Bolton police station is summoned to dispatch a bomb squad after an alleged’suspicious object’ was taken from a man aged 50.

  • Bomb squad rushed to Bolton police station after officers seize  ‘suspicious item’ 
  • Two men were stopped by officers at 2.45am Friday, and one man aged 50 was taken into custody
  • On suspicion of possessing and making an explosive substance, he was taken into custody 
  • To make it safe, Explosive Ordnance Destruction spent more than 17 hours

Today, two men who were allegedly suspicious of bombings in Bolton prevented a bomb squad from working for seventeen hours.

After two suspicious males were stopped by police officers on Blackburn Road, Bolton on Friday morning at 2.45am, shops near Bolton station were shut down.

The 50-year old suspect was taken into custody on suspicion that he made and had possession of an explosive substance. He also received a’suspicious’ item.

Bolton police took the’suspicious’ item to their station. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD), examined it.

Pictured: A bomb squad rushed to Bolton police station on Friday after a potential explosive device was found when patrol officers stopped two men at 2.45am

Pictured: Police in Bolton called a bomb squad to respond after they discovered a potentially explosive device. The incident occurred when two men were pulled over by officers at 2.45am.

Greater Manchester Police Bolton North stated that there is ‘no greater threat to the general public.

According to a spokesperson, ‘A cordon has been established and shops evacuated by EOD experts at Bolton police station. This precaution was taken after suspicious items were recovered from two men in early morning following a Blackburn Road stop search.

“A man aged 50 was charged with making and possessing explosive substances. He is currently in police custody.

A cordon is still in place as there’s no greater threat to the public. Thank you to all those in the vicinity for your patience while we investigate.