Shoppers are unable to control their emotions when they see the mind-bending clothes. Many claim they would need ‘professional help.

  • A fashion blogger sent social media into meltdown by sharing a mind-bending dress.
  • Lauren Wolfe, a New York influencer bought the mini in rust colour on Amazon
  • It arrived in a ball containing transparent fabric with strips running from either side
  • Lauren filmed her self in the ‘dress’ and wrapped strips around herself.
  • Viewers shocked by the idea said they would need professional help in order to put it on 

Instagram was in a state of shock when a shopper bought a mind-bending dress from a designer that many claim should have come with ‘professional assistance’.

Lauren Wolfe, a New York fashion blogger, was confused to receive a ball made of transparent fabric that had long strips running from one side after she ordered a rust-coloured minidress on Amazon.

The brunette beauty was filmed as she slipped into the main material and wrapped the strips tightly around herself to create a body conscious gown that perfectly accentuates the shape of her body.

Lauren said, “I’m sorry. I LOVE it.” She also added: “You can also tie this in a bunch different ways.”

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After ordering a rust coloured mini-dress on Amazon, New York fashion blogger Lauren Wolfe (pictured) was perplexed to receive a ball of transparent fabric with long strips streaming from either side

The brunette beauty (pictured) filmed herself slipping into the main piece of material and wrapping the strips tightly around her waist to create a body conscious dress that perfectly accentuates her figure

Lauren Wolfe, a New York fashion blogger, was confused to receive a ball made of transparent fabric with long stripes streaming from both sides after she ordered a mini-dress in rust on Amazon.

The process has been viewed 34.500 times since it was posted on Saturday. It drew stunned reactions from viewers who were amazed at how simple Lauren made it look.

One woman commented, “Looks amazing but I can’t figure out regular clothes so I’m going to leave it up to the professionals,” and received 50 likes.

Another woman pointed out the flaws in the dress’s tightness.

“Love it, but what about when you have to use the bathroom …,’?” she replied.

Viewers were astounded by how easy Lauren (pictured) made the process look

Viewers were amazed at how simple Lauren (pictured) made it look.

The influencer (pictured in Positano, Italy) said she 'loves' the dress and how you can wear it different ways

The influencer (pictured here in Positano Italy), said that she adores the dress and how it can be worn differently.

It’s not the first time that a fast-fashion piece has sent social networks into tailspins.

An optical illusion dress that makes your waist appear inches smaller than it is, left thousands scratching her heads earlier this month. 

Jem, an influencer, received stunned reactions after she wore the $32 AUD/$22.99 US ‘Mind Of My Own Maxi Dress’ from Fashion Nova on TikTok.

In a viral video, she wears the boldly printed frock and then tightens a thick piece to her waist.

The swirling downward pattern tricks the eye into seeing wider hips, a slimmer waist and wider hips. 

A fashionista has left millions scratching their heads with an 'optical illusion' dress that makes the waist look inches smaller than it really is.

In a now-viral video, the brunette poses in the boldly printed frock before tying a thick piece of fabric tightly around her waist

An optical illusion dress that makes the waist appear smaller than it is has left millions of fashionistas scratching their heads.

The video has received 2.6 million views since October 10, when it was posted online. This prompted stunned responses.

Viewers swiftly flooded the comments section, saying they were ‘struggling to fathom’ how her figure looked in the dress.

One person wrote, “I couldn’t understand that for so long,”

Another girl said, “Girl it looked as if you cut yourself in half” for a second, and a third added: “Am I drunk? …?’

According to the Fashion Nova website, the outfit is not intentionally designed to snatch the waistline

According to Fashion Nova, the outfit was not designed to grab the waistline.

Others raved about its slimming effect and said they couldn’t wait to purchase the dress. 

“I need this!” One woman stated,

A second addition: “Need that kinda magic in my life.” 

A product description on Fashion Nova’s website suggests the outfit is not intentionally designed to snatch the waistline, but many were unconvinced. 

Similar styles are also available on Shein at $26.95 AUD/$19.99