Covid could be stopping the Premier League, as several Chelsea players have tested positive. Leicester v Tottenham was therefore postponed four times in five days.

Three Chelsea players have tested positive for coronavirus making the Blues the latest Premier League club to see cases emerge among their playing squad – but Thursday night’s clash with Everton is still going ahead.

Leicester’s top flight clash with Tottenham, and Saturday matches between Sheffield Wednesday and Accrington and Crawley’s encounter with Oldham Athletic have all been called off on Thursday, with officials expecting many more to follow suit.  

Sportsmail had revealed that some players were not willing to get vaccinated. A mere third of top-flight footballers were double jabbed as of the beginning October.

Sports fans have also claimed there were ‘no real checks’ being made on their vaccination status or negative lateral flow tests at London’s Emirates Stadium and Selhurst Park Stadium yesterday.

Large gatherings are a result of MPs approving mandatory Covid passes to sporting events with over 10,000 spectators under new Plan B’ guidelines. These were in response to the rapid rise in Omicron variant transmission.

Last year, Liverpool’s Champions League match at Anfield against Atletico Madrid in the second leg of its Champions League playoffs, was just prior to the first lockdown. This ‘led to 41 additional death’ from coronavirus.

The Omicron surge has caused football to prepare for over a dozen matches being postponed.

Omicron has seen a significant increase in cases in the UK. Wednesday saw 78,610 positive tests – the highest number of people ever tested since the outbreak. 

The Premier League may be halted by Covid as several Chelsea stars have now tested positive and Leicester v Tottenham has become the fourth match postponed in five days. Watford fans (above) travelled to Burnley only for their match to be postponed this week

Covid may have stopped the Premier League as many Chelsea players are positive. This means that Leicester v Tottenham is now the fourth postponed match in just five days. Watford supporters (above), travelled from Watford to Burnley to see their match be delayed this week.

Three Chelsea players have tested positive for coronavirus making the Blues the latest Premier League club to see cases emerge among their playing squad - but Thursday night's clash with Everton is still going ahead

Three Chelsea players were positive for coronavirus. This makes the Blues the latest Premier League team to experience cases. But, Thursday’s match against Everton will still go ahead

Chelsea already have Mateo Kovacic in isolation after he tested positive for Covid last week – with Thomas Tuchel’s plans serious disrupted for the Stamford Bridge clash. 

Three more Blues players are now infected with the virus, following a Wednesday training session. 

Chelsea has retested their remaining squad members this afternoon and was relieved to find that the virus is not spreading further.   

Premier League was severely affected by this new variant, which saw several matches cancelled as a result of outbreaks at different clubs.

After the opposition closed their training center in preparation for the match, Brentford’s game at Manchester United was postponed to January 1.  

Burnley’s Wednesday match against Watford was called off on Wednesday, two hours prior to kick-off due to an outbreak of the Hornets in their team.   

After both Tottenhams and Leicester had rejected appeals earlier in the week, Leicester submitted a request to the Premier League to postpone their match against Spurs on Thursday morning. In an effort to contain the spread of the disease, both Leicester and Tottenham have closed their training facilities. 

The Premier League is holding daily briefings, while the League Managers’ Association is in regular dialogue with the top flight and EFL as managers seek clarity on a rapidly worsening situation.

The Premier League, EFL and EFL both want this campaign to continue but there’s a rising belief by club medics that it will be stopped. 

Burnley's match against Watford on Wednesday was called off two hours before kick-off after the Hornets announced an outbreak in their team (pictured)

Burnley’s Wednesday match against Watford was cancelled two hours prior to kick-off due to an outbreak of the Hornets (pictured).

Chelsea already have midfielder Mateo Kovacic isolating after testing positive last week

After being tested positive, Chelsea has already got Mateo Kovacic as a Chelsea midfielder.



The Bees have 13 cases among players and staff – the club are now calling for a circuit-breaker shutdown to help clubs recover.


Covid means that several of the Tottenham players will be absent for Thursday’s visit. Each club requested that the match be delayed, but they were refused.

Manchester United

While the numbers of these cases remain unknown, it is known that there was a widespread outbreak which saw Brentford’s match postponed. The same request was made for Saturday’s game with Brighton.


Premier League refused to allow Wolves game after outbreak at club. Graham Potter said there had been a number of positive cases prior to the game.


Dean Smith faces a long wait as he awaits to find out the extent of the spread at the club. Talks are ongoing with Premier League regarding Saturday’s game against West Ham.


Just hours before kickoff, saw the game against Burnley delayed. No case numbers available at this time.


Spurs became the Premier League’s first to suffer from the Omicron strain last week. Rennes and Brighton had their games postponed due to the high number of cases among staff and players. The virus will be returned to those who were positive after they have completed their self-isolation period of 10 days. Spurs asked for Thursday’s game against Leicester to be delayed, but were refused.


After Brentford, the Blues are the latest to suffer from a Covid epidemic. This was after it became known that before their match with Everton, three additional first-team players tested positive for Covid. Mateo Kovacic is the only Chelsea player who has contracted the virus.

One well-placed, senior official has said that they are expecting ‘at least 12 more’ requests for postponements.

Brentford manager Thomas Frank has already called for this week’s games to be called off and his voice is set to be joined by others across the game. Before their Saturday trip to Southampton, the Bees currently have 13 cases between staff and players.  

It comes after Boris Johnson today denied imposing a ‘lockdown by stealth’ as Professor Chris Whitty faced a Tory backlash after telling the nation to restrict socialising in the run up to Christmas.  

The Prime Minister said this morning that ‘we have got to be very cautious’ because of the spread of the Omicron variant but he insisted ‘we don’t want to make your choices for you about your social life, we are not closing things’. 

Professor Whitty from England, the Chief Medical Officer of England, caused fury among Tory MPs last night by using a Downing Street press conference in which he urged people to prioritize their social contact over others for the next few days. 

Many Britons will be making adjustments to their Christmas plans to make sure they see family members on Christmas Day. 

Although Mr Johnson didn’t tell anyone to cancel their plans last night, he did warn people and urge caution. Prof Whitty however went further by advising people not to socialize as much. 

These comments were triggered a ‘tsunami of cancellations’ for pubs and restaurants as many people are now voluntarily staying at home in a bid to avoid catching coronavirus. Anyone with a positive test from yesterday must isolate for 10 days. This will force them to miss the festivities. 

The hospitality industry has accused Mr Johnson of imposing a ‘lockdown by stealth’ and is demanding the Government urgently bring forward fresh financial support to help the sector survive. 

Gillian Keegan, Health Minister, today stated that the government is not planning to place any further restrictions between now and Christmas Day. 

However, she stated that Johnson “will not hesitate” to recall Parliament in the holiday period if necessary to curb growing fear about an imminent rollout of a Plan C.     

MPs voted in favour of Mr Johnson’s Plan B measures of compulsory face masks and Covid passes for nightclubs and large venues on Tuesday evening but the PM suffered a huge Tory rebellion.

According to reports, Prof Whitty held a conference call with 80 members of the cross-party group before the election. He discussed the dangers posed by Omicron and Tory rebels claimed that his remarks had in fact facilitated the rebellion. 

A rebel claimed that Prof Whitty helped his case because “he said that nothing that we were voting would alter the size the peak of infected.”       

England's Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty has urged people to restrict socialising over the festive seasons - prompting Tory fury

England’s Chief Medicine Officer Professor Chris Whitty is urging people to avoid socializing over festive season. This has provoked Tory fury 

Boris Johnson, pictured during a visit to a vaccination centre in Ramsgate today, has denied accusations from the hospitality industry that he has imposed a 'lockdown by stealth'

Boris Johnson is pictured today during a Ramsgate vaccination center visit. He denies accusations by the hospitality industry that Johnson has placed a lockdown by stealth

Britain’s workers stay at home. London roads are quieter than ever since the summer, and train stations in London are empty. Drinkers leave city centers.

London roads were at their quietest since summer, when they were largely deserted due to increasing numbers of Britons who were working remotely.

The congestion level reported by TomTom in the capital between 8am and 9am today was 49 per cent – the lowest figure for that period since the end of the summer holidays on September 3, excluding October half-term.

Today also brought the lowest term-time congestion level in the capital on a Thursday morning since July 22, which was three days after ‘Freedom Day’ when the UK’s third national Covid-19 lockdown officially ended.

Percentage is the time taken to complete a journey in a given amount of traffic. Therefore, an extra 15-minute journey with a 49.9% level will be longer than one without traffic. 

Photographs show major stations like Waterloo, London Bridge, and Waterloo looking deserted during rush hour, while otherwise bustling areas like Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square looked very peaceful.

This was in response to further dire warnings by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, who today claimed that Covid-19 admissions per day could surpass the January peak of 4,583.

He said to the MPs, “I don’t want it to be seen because I’m saying that this will occur.” There are many possibilities. I am not saying that there is a limit to what can be done. But, the maximum of 4500 people – or 4,583 – was certain. 

It is possible, as this will be extremely concentrated. Even if the concentration is lower, it can still result in a greater number of patients than if they were admitted to hospital for a single day. It is possible. You might be able to do it less. It’s possible, but I don’t know.

Professor Whitty informed MPs of two conditions to his statement. First, people could stay in hospital for shorter periods due to prior vaccine protection. Second, fewer people could go into intensive care.

These are the latest developments in coronavirus 

  • Chris Whitty warned of’serious concern’ due to a host of promising data suggesting Omicron might cause milder cases.
  • Boris Johnson defended his staff who were accused of holding law-breaking parties on Downing Street last year during lockdown;
  • According to the Prime Minister, children 12-15 years of age will get their second vaccination starting Monday in an effort to combat Omicron.
  • Ministers did not guarantee schools would reopen following Christmas amid concerns about mass remote learning.
  • Official data shows that more than half of the Covid ‘patients currently in hospitals are being treated for other conditions.
  • Britain’s booster vaccination campaign has gotten off to a flying start yesterday with an unprecedented 611,000 Covid jabs being distributed.
  • Royal Mail and public health officials announced plans to increase PCR and lateral flow deliveries to combat the Covid supply crisis.

Speaking during a visit to a vaccination centre in Ramsgate this morning, Mr Johnson said: ‘What we are saying and we are all saying the same thing is that Omicron is spreading very fast and we have got to be very cautious and that is why we are implementing Plan B but also making sure that we get everybody boosted as fast as we possibly can.

“I believe Chris Whitty, me, and others are saying that we do not want you to decide what your social life looks like. We aren’t closing the loop.

“But, what we’re saying is that people need to be careful and should consider their Christmas activities.

“Nobody wants Omicron to make them sick, so they are forced to take it easy. However, everyone can get their Omicron boosted right away. This will ensure that you get back to your normal life.

The PM was asked whether he has imposed a lockdown by stealth after a spate of cancellations in hospitality businesses.

We aren’t saying that we will cancel any stuff. You are not locking anything down. The fastest way to return to normality and get boosted is the best.  

Prof Whitty said last night that a rise in Omicron hospitalisations is ‘nailed on’ after cases hit a record high yesterday, telling a televised No 10 press briefing: ‘I think that what most people are doing is – and I would think this seems very sensible – is prioritising the social interactions that really matter to them and, to project those ones, de-prioritising ones that matter much less to them.’

After weeks of refusing admitting that Christmas plans might be in danger, Johnson advised the nation to “think carefully” before heading out on the holiday season. 

Independent SAGE, a group composed of doctors and scientists has demanded a 10-day shutdown. This would include bans on mixing households and closure of all hospitality businesses.