According to top military officials in Kiev, Russia plans to invade Ukraine at the beginning of January, having sent more than 92,000.00 troops along the border.

Vladimir Putin’s troops, which include tanks, missile batteries, and warships have spread across the frontier, from Belarus to its north, through the separatist-backed territories in the east, and along the Black Sea banks in the Crimean Peninsula. 

This offensive, which would be three-pronged, includes amphibious landings at Odessa port city and Mariupol as well as airstrikes or artillery bombments. It also involves an armoured invasion of the east.

A map shared with Military Times shows how Ukrainian intelligence is bracing for a bloody and ferocious invasion that could see swathes of Ukraine captured in an assault which would dwarf the annexation of the Crimea in 2014.

According to Brigadier General Kyrylobudanov, Putin’s Zapad joint military exercises with Belarusian forces proved that over 3,500 paratroopers can be dropped in one sweep.

Budanov was denied by the Kremlin, who said Monday that Kiev was being provided with large quantities of weapons and was strengthening its forces along the border.  

Massive Russian-Belarusian joint drill were held in September, further increasing anxieties of an imminent invasion (pictured: Tanks and missile batteries taking part in the exercises last month)

In September, a massive Russian-Belarusian joint drill was held. This increased fears of an invasion. (pictured: Last month’s exercises included tanks and missile batteries).

A satellite image from November 1 shows the presence of armoured vehicles deployed on the northern edge of the town of Yelnya, near the Ukrainian border

An image satellite taken on November 1 from the Ukraine shows that there are armoured vehicle deployments at the Northern Edge of Yelnya.

Satellite images appear to show troop tents and an administrative area near the Ukrainian border on November 1

Satellite imagery appears to show troops tents, and an administrative area close to the Ukrainian border on November 1.

Ukraine’s new defence minister, Oleksii Reznikov, said during a trip to Washington last week that Putin was ‘playing chess’ with the West but it remained unclear what his intentions were. 

Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary, stated Wednesday, “We don’t know exactly what Mr Putin’s up to,”

Budanov stated that the US should be able to prevent any Russian invasion through increased sanctions and military support.

Washington delivered Mark VI patrol boats and Javelin anti armour laucnchers, and AN/TPQ53 radar systems for tracking and countering incoming missile fire.

Budonov said that Ukraine is seeking more missile, air and drone defense capabilities, as well as electronic jamming device.

Britain and the NATO ally signed an arms agreement this month, to supply 10 warships as well as new missile systems for strengthening defences.

Boris Johnson warned that it was a mistake for the Kremlin’s to believe military adventurism could bring any benefits.

Budanov stated that, regardless of Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, Moscow would continue to use grey zone warfare against Kiev to undermine the stability.

Kremlin-backed rebels are fighting Ukrainian forces to the east ever since the revolt in 2014. This revolution saw the ousting of the Putin-allied president. 14,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

Moscow is furious that the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has censored Kremlin linked broadcasters, and expelled proRussian business interests.

Budanov stated that they want to incite unrest through demonstrations and meetings that demonstrate the opposition of the government. 

Russia and Belarus staged huge military exercises, which included a beach invasion in the Kaliningrad region

Russia and Belarus staged huge military exercises, which included a beach invasion in the Kaliningrad region

Russian President Vladimir Putin overseeing the massive Zapad 21 military exercise in September

Russian President Vladimir Putin oversees massive Zapad 21 military drill in September

In addition to preying upon existing concerns about the energy supply, this latest propaganda attack aims at sowing anti-vax mistrust.

Budanov explained that the other aspect of this information war was Alexander Lukasenko’s immigrant crisis at Poland’s Polish border.

According to Military Times, ‘They are trying to make it more dangerous and harder for the people of the country and create a situation in which we need to replace the government’.

“If they don’t have the ability to do it, then military troops can do their jobs.”

He stated that the viewpoint was also shared by Washington’s intelligence counterparts from Kiev.

Budanov stated that he would like more American support.

Washington has warned that Russia is building up forces close to the border in preparation for a possible invasion (file image, Ukrainian troops in the region)

Washington warned Russia that it is building forces near the border to prepare for an invasion. (file photo, Ukrainian troops within the region). 

Ukraine has called for western nations to supply more weapons as it faces the prospect of a years-long conflict with Russian separatists boiling over (file image, Ukrainian tanks)

Ukraine asked for Western nations to provide more weapons in its ongoing conflict with Russian separatists. 

The commander replied, “I think it is not sufficient for us right at the moment.” “We require more. Ukraine is the only country that has never fought openly with Russia. We have been doing so for seven years. This is why the U.S. should offer us all that we did not get in the past seven years. It’s the right time. The right moment is now. But it might be too late.

Similar buildups of troops at the Russian border in April fueled fears of an invasion imminent.

Russia’s relationships with the West have become more complicated due to Europe’s migrant crisis and skyrocketing gas prices.

Last week, RAF fighter planes intercepted two Russian nuclear bombers flying south from the North Sea to the Netherlands.

British soldiers were also deployed to the Polish border in order to provide advice to Warsaw’s troops on how to defend against a Russian invasion.

This was after the Kremlin had ordered paratrooper drills on the frontier, just a few minutes from the location of the migrant camp.