After suffering abuse for her anger in one episode, the mother of Japanese Netflix reality show star killed herself, she has decided to sue producers

  • Hana Kimura was a professional wrestler who died last year at the age of 22.
  • Six young men were featured in the show and they shared their home to find love. The program was cancelled 
  • Kyoko, her mother, said that she would sue Fuji Television and the production company for compensation. 

A mother of a Japanese Netflix reality TV star, who committed suicide after she was subject to online abuse because of losing her temper during an episode, has announced that she would sue producers.   

Hana Kimura (a pink-haired professional wrestler), died last year at age 22. She was cast as a member of Netflix’s hit series, “Terrace House”.

After Kimura’s suicide the show was cancelled. This also led Japanese lawmakers and ministers to amend laws in Japan to make it easier to identify cyberbullies.

Kyoko is the mother of a retired professional wrestler and said that her daughter would bring a lawsuit against Fuji Television next year. She was seeking damages.

Pink-haired professional wrestler Hana Kimura, a cast member of the hit Netflix series 'Terrace House', died last year aged 22 during the show's run

Hana Kimura was a professional wrestler with pink hair who died in October at the age of 22.

Hana Kimura

Kyoko Kimura, mother of late pro-wrestler Hana Kimura, at a press conference in March

Hana Kimura (left), a former pro wrestler who was also a mother to Kyoko, stated that she would sue Fuji Television and its production company next year for compensation.

According to her, she said that they should genuinely address the matter and not just defend themselves. She also wanted reporters to understand the cause.

Kimura, a fan favorite on the international hit show that featured six young adults sharing a house and looking for love, was one of their favourites.   

However, she received a torrent online abuse, including comments like ‘everyone will love if you’re away’. This was especially after an episode where she got irritated after her costly wrestling costume was accidentally broken by a fellow housemate.

Kyoko Kimura reportedly said that her daughter was encouraged by staff to intensify the drama. 

The Tokyo District Court required Fuji TV’s production company and Fuji TV to submit their scripts, footage, and other material after Kyoko requested it, Japanese media reported.

They refused to comply, invoking ‘professional secrecy,’ the Asahi Shimbun newspaper stated.

Kimura was a fan favourite on the internationally popular show, in which six young people share a home while looking for love. But she was the target of a torrent of abusive online comments, such as 'everyone will be happy if you're gone'. Pictured: Hana Kimura attacks Giulia and Maika during the Women's Pro-Wrestling Stardom - No People Gate at Korakuen Hall in March 2020

Kimura was loved by fans on this internationally recognized show where six teenagers share a place and are looking for love. However, she became the victim of an avalanche of abusive comments online. Pictured: Hana Kimura attacks Giulia and Maika during the Women’s Pro-Wrestling Stardom – No People Gate at Korakuen Hall in March 2020

A man tweeted in May that “Everyone is happy because of your death.” Thank you,’ after Kimura’s death was fined 1.29 million yen (£8,464).

A man who had been online abusing Kimura was also fined 9,900 yen without going to trial.

The wrestler had received online messages from him stating that he has an awful personality. Your life is worth it? “Hey, hey. What time will you die?

Before her suicide, Kimura posted a series of troubling posts on social media, including a picture of herself with her cat which was captioned with ‘goodbye’.      

Hana Kimura smiles during the Women's Pro-Wrestling Stardom - No People Gate at Korakuen Hall in March 2020 in Tokyo

Hana Kimura smiling during Women’s Pro-Wrestling Stardom-No People Gate at Korakuen Hall, March 2020 in Tokyo

Mentioning the cyber bullying, she wrote: ‘Nearly 100 frank opinions every day. That hurt was something I could not deny. 

‘I’m dead. You gave me a mom. This is the kind of life that I want to live. 

“Thank you everyone for supporting me. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m weak, I’m sorry. I’m not a person anymore. That was my life. I loved it. We are grateful to you all. You are my best friend. Bye.’  

This tragic actress made her first wrestling debut at 19 when she faced Reika Saiki.

That same year she also won the JWP Junior Championship.

Kimura was a member of Stardom, a women’s professional wrestling organization. There she won the title of Artist of Stardom championship twice. She won also the Goddess of Stardom crown.