the full moon.

“Even though my age was very young, it didn’t matter that I felt so welcome. This seemed like an easy and natural thing to do.

Claire is a Mercedes GLE coupe black Mercedes GLE. Her early experience with the moon circle inspired her to start her monthly rituals outside of her house.

Claire Stone (pictured), who in every other regard is a typical hard-working businesswoman and mother, is one of a growing number of mostly female devotees drawn to harnessing the power of the Moon in this way

Claire Stone, pictured (pictured), is an example of a woman who works hard and is a mom. She is also a part of growing numbers of female moon worshippers.

They have been an astonishing success: at various times more than 3,000 women have come along, and her circles — priced at £22 for a two-hour session — cater for up to 100 women at a time online, and 50 at a time in person.

She says that the moon worshippers can be roughly divided into two types: one is made up of women who are part of the hippy-ish spiritual group, while the other is comprised of wealthy businessmen and successful individuals. What does Claire do during her Moon-circle rituals?

She has placed an altar within the circle and invites all those present to use it to charge the Moon.

She says, “We use large silver or white candles to draw in the Moon’s energy and black candles when it’s time to let go.”

‘Each person engraves on their candle their intention — what they wish to manifest — and doing this under the energy of the Moon with other like-minded individuals only intensifies the magic around the intent.

‘If the intent is love, then it’s a generic request and never about a specific person — that’s black magic when you try to draw in someone specific to you, and not something I will work with.

'We then use big white or silver candles to bring in the energy of the Moon and black candles when we want to let something go,' says Claire Stone, 40 (stock photo used)

Claire Stone, 40, says, “We use large white candles or silver candles to attract the Moon’s energy, and we also use black candles when it’s time to let go.” (stock photo). 

As Lady Bamford explains on her website, the theory is that because the Moon controls the tides, it can have a powerful impact on us. Pictured, the moon seen from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in November 2020

Lady Bamford explained on her website that the Moon can exert a strong influence on our lives because it controls the tides. Pictured, the moon seen from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in November 2020

“If you are able to heal it, inscribe “I am healed”

It’s important to note that if it is for money you will need to engrave the sum you wish.

Claire links the boom in modern‑day moon followers to the changing political landscape which emphasises the empowerment of women.

“I enjoy the fact that women can reclaim their voice through their Moon manifestations. 

“Our world right now is crazy; this is why women desire to have power and control over their own lives.”

Women of all ages (from 16 to 60) can join. Young women love it because it changes their lives.

Claire believes that all women should live in harmony with the moon cycle.

Carole Bamford is a high-profile advocate of this idea, who is the wife of Anthony Bamford’s boss at JCB and well known for Daylesford Organic foods.

Lady Bamford is a strong advocate for changing behaviour to align with the Moon’s cycles. She regularly instructs 54,000 of her Instagram followers how they can match their goals, interests, and self-care regimes to benefit from the Moon’s changes.

“Understanding the lunar cycles and their impact on our lives can sound bizarre to some people, but for me, it feels natural and makes complete sense,” she said.

Holly Willoughby’s new well-being website, named Wylde Moon — modelled on Gwyneth Paltrow’s influential Goop empire — also makes a selling-point of using the Moon as a guide.

Holly says she is more comfortable at night sitting on her sun-lounger in the holiday sun, staring at the Moon, than Holly. Holly describes the Moon as a ‘trusted constabulary’ that gives her incredible feminine energy, cycles and cycles much like women.

Also, it has been reported that Jennifer Aniston, a friend of Andrea Bendewald and mindfulness coach has started full Moon meditation circles.

Bendewald explains the regime Aniston has embraced by saying: ‘Once a month, under the power of the full Moon, we will sit in a sacred circle and share what’s stirring in our lives and urging to be made manifest…meditation, ritual and intuitive guidance explored. You can expect magical happenings.

Although it is tempting to become sceptical of why Moon-watching is popular, there are some reasons. In today’s Instagram world, anyone that is promoted ‘well-being or ‘getting Back to Mother Nature’ immediately attracts legions middle-class women who want to live happily.

As Lady Bamford explains on her website, the theory is that because the Moon controls the tides, so it can have a powerful impact on us — the adult human body is up to 60 per cent water, after all — affecting us in different ways as it passes through its eight phases, with the full Moon ‘the peak of the cycle’.

She says that the sky becomes brighter at night and there is an increase in energy.

The exact half-moon is another key moment. This, according to her, is the ideal time to take decisions.

It isn’t a new trend. For centuries the Moon has been said to influence us here on Earth — some gardeners, for instance, swear by growing root vegetables when the Moon is waning.

Why is this happening now? Why are women so committed to the faith?

Yasmin Boland, author of the bestselling book Moonology, believes it is because many women feel in need of a guiding light in their lives — and this is what the Moon can offer.

“More and greater numbers of women are awakening to Moon power,” she said. “I don’t want to sound too proud, but there’s a reason why my book is still on Amazon bestsellers. It is because Moon manifestation works.

“Women all over the world are realizing that they have greater power than they think and are willing to demonstrate their potential in creating the life of their dreams by accepting the power of Moonlight.

“I believe harnessing the power and potential of the Moon is a way to get the results you desire in your life.

These rituals were performed hundreds of years before women became a common practice. Yet, in the late 1990s there was discussion in the spiritual world of the reemergence of the divine feminine and the possibility that women might openly use their feminine power once more.

“We see it everywhere. Even in the successes of the MeToo Movement.

‘In astrology, women are completely aligned with the Moon — it’s the way we as women reconnect with our selves.’

Yasmin, in addition to being the author Moonology is also the creator of the Moonology diary: Each year they lay out the lunar calendar months by months and teach readers how to harness the year’s energies.

Her diaries are always in high demand and 2022 was released at number seven on the book charts.

Another key stage is when exactly half the Moon is visible. That, Lady Bamford says, is the optimal time for making decisions (stock photo used)

The exact half-moon is another key stage. Lady Bamford states that this is the best time to make decisions. (Photo taken from a stock photo). 

Sarah Twist is a 29-year-old company director who says that harnessing Moon’s energies has helped her in many ways. She got her dream home and she conceived her first child.

Sarah is a partner and lives in St Helens on Merseyside. Her company supplies marquees to weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. Sarah has been regularly attending Moon circles for four years.

She set her sights on achieving the first major goal: to harness the power of the Moon to purchase the three-bedroom home she had always wanted.

“I drove by it everyday for over a year. After channelling the Moon’s energy, the Moon appeared to me and the car was placed on the marketplace.

It was purchased by us within 24 hours. The house has everything Moon wanted, including a rolltop bathtub, log-burner, and large range cooker.

Even more remarkable is the claim she made that her current pregnancy was caused by the Moon.

“My partner wanted to become a dad for some time, but I prefer to wait,” she said. It was not until recently that I made the decision to make us a family. I was at the Moon circle when my pregnancy manifested.

Women believe that the lunar calendar can help them find the peak days of their fertility. They claim that the Moon’s changes coincide with their desires for sex.

Philip Chenette, an American fertility specialist, discovered a link between women’s monthly cycles and the Moon phases in 2014.

Particularly, women began their periods in the two-day period between 11 and 2 days before the Full Moon.

In almost a fifth of cases, they began on the day of the full Moon itself or in the two days before or after it — a statistic explained by experts as possibly having an evolutionary link to the cover of darkness.

If a woman’s period starts with the full Moon, she will be at her most fertile a fortnight earlier, when the sky is darkest at night — and it’s this lack of light that would have shielded amorous cave-dwelling couples from hungry predators.

Victoria Twist, a 29-year old veterinary nurse credits the Moon for helping her to regain full health following spinal surgery. She is certain that she too was able manifest her dreams home thanks to Moon circles.

‘At each Moon gathering I’d set my intention about the home I wanted — I was obsessed with barn conversions,’ says Victoria.

“I imagine the wooden beams from inside. Outside, I picture a horse out in a field.

“Then, last spring, my partner found the exact barn conversion we had wanted. It even included the horse that was in the field. This proved that you can have complete control of your own life.

Victoria, who is from Frodsham in Cheshire says that her perspective of what the Moon’s power can do for us is different. ‘Harnessing the Moon to my advantage is not just about material gain.

My main concern is my health and happiness. What’s the point in trying to be happy?

“When I was 24, I had to have spinal surgery. During my recovery, at the Moon circles I would visualise myself doing all the things I love again — climbing mountains, veterinary nursing and travelling.

“Now I can do everything again, thanks to you Moon.