As Meghan Markle returned to royal life tonight, she was met with mixed emotions by Windsor residents. She appeared alongside Prince Harry in surprise attendance. 

The warring sons of King Charles III, Prince William and Harry, and their wives Kate & Meghan appeared at Windsor Castle in black to examine the floral tributes left outside the Berkshire estate’s gates in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II.

The foursome was greeted with applause when they entered Windsor Castle to honor Her Majesty’s legacy. However, there were other interactions between the British public (and the Duchess) that did not go as well.

This royal mother-of-2, who took a break from her royal duties last year, now lives in her US $14 million home, and has published a series of explosive interviews over the past 18 months. They discuss her time with the royals.

Meghan could be seen swooning at the babies and offering hugs to those who were waiting. The crowd was sternly welcoming Meghan as she participated in the walkabout.

Meghan Markle tonight received a mixed reaction from a crowd in Windsor as she returned to royal life alongside Prince Harry for a surprise appearance with the Prince and Princess of Wales

Tonight, Meghan Markle received mixed reactions from Windsorers as she was reunited with Prince Harry and made a surprise visit to Windsor alongside the Prince and Princess.

Some people in the crowd appeared to hesitate before offering the Duchess of Sussex their hand to shake as the royal couples took part in a walkabout

While the Royal Couples took part on a walkabout in the crowd, others seemed to be hesitant before giving the Duchess of Sussex a hand. 

Meghan was seen cooing over babies in the crowd and even offered hugs out to some of the mourners waiting

Meghan was seen looking at babies among the crowd, and offered comfort to those who were still waiting.

While Meghan doted over the baby in the crowd, Harry bent down to stroke a dog

Meghan was adoring the baby among the crowd but Harry took the time to pet a dog.  

The Duchess also grinned as she greeted a furry mourner in the crowd

As she welcomed a furry griever from the crowd, the Duchess smiled too 

Tonight marks the first public appearance of the couples since Commonwealth Day, March 9, 2020. This was just weeks prior to the Covid lockdown.

Harry and Meghan left the frontline two years back to start their own venture in California. The Firm then made a string of shocking allegations. Harry was seen holding hands with Meghan as they looked over the tributes.

The two men were seen talking about the different tributes they received and pointing out other members of their crowd.

According to Kensington Palace sources, the Prince of Wales had invited the Sussexes along with the Princess of Wales to join him earlier today.

Later, Omid Scobie, the Sussexes friend and favorite journalist claimed that the invitation was sent at the “11th hour”. He said that William was willing to give Harry an olive branch, and help melt the ice between them.

William was presented with a Paddington Bear at one point. He then gave it to another aide. As Kate sat down to talk to the child in front of her, he was seen gently touching Kate’s shoulder. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex view the tributes left after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, at Windsor Castle

View the tributes to Queen Elizabeth II left at Windsor Castle by the Duke and Duchess Sussex.

However others in the crowd greeted Meghan with stony faces this evening as she took part in the walkabout and appeared to look beyond her to the other members of the royal family in attendance

Others in the crowd, however, greeted Meghan this evening with stony eyes as she participated in the walkabout. It seemed that they were looking at Meghan beyond the members of the royal family who were also in attendance. 

The duchess is embraced by a female in the crowd during the walkabout in Windsor to view the floral tributes to The Queen

One of the women in Windsor embraces The Duchess as they walk around Windsor admiring the flowers.

A 14-year-old girl hugged Meghan and said that she believed it was right. 

The teen who hugged Meghan Markle today as Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate welcomed royal fans to Windsor Castle said that it felt right.

Following being photographed hugging the Duchess, the fourteen-year-old spoke to CNN.

“We were still waiting, so she asked me my name and how many days I had been waiting. I then asked her if she could hug me. It was an extraordinary moment.

She answered the question, “Everyone was cheering me along and I guess that I felt I had to.”

When asked if she feels sorry for her, she said that she did. Just wanted to say that she is welcome (in the UK).

Kate sat down and started speaking with a crying child. Kate approached the child and she stopped crying.

The Duchess was also seen getting a hug from a little girl at Windsor Castle.

Meghan moved over to the teens in the crowd. She was seen crossing her arms and putting her hand above her mouth. They spoke for only a short time and Meghan was seen putting her arm on the shoulder of the teenager to comfort her.

She then asked the girl: “Can you have a hug?” Meghan nodded, then leaned in to give her a hug. Other members of the crowd captured this touching moment.

MailOnline spoke with Harry and Meghan by well-wishers: “It is lovely to see them together. Perhaps they could rekindle a real relationship.

“Lovely ripple” was heard through the crowd when they approached. I hope Harry can heal his brother. It was so exciting to see them together. It’s lovely.’

Another griever stated that they were shocked to see Harry and William walk down the aisle with Meghan and Kate. There was a slight groan from me when Harry and Meghan came past our side. But I gave him flowers, and he accepted them. 

“I am pleased that they came together. As a family, I’m thrilled that everyone took the opportunity to stop by and greet the people. Funerals can bring people together, so it’s a sad thing that they have to go. I wish they would reflect on all that happened. 

This is after King Charles, who was believed to have told Prince Harry not bring his wife Meghan to Balmoral Castle when he and senior royals raced to the side of the Queen dying.

At other moments, the Duchess of Sussex was handed posies and bouquets of flowers by royal fans who were keen to show their support to the family in the period of grief

Other moments saw the Duchess Of Sussex being presented with bouquets and flowers from royal supporters, who were eager to offer their support during this time of mourning.

At other stages, the Duchess was seen cooing over a young mother and her baby in the crowd

On other stages, Duchess could be seen adoring a baby and her mother in the crowd while the Duchess also admired them. 

Clutching bouquets of flowers, the duchess also spoke with young members of the public who have turned out in force to pay tribute to our beloved Queen who died on Thursday aged 96

She was proudly displaying bouquets full of flowers as she spoke to the young men and women who turned out in large numbers to remember our dear Queen who, at 96 years old, died Thursday.

The Sussexes stopped to shake hands with mourners gathered

They stopped by to greet the mourners. 

The couple landed back in the UK last weekend intending to attend charity events when the Queen died at Balmoral

They flew back to the UK in order to take part in charity events after the death of Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral. 

Meghan gazes at Kate as the 'fab four' are reunited at Windsor to mourn the death of The Queen

Kate and Meghan look at each other as they reunite at Windsor to grieve The Queen’s death.

In the midst of the family tragedy that occurred on Thursday when Queen Elizabeth died, there was a little drama involving the Duke of Sussex and Duchess.

Lucky coincidence! Harry and Meghan were there when his grandmother died, which saved him an emotionally and undoubtedly traumatizing transatlantic trip due to Queen’s illness.

Even with the turmoil of recent years, no one could deny him the right to remember his dear Granny, whom he shared a fun and loving relationship.

The royal household was consumed by concern about the monarch’s health, but the Sussexes caused a flurry of activity behind-the scenes when they announced that Harry and Meghan would be traveling to Balmoral.

Others appeared to greet Meghan with a little less excitement. The Duchess has released a series of bombshell interviews over the past 18 months

Other people seemed to be less excited about Meghan’s arrival. In the 18-months since Meghan’s arrival, the Duchess has shared a string of explosive interviews.

According to The Sun’s report, Harry was at Frogmore Cottage on the day his father asked him not to take Meghan.

“Charles informed Harry that Meghan shouldn’t be present at Balmoral at such an emotionally difficult time,” a source said to the newspaper.

“It was made clear to him that Kate wasn’t going to be there and that it was best to limit the number of people attending to his closest relatives.

“Charles clearly stated that Meghan wouldn’t be welcomed.”

The Telegraph reports that Harry, unlike his brother Prince William, was not summoned at first when the senior royals were making their way up to Balmoral.

The two royal couples inspect the floral tributes left outside the gates of Windsor Castle this evening

Two royal couples examine the flowers left at Windsor Castle’s gates this evening.

The Prince and Princess of Wales view the tributes left after the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, at Windsor Castle

The Princess and Prince of Wales look at the tributes to Queen Elizabeth II left at Windsor Castle.

William, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince Harry and Meghan walk outside Windsor Castle

Outside Windsor Castle, William, Prince and Princess of Wales, Catherine and Prince Harry walk with Meghan and Prince Harry

Another royal insider said, “It’s very difficult to spend too many time with someone who is about to write a tell-all about you.”

In extending an olive branch to US-based Prince Harry and Meghan, King Charles said that he wanted to ‘express his love for Harry’ 

In his first address to Britain as monarch, King Charles III offered an olive branch of support to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

According to royal commentators, the new Sovereign became King on the day his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died at Balmoral Castle.

After sensationally abandoning frontline royal duties, the Duke and Duchess pushed the monarchy into crisis. They moved to California in California two years earlier. This saga led to the split between Harry and William. There were also allegations against the royals.

Harry suggested in a podcast about mental health that Oprah Winfrey and Harry had sinned as parents. This was while his family still grieves Prince Philip’s passing last year.

As he was being swept onto Windsor Castle’s grounds, Duke of Sussex looked utterly devastated. He had lost a race against the clock to reach his grandmother’s room before her death yesterday.

Today, King Charles III visited Buckingham Palace in order to greet fellow mourners. He shook hands with them and received their condolences. One lady kissed him on his cheek. Before entering the palace, he also looked at tributes and flowers left by his mother before entering.

After jumping onto an early BA flight, Harry arrived at Heathrow around noon yesterday. He comforted an employee with a gentle hand and listened to her grieving thoughts.

After 12 hours of mourning with his grandmother, he left Balmoral. However, despite their brief visit, they are unlikely to return to California until the state funeral. This is currently scheduled for Monday September 19.

On Thursday, the Duke of Sussex arrived at Aberdeenshire Castle as the final royal and left on Friday morning.

Another said: “I think Harry and Meghan’s actions have evoked incredulity.

The news of the plans was shared via a small number of media outlets that the Sussexes consider appropriate and it was tweeted by journalists at 1.53pm. According to the statement, “From a spokesperson: Duke and Duchess Sussex will travel to Scotland.”

The Palace was not happy about this. Many of those behind the palace walls were simply incredulous.

The Sussexes made their initial announcement on Thursday, and it took half an hour before things got to the point.

It is still unclear how much pressure was brought to bear by the Palace itself – or whether senior royal were involved – but a spokesman for the couple frantically began to ‘clarify’ their position, informing those same journalists that ‘only the duke was travelling at the moment’.

It is still unknown what exactly happened. Some believe Harry and Meghan didn’t realize that William’s wife would not be there. Kate stayed in London, but when they realized that it wasn’t, it made it look terrible.

Others believe Meghan was effectively banned, using the argument that Kate – now the Princess of Wales – was staying at home.

Their hurried announcement, that Harry was going to be traveling north from the capital caused a collective sigh of relief.

Even ignoring the pain of the last few years, both Sussexes’ initial decision that they would travel was seen as completely inappropriate according to palace insiders. This was for one simple reason. It was a family moment.

Only the two oldest children of the elderly monarch – Charles and Anne – were present when the Queen passed away.

Andrew and Edward are her two other children.

Edward went with Sophie his wife. But she was loved by the Queen. She views Sophie as her second child and so it is probable that Edward was there to meet her.

Most people assume Kate was there because it was the children’s first day of school. This is partly true. But she knew that this occasion was important for her family.

It’s hard to ignore the bitter reality that all of these events occur against an unimaginable backdrop.

The rift is so deep that Harry and William live just minutes from one another at Windsor, but there have not been any attempts to contact them.

Relations are little better with any other members of the family either – King Charles, in particular, has been left bewildered and deeply hurt by his younger son’s incessant attacks.

Although no one wishes to see an end to war, very few people are willing or able forgive Meghan for her series of highly damaging and laser-guided accusations made against relatives, friends, and the institution that is the monarchy.

Harry was not invited to the party headed north from RAF Northolt on Thursday. He was heading for Aberdeen.

He made his own way to Balmoral by private jet and faced a lonely drive to the castle, finally arriving at 7.52pm – an hour and a half after the palace’s historic statement informing the nation of the death of Her Majesty.

The driver was seen driving him out of the house at 8.28 AM yesterday. It had been less than twelve hours.

During that time he would have had to kiss his father’s hand, curtsey to his step-mother – and break bread with those he has caused so much hurt. Now, they will see a lot more of their brothers as they prepare to attend the Queen’s Funeral.

Meghan Markle postpones the next Archetype podcast and cancels Jimmy Fallon’s appearance.

Meghan Markle cancels several scheduled appearances in New York set for the day following Queen Elizabeth’s probable funeral date. As the Royal Family enters official morning service for the monarch, Meghan Markle will not be there.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon scheduled The Duchess and Duke of Sussex for September 20, which was the same day Prince Harry had planned to go to the UN General Assembly in Manhattan.

Both appearances have now been nixed, and Markle plans to delay releasing the next episode of her podcast Archetypes, which had been set for release next Tuesday on Spotify, sources told Page Six on Friday. 

The Queen’s sudden death occurred on Thursday as the Duke & Duchess Of Sussex were on their European tour. 

Meghan Markle is seen in Germany on Tuesday. The Queen's death came as the Sussexes were on a PR blitz, but they are understandably canceling upcoming appearances

On Tuesday, Meghan Markle was seen in Germany. Although the Sussexes went on a publicity blitz to announce their death, they have decided to cancel any appearances.

Markle had been scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (above) on September 20, which would be one day after the Queen's funeral, but has pulled out

Markle had been scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (above) on September 20, which would be one day after the Queen’s funeral, but has pulled out

Queen Elizabeth is seen on Tuesday, in the final photo before her passing on Thursday

On Tuesday Queen Elizabeth was seen in her final photograph before she died on Thursday.

Their plans are now put on hold while they grieve leading up and after the Queen’s funeral.

The funeral is expected to be scheduled for September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London, but the official date has not yet been announced.

Markle may have already reserved another date for The Tonight Show, but it’s not clear. 

“I have no idea what she was talking about.” [with Fallon]One source claimed that the vessel was being canceled, adding, “Yes, it is, but it’s clearly canceled now,” Page Six stated. reached out to the NBC spokeswoman but she did not respond immediately. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are seen making an appearance in Dusseldorf, German on Tuesday, in the midst of the European tour cut short by the Queen's death

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess Sussex make an appearance in Dusseldorf. This is in spite of their European tour being cut short by Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Prince Harry returns to Windsor on Friday morning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

On Friday, Princess Harry returned to Windsor after Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

When the Queen became ill, Frogmore Cottage was home to both Duke and Duchess Sussex. Prince Harry, however, flew solo to Scotland where she was at Balmoral.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II was publicly reported, Prince Harry returned to Windsor Friday morning. 

Markle’s plans for the UK are not clear. She may either return to California for her children and then fly to the UK to attend the funeral. 

All members of the Royal Family are now unable to attend public events as the UK moves into a complex, week-long, choreographed morning. 

In King Charles III’s first speech as monarch of the new country, he ordered that the queen be given a time of royal mourning from now to seven days following her funeral.

King Charles III gave the order that a period of 'Royal Mourning' for the Queen will be observed from now until seven days after her funeral

King Charles III granted the order to observe a period of Royal Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II from now through seven days after her funeral 

The Royal Mourning is observed by royals, household staff, members of royal families, representatives of royal Household, officials on official duties and troops engaged in ceremonial duties.

At 1pm on Friday, the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery fired one round of royal salutes for each year in the Queen’s lifetime from Hyde Park. 

Soon, the Queen’s casket is going to be transported to Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse.

It will then be solemnly processed to St. Giles Cathedral to lie at rest for 24 hours, with a public viewing. 

The casket will travel to London, where it will rest in Westminster Hall until the official funeral. Most likely this will take place on September 19.