This is what you must do! The shocking video from the dashcam of near misses of nails is released by police after a series of reckless motorists have been convicted

  • A series of frightening near-misses occurred in Northumbria, according to police video
  • A dangerous driving clampdown has led to many convictions of motorists
  •  Dashcam footage showed speeding, dangerous manoeuvres and close-calls

Police released shocking footage that shows terrifying close calls after motorists were found guilty in a dangerous driving crackdown.

The dashcam footage shows Northumbria’s reckless drivers narrowly avoiding the carnage.

A car may suddenly break along a dual carriageway, causing vans to have to turn around.

Some motorists can be seen hazardously passing others while another driver stops on the busy side road trying to change directions.

Northumbria Police released the video as part of their dashcam initiative, which won them a Pride in Policing Award.

Members of the public are asked to submit footage from their dashcams, and then hand it in to police.

After being captured on camera, the force saw instances of speeding and dangerous manoeuvres.

A grey car drives over a segment of pavement as it is pursued and eventually cornered by three police cars

Three police cars chase a gray car as it drives along a stretch of pavement.

The driver of a black car performs a dangerous U-turn as other vehicles speed past on a busy road

A black car driver makes an unintentional U-turn while other vehicles rush past him on a busy street.

Since the 2018 launch of the project, more than 7200 incidents were reported to police.

More than 4,300 have been fined and fourteen drivers had their licenses removed and taken from them.

Two of the key drivers behind this scheme are Mark Heavisides and Daryl Phillips, PCs.

PC Phillips explained that by working together with those who travel on our streets every day, we can take greater action against people who put themselves or others in danger through their reckless actions.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this success – it simply wouldn’t be possible without your footage.

A driver of a white car used his breaks suddenly, causing the vehicle behind to ram into it and forcing a white van to swerve into the inside lane

The driver of a white vehicle used his brakes suddenly and caused the car behind it to crash into it. A white van had to then veer into the inner lane.

A crimson-coloured car driving at a fast speed overtakes, causing oncoming traffic to come to a stop to avoid a collision

If a car painted in crimson speeds past another vehicle, it can cause the other traffic on its path to slow down to prevent a collision.

“Please keep sending us your clips. You really do make a difference.

PC Heavisides said that the initiative helps keep communities safe because it takes action against people who drive in an inappropriate manner. It also deters people from committing crimes as they are aware anyone might be looking.

“I implore everyone to be safe on roads and practice responsible driving. It can have devastating consequences.

A white car speeds past on a road in Northumbria, narrowly avoiding a speed control measure

The white car, which is speeding by on Northumbria roads, narrowly avoided a speed restriction.

A reckless driver in a grey car overtakes dangerously as seen on footage caught by a member of the public's dashcam

Unscrupulous driver speeds up in grey car, as shown on dashcam footage from a citizen

Winton Keenen was Chief Constable. He stated: “The way that we police people and keep them safe must change as technology changes and evolves.”

“This is a great example of how our community works side-byside in order to achieve this.

“I want to thank the Dashcam Team as well the people who contributed to this successful initiative that we have today.

“As an organization, we will innovate in our work and seek new methods of working to ensure that the North East community receives the highest quality service.