Mexico’s premier-division soccer league has suspended all scheduled matches for Sunday following a brawl between fans at Saturday’s match between Queretaro, Guadalajara’s host and Atlas (Guadalajara), the current league champion.

Mikel Arriola (President of the Mexican Soccer Federation) stated that they regretted and had to condemn the actions.

Three matches were cancelled for Sunday due to the suspension. It is not known if this will continue. reached Liga MX to get their comments.

Queretaro Governor Mauricio Kuri stated Sunday that “What happened yesterday filled me with pain and shame, as well as a lot of rage.” “I don’t have the words to express my disgust at the violence, abuse and senseless events of yesterday. 

Mexico's top-division soccer league suspended all matches scheduled for Sunday after a massive brawl among fans during Saturday's game between the host Queretaro and Atlas from Guadalajara, the reigning league champion

Mexico’s top division soccer league suspended Sunday’s matches after an angry crowd broke out during Saturday’s clash between Atlas of Guadalajara and Queretaro. 

Fans of Atlas and Queretaro fight in the stands during the 62nd minute of the game at La Corregidora Stadium in Queretaro, Mexico, yesterday

Queretaro fans and Atlas supporters fought it out in the stands at La Corregidora Stadium Queretaro, Mexico yesterday, in the 62nd minutes of the match.

An injured man is evacuated after fans clashing during a Mexican soccer league match between the host Queretaro and Atlas

After fans clashed during the Mexican soccer league match between Atlas and Queretaro, a man was injured and had to be evacuated

The Liga MX, officially known as the Liga BBVA MX for sponsorship reasons, is Mexico's top professional football division. The organization announced on Sunday its decision to suspend the remainder of games (three) being played this weekend

Liga MX (officially known as Liga BBVA MX because of sponsorship) is Mexico’s most prestigious professional football division. On Sunday, the organization declared that it had decided to cancel three of the remaining games being played this weekend.

ESPN reports that at least 26 victims were severely injured, two seriously. ESPN reports that 17 people may have lost their lives at the event, although this is not confirmed.

In the 62nd minute, the match was stopped because of multiple fights in the stands. Men were seen taking off their opponents’ jerseys. 

To allow fans to escape, security guards opened the gates leading into the field.

The Queretaro players and some of the Atlas players fled the area quickly. Washington Aguerre (the Uruguayan goalie) was among the Queretaro players who remained near the bench to try and calm fans. 

Online footage shows horrifying scenes of bloody fans, some naked. They lie unresponsive on the ground while others kick and punch them.

Queretaro and Atlas ended up invading the field and throwing metal bars and other objects at each other

Queretaro & Atlas invaded the field, throwing metal bars and other items at each other.

Mobile phone footage captured football fans fighting and throwing abuse at each other

Video from a mobile phone captured football supporters throwing abuse at one another. 

A man is led away to safety by a Atlas staff member after fans of Queretaro and Atlas clashed

Following clashes between Atlas and Queretaro, an Atlas employee leads the man away from danger.

Some of the fights ended after a few minutes in the stands. Others moved onto the field and continued to punch and kick. Some revellers had chairs or metal bars as weapons.

A fan was seen using a knife and cutting the nets for one goal. Some others destroyed the bench of one side, while some went to war in the tunnel leading to the field.

According to Queretaro’s state-run civil protection agency, “So far there has been no death report; 22 people have been injured. 9 of them are taken to General Hospital. Of these, 2 remain critical.” 

The rest are stable. All of the injured were males, and it is now confirmed that four of them are from Jalisco.

Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco.

In a tweet, the league expressed its disgust at violence. Mikel Arriola, League President, stated that the game will not resume Saturday. He stated that those who caused the unrest in the stadium will be held accountable.

Many football fans were outraged when photos and videos about the incident were shared online.

Chris CC Lopez stated that he is Mexican and believes Mexico should be excluded from the Qatar World Cup 2022. He also suggested that Mexico should be removed from its hosting role in 2026. 

Female player Miah Alexia Zuazua tweeted: ‘I am disgusted by what happened today at the Querétaro vs Atlas game. The sport was supposed to unite families to share the beauty of this game.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after violence broke out in the match between Queretaro and Atlas

After violence broke out during the Queretaro-Atlas match, emergency services raced to the rescue

The mass brawl sent families and other peaceful fans running on to the pitch for safety

Family members and others ran to safety as the mass brawl erupted.

People were beaten in the seating area of the Corregidora stadium, leaving at least 26 injured

At least 26 people were injured when they beat others in Corregidora’s stadium seating area.

Multiple people were injured in the mass brawl, including two critically, as FIFA is urged to investigate the incident

Multiple victims were hurt in the massive brawl.

Some fans were wrestled to the ground as they fought supporters from their rival teams

Some supporters of rival teams were forced to fight each other as some fans wrestled them to the ground.

Atlas is also known for violence against its fans. The brawl that erupted at the stands last year saw the “classic” clash with Chivas, a cross-town rival.

Rafael Marquez was a former captain and coach of the Mexican National Team.

Social media users shared photos and graphic videos showing their apparent admirers lying on the ground. Some were even stripped and covered with blood.

Queretaro Gov. Mauricio Kuri condemns the violence and says Queretaro Club owners will have to answer.

He said, “I’ve given instruction that the law be followed with all of its implications.”