McFurry, fries: McDonald’s closes after inspectors find a dead mouse and droppings inside the kitchen.

  • McDonald’s in Leytonstone (east London) has been ordered closed
  • Inspection on October 15  found mice droppings and mouse in storage cupboard
  • Branch was ordered close down by Thames Magistrates Court.

A McDonald’s restaurant has been ordered to close after mice droppings were found in the kitchen and a dead mouse in a storage cupboard.

Customers were forced from the branch in Leytonstone east London after an inspection discovered an active mouse infestation just before lunchtime.

On October 15, the incident is believed to have been the first time that a council has closed a McDonald’s restaurant for poor hygiene in more 20 years.

The restaurant is still closed and McDonald’s bosses are unable to tell when it will reopen.

The McDonald's restaurant in Leytonstone, east London, has been forced to close after an inspection found an active mouse infestation

After an inspection, it was discovered that there was an active mouse infestation at the McDonald’s Leytonstone restaurant. 

Environmental Health Officers investigated the branch after they received a complaint from a customer who suggested the fast food restaurant was harbouring rodents

After receiving a complaint from a customer that the fast food restaurant was housing rodents, Environmental Health Officers investigated this branch.

The McDonald's branch in Leytonstone, east London, awas ordered to close down after Thames Magistrates Court issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order on October 21

After Thames Magistrates Court issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order (October 21), the McDonald’s Leytonstone branch was ordered to close.

Environmental Health Officers were contacted by a customer complaining that the fast food restaurant was housing rodents.

This was quickly confirmed when a dead mouse found in the storage cupboard was also discovered.

During the inspection, drops were also found in the kitchen and other areas.

After Thames Magistrates Court issued a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order (October 21), the McDonald’s outlet was ordered to close.

This order prevents the restaurant’s reopening unless improvements have been made to the premises and the public safety risk has been eliminated.

The company has agreed to cover the Council’s £1,821 expense associated with the formal closure action.

Clyde Loakes (Deputy Leader Waltham Forest Council), who oversees food hygiene within the borough, stated that: “We take all food hygiene complaints very seriously, no mater how small or big the business.”

“Customers must be able to dine in safety and confidence. We will not hesitate to take action if businesses fail to meet their responsibilities.

“We know McDonald’s has a good record of cleanliness which is why these cases were so rare. I understand that this is also the first time that council officers have closed a McDonald’s in more than 20 years.

A mouse was found in the storage cupboard of the restaurant during the health and safety inspection

During the safety and health inspection, a mouse was discovered in the storage cabinet of the restaurant.

Droppings were found throughout the kitchen and other areas of the restaurant on October 15

On October 15, droppings were found in the kitchen and other areas.

McDonald's said it was working with pest prevention and taking immediate action after the branch was found to be infested with mice

McDonald’s stated that it was working to prevent pests and took immediate action after a branch was infested by mice.

“Mice can carry a variety of diseases that can infect humans and cause serious harm. I am happy that the company has admitted their mistakes in this incident and is cooperating with Council officers.

The company is still not sure when they will be welcoming customers back.

MailOnline was informed by a McDonald’s spokesperson: “Cleanliness is our top priority.” 

“As soon as the issue was raised, we worked with our pest prevention partner and took immediate action. This included extensive cleaning of the restaurant and completing a variety of structural works to ensure that hygiene issues are permanently addressed. 

“We are working closely together with Environmental Health Officers in order to ensure that the restaurant is safe and can reopen as soon as possible.”