Attention to that gap Momentary raged woman squeals and clambers into the seat beside a train passenger, in furious argument over how her BAG took up space.

  • The woman grabbed the handbag of another traveller and shoved it aside.
  • This happened during an unusual row on Dockland Light Railway from London City Airport
  • Footage captured the couple jostling for the same spot, before the second lady gave in. 
  • The other was berated by her for not covering up when she was “vulnerable”.

As a result of a row over a single seat, yesterday’s London train saw a strange scene: a naked woman was squeezed into the same space as another passenger.

The blonde-haired woman grabbed the other traveller’s handbag and shoved her out the way on the Docklands Light Railway to London City Airport.

The footage showed them jostling for place, before the second woman gave up and scolded the other for her lack of face cover.

She was furious at her for placing her at danger of Covid, as she claimed she fell into the “vulnerable” category and could not wear a mask.

For anyone with certain medical conditions, face coverings are mandatory on public transport or in shops starting at 4 am on November 30, 2018.

The row started when a woman, wearing a black coat, approached the seated lady - in a black hat and pink coat - and tried to wedge herself in the tiny gap on the DLR to London City Airport

When a lady in a dark coat approached the woman seated at the table, she tried to get in on her attempt to fit herself inside the narrow gap in DLR from London City Airport.

The pink coat-wearing woman told her she was vulnerable to coronavirus and did not want to squish in together amid fears for her safety

In her fear for her safety, the pink-clad woman in pink told the other that she was susceptible to coronavirus.

A different woman in black approached the lady sitting down in her black coat and attempted to squeeze herself into the small gap.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked the woman sitting in the chair. Are you just out of the cave?

The standing passenger hit back: ‘Out of a cave? Do you really want to touch me with your hand over my seat on the train I paid for?

In her pink coat, the lady told her that she was at risk from coronavirus. She didn’t want to be trapped together because of her fears about her safety.

She asked if the woman would give her some space, to which the other lady gawped around and tried to corral others to support her before finally finding another place.

But a second video emerged showing her return with a third woman, who rounded on the seated lady in a fresh attempt to take the space.

The seated passenger, who started to get flustered as other customers started to film the bizarre exchange, pleaded: ‘Are you harassing me? Do not film me!

A moment later, the blonde-haired and maskless woman took the bag of the sitting woman and placed herself in the little space beside her.

Moments later the maskless, blonde-haired woman grabbed the seated woman's bag and jammed herself in the tiny space next to her

A moment later, the blonde-haired and maskless woman grabbed her bag from the seated woman and placed herself in the little space beside her.

Her horrified victim got up with her belongings and showed flashed a card which gave her exemption from wearing a face covering

The victim, horrified by her ordeal, got up and took her possessions with her. She showed a card that granted her an exemption to cover her face.

On the verge of tears, she blasted the two women for touching her possessions and the second lady for not wearing a mask when she shoved in next to her

She was on the brink of tears and blasted both the women who touched her belongings, as well as the second lady for her inability to wear a mask while she shoved into her.

The victim, horrified by her ordeal, got up and displayed a card that granted her an exemption from the requirement to cover her face.

The woman was sobbing and lashed out at the other women, blaming them for touching her things and second lady not being able to wear a mask as she shoved her in.

She explained that you should not be in close proximity to someone who is exempt.

They were to blame for new coronavirus strains that emerged in the past few months, the woman said.

The video emerged on social media, with one person commenting: ‘Poor girl. Although she’s polite, well spoken, and clearly upset, her point was valid.