After sharing a clip of his recent reunion with his mother, the millionaire restaurateur behind Nusr-Et steakhouse chain has been criticized. This led to social media users asking why his modest lifestyle is so appealing despite her immense wealth. 

Turkish-born Nusret Gökçe, 38, better known as Salt Bae, became famous several years ago, after a video featuring his unusual steak seasoning method went viral – and is now said to be worth as much a £44 million. 

He now owns more than 15 restaurants in cities around the world, including Dubai, Miami, and London, with celebrities including Conor McGregor, P Diddy, David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio said to be fans of the brand. 

Nusret, who is set to leave London for Saudi Arabia, Dishes at his eateries are notoriously expensive, with one gold-covered steak at his London eatery reported costing over £1,400.

Salt Bae, who has more than 40 million followers on Instagram, embraces his mother

The pair were seen cosying up on the sofa for a catch-up

He shared the video with his millionaire mother. 

He shared the reunion video, which featured him hugging and talking to his mother.

Salt Bae shared this clip to Instagram with the caption: ‘I saw mother after two year’. 

This video received more than 4,000,000 views within 15 hours and has attracted thousands of comments.

One commented: “You have so many money, how come your mother does not live in a house?”

An additional comment was added: “After two years ??!!!!.” Why??!!!! & why you don’t buy a better house for your parents. You can be wealthy right now! 

The video prompted criticism, with many asking why the millionaire hasn't bought his mother a new home

Critics questioned why the multimillionaire didn’t buy his mom a new house.

The third person chimed in with the following: “Buy your mother a new home!” What a shame !!!!!!!!! Please do something for her She’s not living! It’s too bad that her son is not visiting her or letting her live in a place like this. 

Salt Bae was not the only one to be criticized. Instagram users were also critical of his style choices. Some even questioned why he wasn’t wearing sunglasses when he visited.

A number of commentators were critical of the star, saying he should have taken off his sunglasses for the reunion

Many commentators have criticized the star and said he should not have worn sunglasses to the reunion

One wrote, “Baba. When I see you! It’s mama, take off your glasses. 

A more aggressive comment read: ‘Take off your f****** glasses in front of mom.’  

One said, “Wtf (sic), man.” Get your glasses out. Get your shirt buttoned up. U’ve got so much cash. You should visit your mom each month. Shame.’  

Some posters, however, were positiver, with others supporting the chef and praises being part of the mother-son bond.    


Some of the comments on the video were more positive, with people praising the bond between mother and son

Some comments were positiver, with many praising the relationship between father and mother.

One fan said that maybe she is happy living in her own home. Do not be quick to judge.    

The other said that he was a beautiful mother who loves her son.

Another Instagram user said: “You are the son your parents deserve!” You are a great son! Good luck and good luck at work.

Salt Bae's London eatery has recently received a slew of negative reviews on TripAdvisor, prompting the site to temporarily suspend new write-ups

Salt Bae’s London restaurant has received numerous negative TripAdvisor reviews, which led to the temporary suspension of new writings.

The chef is famous for his flamboyant cooking style, with videos of his salt-sprinkling technique getting significant attention online

The chef is famous for his flamboyant cooking style, with videos of his salt-sprinkling technique getting significant attention online

Salt Bae's London eatery has come in for considerable criticism recently, with people branding the food and service 'shocking'

Salt Bae London’s eatery was recently subject to a great deal of controversy. Many people called the service and food’shocking.

Sat Bae’s Instagram videos have been subject to a lot of criticism, but they are not the only ones. The London branch of his eponymous restaurant Nusr-et at the Park Tower Knightsbridge Hotel, which he opened earlier this year, has received a slew of bad TripAdvisor reviews  since its launch.

The poor ratings means the glitzy Knightsbridge eatery is now ranked at number 20,491 out of 23,811 in the capital on TripAdvisor.    

The diner received a number of negative remarks, including being called ‘an insult towards humanity’ and ‘absolutely disturbing’. 

TripAdvisor suspended any new review for the restaurant in light of the overwhelming negative comments. The company also said that the rating may not accurately reflect the first-hand experiences.