The chaotic rollout of coronavirus booster vaccines has caused millions to be at risk. Many are struggling to obtain appointments.

This Government’s target to provide boosters to 32million of the most vulnerable (including all those over 50) by Christmas Day is not being met.

Nearly ten million Britons at risk will remain unprotected during the festive season, at a rate of around 300,000.00 doses daily. 

Ministers must deliver at least 500,000 boosters per day in an effort to combat waning immunity, and to stop an increase in hospital admissions.

Mirela Fliorica gestures as Serena Ng, a NHS vaccinator, administers the Pfizer/BioNTech booster Covid-19 vaccine at a vaccination centre in north London

Mirela Fliorica performs gestures when Serena Ng administers Pfizer/BioNTech booster Covid-19 at a North London vaccination center

‘Shambles’: Patients slam the rollout of third doses 

Brian Bull, his wife Jennifer and their boosters have yet to be received due to confusing instructions from the NHS.

Mr Bull (83), has been scheduled for his jab nearly one month ago, but has been denied by his local clinic, Appleby, Cumbria every time. 

He added: ‘The NHS website said there was a walk-in centre at Penrith. We drove the 14 miles only for the receptionist to say she knew nothing about it.’

They were directed to a rugby club but ‘they weren’t holding sessions that day’. 

He added: ‘We see so many advertisements from the NHS telling us to get our boosters, but it’s very hard to actually do it.’

And the rollout has been a ‘shambles’, said a retired police officer forced to go in person to his West Yorkshire GP to book his booster.

Keith Woodland (74), who suffers from irregular heartbeats, couldn’t book after receiving a text message from the NHS advising him to have a third shot. 

‘After calling 119 I tried again but the system was down. I was told the surgery might have the wrong details about me.’ 

He said: ‘It’s a shambles. All these senior politicians who say people aren’t booking jabs – when we can’t do it anyway.’

Health chiefs have blamed the slow rollout on people failing to come forward, but in reality desperate patients say they are struggling to get jabs due to a ‘shambolic’ system.

Last night the Labour Party wrote to Health Secretary Sajid Javid warning he has allowed the ‘wall of defence to crumble’, risking another national lockdown.

They are calling for urgent action to speed up booster and children’s jabs, such as recalling volunteers and retired healthcare workers and using more community pharmacies.

Experts say ministers can ‘turbocharge’ the rollout by using the same infrastructure that saw Britain lead the world in the initial rollout, when up to 844,000 jabs were delivered each day.

Some eligible seniors have been informed that the next appointment for them is December due to the speed of booster rollout. 

Some people report that they spend hours calling their GPs or booking with the NHS. One woman reported only being able to get through after her 92nd phone call.

The rollout is being hampered by red tape. One blind woman aged 94 was turned away at a Jab Centre in Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire) because she arrived one day earlier than expected. 

Patients are encouraged to make use of the NHS Walk-in Locator to locate their closest centre within 10 miles.

However, some people are told that they have to travel long distances in order get the vaccine. Not all GPs and pharmacies offer this service. 

According to the NHS, pensioners in Kent living on the Isle of Sheppey were told by their doctor to drive 128 miles round trip to Southend in Essex to get their third dose. The local supply centers are not available. 

Representatives keep requesting help for MPs. 

Labour shadow health minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan said: ‘One lady in her 70s who has underlying health conditions went to her pharmacy and called 119 just to be told she wasn’t eligible for a booster.

‘She has now finally got one booked for December but had to rely on her daughter to book the appointment for her because she doesn’t use the internet. The system simply isn’t working.’

Brian Bull (left), 83, and Jennifer Hodgkinson (right), 79, still have not received their boosters because of confusing instructions on the NHS website

Because of the confusing instructions posted on the NHS website, Brian Bull (left), and Jennifer Hodgkinson, 79, have yet to receive their boosters.

With a record 3711,000 booster shots being administered in England, the UK now has a total of ten million. 

However, only 30% of the over-80s are eligible and 40% of those over-50s who qualify haven’t had their third dose. 

Today, double-vaccinated persons who have been vaccinated for at least six months may book their booster up to a month before they become eligible. 

With 62 deaths, and 30,305 infected yesterday, the number of cases fell to its lowest point for more than a week. 

According to government data, there have been an average of 310,000 boosters per day for the last week. It is necessary to increase this number by 460,000 per day to meet the Christmas Day goal.

Keith Woodland (above), 74, who has an irregular heartbeat, was unable to book after he got an NHS text telling him to get a third jab

Keith Woodland (above), who is 74 and has an irregular heartbeat was unable book. After receiving a NHS text telling his to get another jab, Keith Woodland couldn’t.

Writing to Mr Javid, Labour shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: ‘Nobody wants to see any more Boris Johnson lockdowns so getting a grip of the stumbling vaccination programme is urgent for ministers. 

‘The booster campaign has been slow getting off the ground, the third doses for immunocompromised branded “chaotic”, and there are still pockets of the country with worrying below-average rates of second dose. 

‘Tory complacency has allowed the wall of defence to crumble.’ 

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesman said: ‘We are working at speed to get people boosted and our vaccination programme is making great progress.’