Melania sells her first NFT: Melania is a former First Lady who opens crypto bidding at auction for a watercolor painting with her eyes and an audio message expressing hope to raise funds for foster care charities

  • Melania Trump has launched her non-fungible token NFT (Melani Trump Token) Thursday
  • Her first sale is a watercolor of her eyes and a brief audio message. 
  • This auction uses cryptocurrency, and is valued at around $185 
  • She plans to continue regularly releasing NTFs via her website. Parts of the proceeds will benefit charity. 

Melania Trump has launched her non-fungible tokens (NFT), opportunities Thursday. She will release unique pieces every other week and part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

First NFT: A watercolor painting by the ex-first lady, featuring her eyes in watercolour. She signed it and included a short audio message that said: “My vision is: Seek forward with inspiration and strength. And courage.

According to Marc-Antoine Coulon, the NFT called ‘Melania’s Vision’ is valued at $185 as of time this publication.

Trump’s initial sale closes December 31st, one minute before New Year’s Eve.

Melania, before she was first lady had a long and successful career as an actress. Her piercingly blue eyes made her famous. 

‘Melania Trump’s personal journey has been enlightening; from Slovenia through Europe and into the United States of America — including as First Lady,’ the page selling Trump’s first NFT reads.

Melania Trump launched her own non-fungible token (NFT) on Thursday.  The first sale is a watercolor painting of her eyes with a short audio message: 'My vision is: Look forward with inspiration, strength and courage'

On Thursday, Melania Trump unveiled her non-fungible token NFT.  First sale: A watercolor painting with her eyes and a brief audio message.

The description states that she has been captivated by the beauty and difficulties of people, magnificent landscapes, and deep architecture.

“Marc-Antoine Coulon’s stunning watercolor depicts Melania Trump’s cobalt-blue eyes. This amulet inspires. Melania’s Vision offers strength and hope for the collector.

It states: “A percentage of the proceeds from sale of artwork will be donated for support children in foster care communities.”

The funds will help foster children age out and provide resources for them to acquire skills in technology and computer science.

Non-fungible tokens – or NFTs – are unique and non-interchangeable units of data stored on a digital ledger or blockchains, the same technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The NFTs can be used to prove ownership of digital assets or tangible physical items such as photos, videos, and audio files.

Melania Trump has kept quite a low profile since leaving Washington D.C. Here the former first lady and Donald Trump attend a gala at Mar-a-Lago in November

Melania Trump is very private since her departure from Washington D.C. This is Melania Trump and Donald Trump at a Mar-a-Lago gala in November 

Following Donald Trump’s loss in 2020, Donald Trump has maintained a very low profile for the 45th first wife.

Melania Trump’s NFTs can only be purchased on

Assets will be sold through Solana’s blockchain using SOL, which is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. On Thursday, the NFT went up for sale at $185 per SOL.

Future NFTs will be in three different elements – digital artwork, physical artwork and a physical accessory of historic note. This latter item is due to be auctioned in January.