Michael Slater, an ex-Aussie cricketer was rushed to the hospital following his arrest for disrupting a woman’s home.

  • Michael Slater, a cricket legend was arrested in a Sydney home at the northern beaches
  • He was brought to the station by police before being taken to hospital to undergo a mental health assessment.
  • Police applied for interim  AVO to protect woman he was with at time of his arrest
  • After a string of accusations, former opening batsman and commentator is released on strict bail

Michael Slater (former Australian batsman, cricket commentator) was arrested on suspicion of breaching bail and was rushed to the hospital.

Following multiple triple-0 calls from a woman about an alleged disturbance she had made, the 52 year-old was brought to Freshwater in Sydney’s north shore.

Officers determined that Slater may have broken his bail and took him to Manly Police Station. 

For a mental health evaluation, he was then admitted to Northern Beaches Hospital.

The police also requested an interim apprehended Violence Order to safeguard the woman with whom he was arrested.  

Slater, currently under strict bail, is facing serious charges such as assault, stalking, intimidation and breaching bond.

Michael Slater (pictured at a court appearance) was arrested for allegedly breaching bail last Thursday night before being admitted to a hospital for a mental health assessment

Michael Slater was taken to court for breaching bail. He was then admitted into a hospital for an assessment of his mental health.

It is against the law for Slater to harass, intimidate, threaten, stalk, harass, harass, or harass 53-year-old woman. 

According to court records, he cannot be near her for more than 12 hours after drinking illicit drugs or having a drink. 

Also, he cannot live within 100m from the home or work of the beauty therapist.

His bail conditions also prohibit Slater from drinking alcohol and using drugs that were not prescribed to him by a doctor.

He was placed under a mental health plan for a year in April after domestic violence allegations were dismissed.

Slater was also released on bail in connection to another incident. Slater has been accused of sexually assaulting 35-year old woman during the same month.

Michael Slater was one of Australia's top cricket commentators before Channel Seven axed him from its coverage last October

Before Channel Seven cut Michael Slater from their coverage of cricket last October, he was one the top Australian commentators.

Between 1993 and 2001, the former opening batsman was a part of 74 Tests as well as 42 one-day internationals in Australia. This included 14 centuries.

He got into commentary several years after. 

After he took aim at Scott Morrison, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Twitter last October while in Maldives during the Indian Premier League’s suspension due to pandemic, he was fired from Channel Seven’s coverage of cricket.

Michael Slater is a former opening batsman who played 74 Tests for Australia

Michael Slater was an opening batsman for Australia who has played in 74 Test matches.