Yesterday, Meghan Markle apologized to the Court of Appeal for forgetting to tell a royal aide how she briefed the authors of Finding Freedom.

According to the Duchess, Prince Harry and she did not cooperate with the writers of the gushing novel, she claimed that she had “forgotten” providing the details for the aides, which she would reveal when she sat down with them.

Yesterday it emerged that she had sent Jason Knauf, then her communications secretary, an extensive briefing note on Tuesday, December 10, 2018, which included some background and’reminders’ information about her estranged relatives as well her story of the Queen’s Tiara incident.

The duchess, through her legal counsel, has repeatedly denied that Harry and she shared information with the authors of the biography.

She retreated after Mr Knauf’s intervention. He made a statement before the court, saying that the book was discussed in detail with the duchess several times over email and in person. In December 2018, the duke and duchess authorized specific cooperation in writing.

The Duchess of Sussex, who previously insisted she and Prince Harry (pictured together) did not co-operate with the two writers of the gushing book, said she had 'forgotten' providing the aide details of what to reveal 'when you sit down with them'

While the Duchess of Sussex previously claimed that she and Prince Harry did not cooperate with the writers of the gushing novel, she said that she had ‘forgotten’ to provide the details for the aide so they could discuss what she would reveal when she sat down with them.

Meghan replied in writing to the judges, “I accept that Mr Knauf gave some information to authors for the book. He did this with my knowledge.”

Meghan Markle shares the details 

The Duchess wrote in the third person some of the information she provided Jason Knauf, her press chief, to share with Finding Freedom authors.


They were both teenagers at the time they moved into their parents’ house prior to Meghan’s birth. When Meghan was just two years old, Doria separated from Tom. He had two other children, Tom Jr. and Samantha. They were both 15 years old. Tom Jr. and Samantha both dropped out high school, and they moved to their dad’s house the following year. Meghan only had contact with them once, when she wasn’t yet five and then again at eleven years. Meghan was never in a relationship or had contact with any of them. Her parents referred to her as an “only child” because half her siblings weren’t there (by their choice).


They were close throughout her entire life. Meghan supported her father despite his isolationism and began to do press deals that were mediated by Samantha, his daughter. “Despite their many efforts to support each other over the last two years, they no longer have any relationship.”


Apartment 1 [Kensington Palace]They wouldn’t have space until 2021 as they had a growing family and couldn’t wait. Windsor was offered by the queen to Windsor, which they gratefully accepted.


“Very turbulent… Meghan lived alone in Toronto, and was working. Her house was invaded by journalists and paparazzi… Police were called numerous times. The decision was taken to put a stop to the violence. 

The Mail on Sunday – the Daily Mail’s sister paper – is seeking to defend itself against Meghan’s claims that it unlawfully breached her privacy by publishing extracts of a letter to her father Thomas Markle. She allegedly told US magazine People that her story was favourable, as well as Omid Scobie (Finding Freedom author) and Carolyn Durand. The royal couple denies this.

Meghan’s lawyers insist to the court that Meghan had neither the right nor the ability to represent her in September 2020. [duchess]Her husband and she did not agree to the publication of ‘their version.’ In November of that same year, the duchess approved a statement stating she “doesn’t know if and to what degree” the statements. [palace]Communication team involved in providing information to the book’.

Yesterday, Meghan said to the court that she had approved of Meghan’s marriage. [that]paragraph, I didn’t have the opportunity to see these emails. I apologized to the court that I hadn’t remembered the exchanges. It was not my intention or desire to mislead either the defendant nor the court.

A tranche of text and email messages from Harry and Meghan to their palace advisors has been sent to the Court of Appeal. It covers the period August 2018 through December 2018.

Miss Durand and Mr Scobie had approached the palace with their friends to ask for help writing the biography. There were many internal discussions on whether or not to “engage” the authors.

Meghan wrote to her communications chief on August 30, and she sent it to Prince Harry. In the email, Scobie said that he needed to be “back-briefed ASAP”.

Emails reveal that Mr Knauf suggested that authors be in touch with their friends, which was “not a good idea”. He told them that on December 10, he would allow them to tell each other that they had not allowed access.

He offered to go and meet with the authors. Prince Harry was emailed by Knauf, who said: “Morning sir. See attached for the discussion topics Omid (and Carolyn) want. These topics are yours to decide whether you wish to share them with Carolyn. Tell me what you think. They will be seeing me this week in order to provide context and factsual accuracy.

Harry responded by saying, ‘I think definitely, share this with her and make the suggestion that she have you here. Her support will be unconditional and she’ll agree with me that it’s impossible to claim we had anything to do.

He stated that if you give them the proper context and background, it would be a great help in getting some truths out. We appreciate the truth, particularly around Markle/wedding stuff. However, we cannot put them in direct contact with their friends.

The court heard Mr Knauf tell it that he said: “If they’re happy, we will see them this week to go over the historical background and give more context.”

‘The duchess replied that evening saying, ‘Thank you very much for the info below – for when you sit down with them it may be helpful to have some background reminders so I’ve included them below just in case’. The email contained a copy of the topic and question areas and the briefing points that the duchess wanted to be shared with authors during my meeting.

An August 30 email from Meghan to her communications chief, which she copied to Prince Harry, said of Mr Scobie: 'I feel he needs to be back-briefed ASAP'. Pictured, the Finding Freedom book cover

Meghan wrote to her communications chief on August 30 and she sent it to Prince Harry. In the email, Scobie stated: “I feel that he should be back-briefed ASAP.” Cover of Finding Freedom.

Meghan sent a two-page email to her court. It was shown to them.

An email copy shows she made comments to five of 19 of the questions. The email also included her “non-relationship” with her half siblings, which she claimed involved minimal interaction partly because of the 16-year-old age gap.

On a question about her father, Meghan’s email said: ‘Meghan supported her father in spite of his reclusiveness… Despite countless efforts to support him through the past two years, they now no longer have a relationship.’

A detailed report that was prepared by Miss Durand for Mr Knauf included Miss Knauf’s account of the meeting. She also provided her story of an alleged conflict she had with the Queen during a visit to get a tiara ready for the royal wedding. The media had misrepresented it.

The court heard Mr Knauf tell it: “In an additional email exchange that day, the duke wrote me: “Also are you planning to give them a rough idea about what she has been through in the last two years?” The media assault, cyber bullying at a different level, puppeteering Thomas Markle, etc. They should be able to hear from those who were there, even if they don’t use it. If you don’t plan on telling them this, I can!”

On a question about her father, Meghan's email said: 'Meghan supported her father in spite of his reclusiveness… Despite countless efforts to support him through the past two years, they now no longer have a relationship'

On a question about her father, Meghan’s email said: ‘Meghan supported her father in spite of his reclusiveness… Despite countless efforts to support him through the past two years, they now no longer have a relationship’

‘I replied saying, ‘Of course – I’ve never stopped!’

According to the former communications secretary, the meeting lasted close to two hours and took place between the Duke of Cambridge and me.

Andrew Caldecott QC was quoted by the Mail on Sunday as saying that the evidence indicated Meghan was “not shy about giving confidential information to the authors”.

According to her witness statement, she stated that the duchess first mentioned the book in my hands by Mr Knauf in late summer 2018 at a Kensington Palace meeting. I was told by him that the authors would like to meet with me. We both felt this would not be appropriate.

Meghan stated that if Meghan had not told her aide to inform the authors, she would have been more than happy to refer to her emails as she felt they supported her case.

She pointed out in her briefing email that there was no mention of her letter to her father.

“Nothing that I shared with Mr Knauf wasn’t special or unique for these authors,” she said. My father was the only thing I spoke of, other than confirming my separation from him. This information had been widely covered in media reports.