He ate it! Moment when a sneaky alligator takes a golfer’s ball and swims off in Mississippi

  • Footage shows an Alligator flying in Gulfport with a Golf Ball. Mississippi
  • After the animal eats a ball, you can hear golfers laughing in the background
  • The animal then crawls back to the river, and the men tell it that he ate it! It then crawls back into the river while the men say ‘he ate it!’ and’my God!’ 

This was the moment an alligator sneakily took off with a ball belonging to a Mississippi golfer.

Golfers can be seen laughing in the video, which was shot in Gulfport and shared online from one of their wives.

The ball is still in its hand, and it is seen crawling towards the pond behind the animal.

After one of the golfers hit a ball that landed right in front of the water, the golfers captured the animal being filmed by them on October 9. 

The men can be heard exclaiming, “My god!” as the animal takes the ball in its jaws. One of the chuckling players then says: “He ate it!”

As the alligator starts to creep back into a river, another man tells him: “That’s not good!” 

In the video, taken in Gulfport, Mississippi, and shared by one of the men's wives, golfers can be heard laughing in the background after the animal grabs their ball on October 9

The video was taken in Gulfport Mississippi and shared by one the men’s wives. Golfers can be heard laughing behind the animal as it grabs their ball on Oct 9th.

Zooming in on the alligator, one of the men can be heard saying 'my god!' while the animal holds the ball in its mouth

Zooming in on alligator, one man can be heard saying “my god!” While the animal holds onto the ball,

As the video ends, the alligator disappears under water. 

One of the players’ wives shared the footage with us on October 20. She joked, “Is this considered a ball drop now?”

Commenters suggested the alligator thought the golf ball was an egg, adding:  ‘That’s going to be disappointing!’

The men continue to laugh until another can be heard talking in the background about how the animal is holding the ball in his mouth

The alligator then disappears under the water into the river as the video ends

The men continue to laugh until one of them speaks in the background about how the animal holds the ball in its mouth.

This isn’t the first time that an alligator has disrupted a round of golf.

David Ksieniewicz was at a South Carolina club when his shot hit an alligator’s back.

He allowed the animal to swim back into Okatie’s Spring Island Club in a lake while he played with the ball. 

Players are required to take a shot from the point where the ball landed, but Ksieniewicz decided to reset.  

He was allowed because he had encountered ‘abnormal courses conditions’ that include ‘dangerous animal’.