Shamima Begum can’t go back to court and plead for British citizenship. The government says this after Shamima gave a new interview in which she denied atrocities committed, but claimed that ISIS groomed her.

  • Shamima Begum (22) said she would be willing to go to trial to get back to the UK 
  • Begum fled ISIS in 2015 as a child-bride and has denied taking part in terrorist acts.
  • “I hated Britain not, but I did hate my life,” she said to a Sky News interviewer.
  • Begum continues to be held in al-Roj, a prison camp located in Syria, after she lost her British citizenship

Shamima Begum is unable to return to court in order to get her British citizenship. This was after Shamima, the ISIS bride, said that she had denied any such atrocities.  

ISIS-bride Begum was stripped of her citizenship in 2019 by Sajid Javid and in February this year the Supreme Court ruled on national security grounds that she cannot return to Britain to pursue an appeal against the decision. 

She announced that yesterday, however she would be willing to stand trial in Britain to have the opportunity to make her return.  

Sky News interview: She denied accusations that she had committed atrocities in the name of IS (so called Islamic State). 

Paul Scully, the Business Minister, was quick to dismiss her request after she had been played with the interview. 

Sky News reported that he believed the Supreme Court had ruled in this case. The actual case is what I do not want to broadcast.

“It has now been heard by Supreme Court following a clear decision of the Home Secretary.” 

Shamima Begum (22) pictured at al-Roj in Syria, September 2009. She said that she was willing to go back to the UK in order to stand trial

Ms. Scully was asked whether she still poses a threat for national security. Although I have seen the interview, I am not privy of intelligence documents.

Begum, a schoolgirl at 15 years old from east London, left for Syria in 2015. 

Begum is now 22, and insists that she doesn’t have hatred for the UK because she fled Syria in order to join the terror organization. Begum has repeatedly pleaded with the judge to allow her to face the charges against her.

She has denied involvement in terrorist acts and stated previously that she would be returning to the UK to face criminal charges.  

Begum is full of ‘hopes, dreams and plans’. However, she doesn’t have a plan B for her citizenship if it’s not restored.

According to her, she said that although she was willing to take on the tyrants in court of law, it is not possible for me. 

Begum stated that her decision not to leave the UK when she was a teenager wasn’t made immediately and was something she had ‘thought about’ for some time.

She replied, “I did not hate Britain. I actually hated my whole life.” 

‘I felt constricted and could not live the life I wanted as a British woman in the UK.

“I believe that the only crime against me was my coming to this country, so I’d be happy to serve time in prison.  But I won’t be able to deny the allegations against me.

Begum remains at the al-Roj refugee Camp in Syria. Begum said that it is becoming’more frightening’ to live there.

She stated that although it had been peaceful for a while, it became more dangerous to live in this area. Perhaps the women are tired of waiting.

She stated that she wanted to be able to forgive her family “whenever the time is right”, adding, “I don’t believe they failed me in any way, but I did fail them.”

Begum had previously spoken out to say that she was married to Yago Riedijk, an IS convert. They were 10 days into her journey and they had three children. All of them died.

She stated that she dreams of her friends and family dying when she sleeps.