After Sir David Amess, who helped start the statue campaign months prior to his death, will be paid a tribute at White Cliffs of Dover in Dame Vera Lynn’s memory

  • Sir David Amess launched the campaign for a monument to Dame Vera Lynn 
  • A constituency surgery four months later, he was fatally stabbed. 
  • The daughter of Dame Vera confirmed that the statue would include a tribute for Sir David.

A memorial to Vera Lynn will include Sir David Amess tributes. This has been revealed by the singer’s daughters.

On the White Cliffs Of Dover on the Kent coast will be a permanent tribute for Forces Sweetheart Vera. Vera died at age 103 last year.

Sir David (former Southend West MP) had been instrumental in the creation of the campaign for a permanent monument to Dame Vera. He died four months earlier at a constituency surgery.  

Virginia Lewis Jones, 75-years old, was confirmed by Dame Vera’s daughter Virginia Lewis Jones that the statue would include a tribute for Sir David.

Mrs Lewis-Jones stated that David was the man at the helm for the Dame Vera Lynn Memorial Statue. He had deep affection and respect for Vera Lynn, as well as her values. His absence is greatly felt and has made us stronger in our desire to finish this project. As my mother, we want to make him proud. 

Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Vera Lynn pictured in 1956

On the Kent coast’s White Cliffs Of Dover will be a permanent memorial to Forces Sweetheart Vera. Vera was 103 years old when she died. Right: Dame Vera 1956. Right: 2019

“It seemed perfectly appropriate to include a tribute for Sir David in the memorial to mumma.” Because he was so integral to her life, we knew he needed to be included somewhere.

“The memorial sculpture is amazing as it will show Mummy’s entire life, from working with disabled children to her sitting at the piano.

Sir David (69), a former Southend West MP, helped to launch the campaign to create a permanent monument for Dame Vera. 

“But plans are only in the initial stages right now and it is up Paul Day, the sculptor to decide how he will include Paul Day.

“Sir David was always so helpful and involved in the making of these plans. His lovely family has stated that they wish to contribute to our memorial fund, even after their tragic loss.

“What happened was the greatest tragedy. It’s absolutely devastating.

Sir David was so generous and friendly to all. It didn’t matter what race or religion you practiced, he wanted to help and this is why he became so loved by all who met him.  

Prior to her death, Lady Vera was a resident of Ditchling (East Sussex). She was raised in the same East London neighborhood as Sir David. 

Paul Day, the sculptor responsible for Westminster’s Battle of Britain Memorial has been selected to design an extraordinary statue of the wartime singing in our Darkest Hour.

“This will not be another figure on a pedestal, but an intricate tableau of detail and life.” This will be a captivating work of art, both impressive and intimate. It’ll also reflect and educate.

The memorial will hold a statue created by sculptor Paul Day, who made Westminster's Battle of Britain Memorial, of Dame Vera performing in our Darkest Hour

Paul Day, the sculptor who created Westminster’s Battle of Britain Memorial of Dame Vera during our Darkest Hour, will erect a statue at the memorial.

“Dame Vera lived a life of joy, good humor and laughter despite all the hardships. We strive to convey that spirit through our public art.

Sir David presided over the Memorial Committee. They are now working together to determine how the Memorial Committee will honor him and include his name in the permanent memorial.

They are ‘calling on the Christmas spirit of people near and far’ to help raise £1.5million in donations to help make the project a reality.