According to a royal author, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be regretting their ‘poisonous’ decision of cutting people from their lives. 

Tom Bower is currently working on a biography about Meghan, 40. Closer magazine was told by Tom Bower that the’stubborn” mother-of-2 will regret cutting ties to Thomas Markle (77) and moving her husband with her two children to Montecito. 

He stated that The Duke, 37, & Duchess of Sussex are becoming increasingly isolated in America and that it is’sad for them both’ as well as their children Archie, 2, and Lilibet, born in June. 

Bower warned that controlling the couple’s narrative will cause more harm than good, and that their children may grow up without a family. 

This is after Thomas Markle Senior, a Thomas Markle Senior, said on ITV this Week that his daughter had changed’ since meeting Prince Harry in 2017. 

Commentator Tom Bower, who is currently working on a biography of Meghan, 40, told Closer magazine the 'stubborn' mother-of-two would regret cutting ties with her father Thomas Markle, 77, and moving her husband and two children away from the royal family in Montecito, California. Pictured: Prince Harry, 37, with son Archie, now two and Meghan during her pregnancy with their daughter Lilibet, who is now five-months-old

Tom Bower, a commentator who is currently working on a biography about Meghan, 40, said that the “stubborn” mother-of-two would regret separating from Thomas Markle, 77 and moving her husband, two children, away from the royal family in Montecito. Pictured: Prince Harry (37), with Archie, now two-year-old, and Meghan, five-months-old, during their pregnancy. 

Bower stated that Meghan is a stubborn person. However, she believes that Harry and Meghan will eventually realize that the isolated world they created for themselves was poisonous. 

He added that “They seem so desperate control the narrative that it’s not possible for anyone else to influence it – but they will just cause more damage in the future, as their children grow up without any relatives around them.” 

Andrew Morton, another royal biographer, shared a similar picture with Us Weekly. He recalled how Archie rejected Earl of Dumbarton for a title because it contained the word ‘dumb’ and that they didn’t want to tease him at school. 

‘It shows you their sensitivity to image,’ he said. ‘Which, you know? Someone was saying to me. [that]The team Sussex contacted them the other day, and they asked the first question [the Sussexes]The question was: “What images are you using?””.

‘And that person thought, “That’s everything you need to know about the Sussexes”.’

Archie was born in England, May 6, 2019, and met the royal family shortly thereafter. It is believed that he has not seen his British relatives since his parents moved to Canada in late 2019 and then to the USA in March 2020. 

In the meantime, his sister Lilibet was also born in California in June. Although she shares the Queen’s private family nickname, Lilibet has yet to meet her greatgrandmother, 95. 

Bower said the couple's decision to cut their families out of their lives was a 'poisonous choice' they'll both regret (pictured at Global Citizen Live on September 25, 2021 in New York)

Bower said that the couple’s decision of cutting their families out was a ‘poisonous decision’ that they will both regret. (Image: Global Citizen Live, September 25, 2021, New York)

Pictured: Meghan and Archie in California in 2021. Bower said Meghan was 'unforgiving' and 'stubborn'

Pictured: Meghan, Archie and Archie in California 2021. Bower stated that Meghan was a’stubborn’ and ‘unforgiving’ person.   

Meghan's estranged father Thomas Markle ,77, told Good Morning Brtain on October 19 he hadn't spoken to her in four years and said he would keep on giving TV interviews until Meghan speaks to him

Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, told Good Morning Brtain, October 19, that he hadn’t spoken with her in four years. He said he would continue to give TV interviews until Meghan speaks. 

What did Thomas Markle share with GMB? 

On doing TV interviews:

“I have made it very clear that until I hear from her and until she speaks to me, I will continue to do so.”

Lilibet & Archie: 

“The kids will grow up not knowing that they have two parents.”

His ex-wife Doria Ragland:

“I don’t know where her mother is at the moment, I don’t believe she’s in Los Angeles or with Meghan and Harry.”

Prince Harry’s influence

“I don’t know what changed her. She’s never been this way before and Harry changed her.

Why Meghan ‘ghosted him’ 

‘She thought I was giving too much attention to her brother and sister – to her stepbrother and stepsister, but nonetheless she wanted me to stop talking to them and I couldn’t.’ 

On son Thomas criticising Meghan: 

“My son Thomas was shunned, just like me. I’m certain he’s responding the way other ghosted people are.”

On Piers Morgan:

“Piers was correct – we all get Ghosted, so somebody wants a response.” 

On suing Lilibet to see Archie:

“People in California suggested that I sue for my children’s welfare, but I don’t think I would be a hypocrite if I did that.”

Harry’s new book: 

‘The book he is writing should not be called Finding Freedom. It should be called Finding Money. This is all they seem to be concerned about right now.

On wWhen was the last time he tried to speak with her? 

“About one month ago, maybe. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go down to Montecito. I’ll be branded a stalker so I won’t be able do much.

Bower claimed Harry, Meghan, and other senior royals who moved to California in 2020, felt stronger after cutting out people from their lives. 

However, he stated that they are just fighting with their family and may end up feeling lonely. 

The author, who is currently working on a biography for the Duchess, stated that Meghan should expect her step-brother Thomas Markle Jr and her estranged dad to share more embarrassing stories. 

He said that the best way for Meghan to avoid being ‘unforgiving is to communicate with both men.

MailOnline reported that Thomas Markle, who claimed Meghan was ‘childish’ and had ‘changed’ since she met Harry in a bombshell interview with ITV’s GMB, said that it was ‘ridiculous” that he had been separated from his daughter for almost four years. 

The Rosarito-based former lighting director added that he and Meghan need to ‘grow, talk, make love’ and mend their relationship.

Harry and Lilibet’s children Archie, Lilibet, and Mr Markle have never met each other. He was also unable to attend their 2018 wedding after suffering a heart attack that required surgery.

When asked if television interviews were the only way Markle could communicate with Meghan, Markle stated that ‘I’ve made clear that until she hears from me, until she does talk to me, that this is what I will continue to do.

‘The children are going to grow-up without knowing that they have 2 families. This is more then me and my girl now. It is me, my daughter and her husband as well as our two children. So it’s time to do something. It’s time for us to talk.

Just a few days earlier, Meghan’s step-brother, Thomas Markle Jr, 55, said Prince Harry’s days as Meghan’s husband are numbered as his younger sister’s last marriage only lasted two years. 

The trailer for Celebrity Big Brother, an American reality show, was released on October 14. Markle Jr claimed Meghan ‘walked all around’ her first husband, Trevor Engelson, American film producer. However, it is unclear if he knew about the circumstances of their separation.

Markle Jr. stated in the trailer that he was the guy to whom she was married for the first and that she walked all over him, then dumped him.

Markle Jr. nodded in agreement with another housemate, who said that it sounded cold-blooded. He then added: “Harry’s on to the chopping block next.”