Prince Charles has invited Meghan and Harry not to visit the UK with them so they can meet Lilibet. This is because it would have been ‘awkward’, according to Queen’s biographer.

  • According to Queen’s biographer, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not stay at Prince Charles once he offers his house to them. 
  • Angela Levin believes it would be awkward for Charles and Angela to remain with Charles.
  • This comes amid concerns that a reunion may be in jeopardy because Harry has refused to return to the Met Police without substantial security

The Queen’s biographer said that Prince Charles offered his house to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but they are not likely to remain with him. 

According to a source, the Prince of Wales (73) offered his family to come with him to the UK to meet Lilibet, which was confirmed by this week.    

According to Mirror reports, this offer would mark the first family reunion since Harry and Meghan arrived in America.

However, royal biographer Angela Levin has claimed the couple won’t stay with Charles as it would be ‘too awkward’.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are unlikely to stay with Prince Charles after he offered his home to them, the Queen's biographer has said. The couple are pictured with their children in California

According to the Queen’s biographer, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not stay with Charles once he offers his house to them. Photo of the couple and their children taken in California

According to her, she told The Sun that Meghan doesn’t want to return here after getting married.

“She wouldn’t be able to live with Prince Charles or the Duchess. [of Cornwall]Because I believe she would find it quite awkward.

She continued, “I believe Charles is very brave and very honourable. Harry needs to apologise to Charles and try to get him back in good standings. However, this seems to be the opposite.” 

The reunion was reportedly in jeopardy because Harry is refusing to travel without significant security from the Met Police. 

It comes as Harry's refusal to return without a substantial level of security from the Met Police is said to have put the reunion in doubt. Harry and Charles are pictured in 2019 at the Natural History Museum

This is because Harry refused to go back to the Met Police without substantial security. It was believed that this made it difficult for Harry and Charles to reunite. Charles and Harry are seen in 2019, at the Natural History Museum 

How much it costs to protect Sussexes

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s security team in Canada was made up of at least six £60,000-a-year Scotland Yard protection officers.

But experts say the true cost of each officer would have been closer to £100,000 a year when taking into consideration overtime, flights back and forth to the UK, pension contributions and living expenses.

After spending more than three months in Canada, the couple moved to California in March 2020. They are said to have hired Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA), a security company that is used by many A-listers like Madonna and Tom Hanks.

The team from GDBA – described as a ‘secret service for famous people’ – is rumoured to cost about £7,000 per day, or £2.5million a year.

Harry and Meghan likely had six security guards assigned to them, including former FBI and CIA intelligence officers. They work in rotation and are on duty during the day with four and at night with two.

American security services would not be able to access intelligence information or have any jurisdiction in the UK.

Prince Harry was outraged at his threats of legal action against Her Majesty’s Government.

The man is asking for a review by the court of the UK Police Protection Team decision that stripped him. He claims it’s too unsafe to travel without Scotland Yard guards.

An ex-head of royal protection advised the monarch that he cannot pick and choose when he visits the UK to receive protection. 

Dai Davies It should be noted Princess AnneShe was almost kidnapped, and her protector officer was killed. However, she doesn’t get all-time protection.

Sources suggested that the Queen would not support her grandson’s request for security personnel in Britain when he arrives.

According to insiders, the Monarch is not willing to ‘give in’ to his demands for protection by the Met and Home Office.

Charles and Meghan had been close before and were said to share a love for history, culture, and art. 

Charles also claims to want to see his grandchildren.

According to a source, the Mirror reported last week that the Prince of Wales was saddened not to have the chance spend quality time with his grandchildren. This is something he truly misses.

“He’s a wonderful grandfather who loves the role and it’s fair to say that he doesn’t feel complete without Harry and his children.

“This is something that he hopes to fix. That is why he offered to let Harry, Meghan, and their children stay with him, whenever they might return home.