Mike Nesmith, Monkees’ guitarist and singer, dies at LA’s home from natural causes. He was 78 years old.

  • Michael Nesmith, guitarist and singer of the 1960s band The Monkees, passed away on Friday in Los Angeles.
  • His family released a statement to TMZ confirms his death.
  • Nesmith was once fighting for the control of The Monkees. This rock ‘n’ roll group, made to air on television, wanted it to become a true band.
  • In the 1960s they released a number of hits, including Daydream Believer (and Valerie), which would eventually surpass the Beatles.
  • Nesmith was instrumental in the launch of MTV after the band disbanded. 

Michael Nesmith, guitarist and singer of the 1960s band The Monkees, passed away on Friday in Los Angeles, at the age at 78.

His family released a statement to TMZ confirming his death. It read: “With inexpressible love, we announce the passing of Michael Nesmith at his home, surrounded and loved by family, from natural causes peacefully.”

Nesmith, who was the third member of the group, has now died. His hits included Daydream Believer, Valerie and Valerie. 

Micky Dolenz, the sole survivor of his illness, performed their last show at Illinois’ Greek Theater.

Mike Nesmith, of The Monkees, died on Friday at the age of 78

Mike Nesmith (The Monkees), died at the tender age of 78 on Friday

He and sole surviving member Micky Dolenz, left, performed together just last month

Micky Dolenz (left), the sole survivor of his band, was there to perform together last month

Monkees was a group that was created to be a TV show on a rock and roll band.

TMZ reported that Nesmith fought for artistic controls during the time the band was together. This allowed the band to become more than a just a band made for television. They released hit after hit and eventually matched the popularity of The Beatles.

TMZ says that at the beginning of the program, Nesmith found out that some members didn’t actually play their instruments. This upset Nesmith so much, he made a punch in a wall.

Nesmith spoke out years later about the incident, saying that they were just kids who had their own tastes in music. They were more happy performing songs they wrote or loved than those handed to them.

Nesmith pitched a program called PopClips to help launch MTV after the disbandment of the group. This show eventually became the 24-hour television channel. 

Nesmith, pictured in the 1960s, was a singer and guitarist for the Monkees

Nesmith was the guitarist and singer of the Monkees in the 1960s.

The quartet was created for a television show about a rock 'n' roll group. The group, comprising Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz (top), and David Jones and Mike Nesmith (bottom), kept releasing hit after hit and rivaled the success of the Beatles

This quartet was formed for television’s show on a rock’n’roll group. This group consisted of Peter Tork (top) and Mickey Dolenz, along with Mike Nesmith and David Jones (bottom). They continued to release hits after hits and rivalled the popularity of The Beatles.