As the Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales walked around Windsor with their new friends, the Duke of Sussex and Duchess were also there. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, were welcomed by applause while they walked together along Windsor Castle’s gates.

Tonight marks the first public appearance of the couple together since Commonwealth Day, March 9, 2020. This was just weeks prior to the Covid lockdown.

Many people who were there to witness the scene were stunned by their surprise reunion and shared their joy on Twitter.

Royal fans have been going wild online as the new Prince and Princess of Wales were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a walkabout in Windsor tonight

The new Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales joined the Duke of Sussex and Duchess to walk around Windsor tonight, causing royal fandom to go wild online

The Fab Four was the first to be reunited publicly, commented one excited royal watcher. Finally, the Fab Four were publicly reunited.

Another wrote: It’s good to see you all again, Fab Four!

A third comment was added: So beautiful to see all the Fab Four together again! Covid made it possible to watch the action from far away.

One fourth said: “I see that the Fab Four have returned.” It was quite the reunion.

Many royal fans shared their excitement online about the reunion, with one writing it was 'lovely' to see the group together again

Many royal admirers shared their joy online over the reunion. One wrote that it was “lovely” to see them all again 

As boys, William and Harry were inseparable, finding solace in one another as they coped with the shattering loss of Princess Diana and later sharing in each other’s dreams and successes as adults.

William’s marriage to Kate eight years ago contributed barely a quiver to this remarkable relationship as two became three. 

The arrival of the Wales’ children George, Charlotte and Louis served only to strengthen the fraternal bonds.

Meghan and her Hollywood glamour arrived in Hollywood, where they became known as the Fab Four. They were as famous as pop groups but with all the royal charm of the throne.

But the good news was that they were going to separate their households.

The Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were greeted by applause as they walked along the gates of Windsor Castle together as they honoured the legacy of Her Majesty

As they honored Her Majesty’s legacy, the Prince and Princess and duchess of Sussex and the Princess and Prince of Wales walked together along Windsor Castle’s gates. They were met with applause.

The feud between them has grown worse. After Harry and Meghan left senior life, the pair decided to give multiple interviews detailing their discord with The Firm, including about how they felt about The Firm being racist.

A few days later, Yahoo! published an Omid Scobie column that claimed Harry was still awaiting his brother’s apology. This column implied that tensions between Sussexes, Cambridges continued to be high.

‘There’s a laughable effort to suggest the [Sussexes]They were shunned. The truth is that they never reached out the Cambridges,” said Scobie, describing a source as someone who was familiar with current family dynamics.

Then he quoted an “amigo” as saying, “What is the point?” [Harry] is waiting for is accountability… Many lines were crossed by William. He witnessed many difficult moments.

King Charles III's warring sons Prince William and Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan all appeared in black at Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle appearance of Prince William, Harry and Kate, the warring sons and daughters of King Charles III was black.

“It was dark and William wasn’t prepared to deal with it.

In black, King Charles III’s sons Harry and Prince William III and their wives Kate (and Meghan) gathered at Windsor Castle tonight to see the multitude of flowers placed around the estate of Berkshire in an ode to Queen Elizabeth II.

As they made their way along Windsor Castle’s gates, the Prince and Princess and Princess of Wales as well as the Duke and Duchess and duchess of Sussex received applause.

This bombshell tonight marks the first public appearance of the couple since Commonwealth Day, March 9, 2020. It was just weeks prior to the Covid lockdown.

Harry and Meghan were seen holding hands while looking at tributes. Harry affectionately placed his hand on Meghan’s shoulder at one point. As members of the crowd waved at them, they were seen discussing different tributes as well as pointing out each other.

A Kensington Palace source said that the Prince of Wales invited the Sussexes to join him and the Princess of Wales earlier today

According to Kensington Palace, the Prince of Wales had invited the Sussexes along with the Princess of Wales to join him earlier today.

Kensington Palace said the Prince and Princess of Wales were invited by a Kensington Palace source to meet them earlier today.

William was presented with a Paddington Bear at one point. He then gave it to another aide. As Kate sat down to talk to the child in front of her gates, he was lightly touched Kate’s head. Kate sat down for a moment, and then began to speak to the child. Kate approached the child, and the child immediately stopped crying.

MailOnline was contacted by a well-wisher, who said that Harry and Meghan were beautiful together. They might be able to get back together. As they approached, a lovely ripple was felt in the crowd. We hope that Harry’s brother will heal now. It was so exciting to see them together. It’s lovely.’

A few moments before, Prince of Wales made an emotional tribute for his beloved grandmother, describing her as an extraordinary leader’ who was devoted to the Commonwealth, the Realms, and the country. He also admitted that it would take some time before the loss he felt’real’.

The announcement came as royal courtiers said that the Queen’s funeral would be at Westminster Abbey Monday September 19, at 11am. Officials at the palace revealed that the oak coffin of Her Majesty, currently in Balmoral Castle’s Ballroom, would be transported by road from there to Edinburgh by hearse on Sunday, September 11. It will take six hours. After the state funeral, Wednesday September 14, Queen Elizabeth II will lie in state in Westminster Hall for “four clear days”.

The coffin will be open to thousands. Further details on how you can get there will follow in the next days.

An earlier service was held by Prince Andrew and her close relatives. It took place after Charles III, formally declared at St James’s Palace in London.