Met Police probes Harvey Weinstein over 12 ‘victims’ in Britain as  new accuser says he sexually assaulted her in Westminster in the 1990s

  • Women report that Weinstein sexually assaulted them in Westminster, 1990s
  • The total number covered by allegations made in the UK now stands at 12.
  • It comes as the Daily Mail has learnt a High Court compensation claim of more than £300,000 brought by six victims has been discontinued 

It has been revealed that Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul who was convicted of sex assault in Britain, is now facing another claim.

Scotland Yard is currently investigating the report of a woman who claims that he assaulted and sexually assaulted them in Westminster, in 1990.

The total number of allegations made in Britain against disgraced movie producer is now 12.

It comes as the Daily Mail has learnt a High Court compensation claim of more than £300,000 brought by six victims has been discontinued, sparking speculation a substantial settlement has been reached out of court.

Weinstein was accused of sexually assaulting one victim at London’s Savoy Hotel.

According to court papers, the woman was then an employee of Weinstein. She claimed she was “summoned” to the hotel, where she was left with Weinstein alone.

One of his accusers also claimed that he was guilty of numerous assaults, at least one of which occurred in a London Hotel.

Jailed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is facing another sex attack claim in Britain, it has emerged

Harvey Weinstein, a movie mogul who was convicted in the 1980s, is now facing another claim for sex assault in Britain.

The Weinstein Company has both a UK and US entity that employed the woman. She stated she had to meet him at Heathrow Airport. 

According to the documents, she had to go with Weinstein to a hotel. There, he took off his clothes and raped her. 

Operation Kaguyak is still in progress, and there are concerns that his UK victims might never be able to see justice.

Met detectives promised to pursue their investigation after the 69-year old was sent to prison for 23 years in 2020 for rape. 

A number of American victims were interviewed by officers who said they were targeted while in London to attend premieres.

One victim alleged Weinstein sexually assaulted her at London's Savoy Hotel

Weinstein, according to one victim, allegedly sexually assaulted her in London’s Savoy Hotel

From the 1980s through 2015, detectives received 17 sexual assault allegations from victims. 

In September 2020, a police evidence file was provided to the prosecution. However, further investigation was necessary.

In July, a final file was filed but there have not been any charges. As he is likely to spend his entire life in prison in America, the prosecution will need to decide if it’s in the public interests to bring him to trial.

Weinstein faces eleven additional charges of sexual assault in Los Angeles. It is unlikely that Weinstein will be extradited anytime soon. 

Oxford graduate Rowena Chiu, who accused Weinstein of trying to rape her, has said: 'Those of us who were his employees in London and victims of his in Europe do want to see justice served on our home turf'

Rowena, an Oxford graduate, accused Weinstein, of trying to rape and has stated that: “Those of us in London who were his employees, as well as victims of his actions in Europe, do not want justice on our own turf.”

If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 140 years.

Rowena, an Oxford graduate, accused Weinstein, of trying to rape and threatening to kill her.

The six women were represented by Fieldfisher Law Firm. They refused to comment on yesterday’s High Court case. 

Spokesman for Scotland Yard said that 12 claims of sexual assault were received by officers from the Met’s Complex Case Team.