The ‘Jolie type gene’ has been linked to prostate cancer. Study suggests that men with BRCA2 defects are twice as likely to develop the disease.

  • BRCA2 mutations in men have twice the chance of contracting prostate cancer.
  • Research shows that 33% of those with the genetic fault in their DNA will be identified by 85.
  • Women are at greater risk from mutations in BRCA genes
  • Angelina Jolie underwent a preventative mastectomy due to the BRCA1 mutation in 2013.

Prostate Research suggests that screening for men who have a dangerous gene mutation linked to breast cancer should be provided to thousands.

Study found that prostate cancer is more likely in men who have a BRCA2 gene fault.

By the time they reach 85, a third of those with the mutations will have been diagnosed.

It is similar in nature to BRCA1 Mutation, which led to Angelina Jolie having a preventative breastectomy.

Men who carry a genetic fault called BRCA2 have more than double the risk of developing prostate cancer, a study found (stock image)

Study shows that prostate cancer is more likely in men who have a BRCA2 gene fault (stock image).

The dangers of mutations in BRCA genes to increase breast cancer risk and ovarian carcinoma are well-known. 

This is why Miss Jolie, in 2013, had her fallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts removed. She also underwent double mastectomy to lower her chances of getting cancer.

Only one third of males in the UK have the BRCA2 mutation. That’s roughly 110,000 men or boys.

Cambridge University conducted a study that tracked over 5,000 families around the world with at least one BRCA mutation.

The genetic defect was found in 2,157 families. Men who had the BRCA2 mutation were 22% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than their peers. 

Professor Marc Tischkowitz of Cambridge University is one of the researchers of the study. He stated that the findings may help BRCA2-deficient men be more conscious of their potential for prostate cancer, and to monitor their symptoms better. 

The fault is similar to the BRCA1 mutation, which caused Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie (pictured in February 2012) to have a preventative mastectomy

It is similar in nature to BRCA1 Mutation, which led to Angelina Jolie from Hollywood (pictured below February 2012) having a preventative breastectomy 

“This could be a sign that any case is being taken up faster.

“But, there’s also an argument to suggest that men who have the BRCA2 genetic mutation should undergo routine prostate screenings in order to catch early warning signs of possible cancer. 

Daily Mail has fought for improved diagnosis of prostate carcinoma, which is a deadly disease that kills approximately 12,000 men per year in the UK.

At the moment there is no routine screening for prostate cancer, because the only test available on the NHS – the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test – is unreliable. 

Experts agree that people with BRCA2 mutations should receive the PSA test on a regular basis.

Published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology. Also, the research found that the blame was associated with a threefold increase in stomach and pancreatic carcinoma risk. Men’s chances of getting breast-cancer were 44 times greater.