An arrest has been made for a model suspected of being a leader of a drug cartel that orchestrated her husband’s assassination at their fourth anniversary party.

Camila Marodin was a fashion model who was taken into custody in Matinhos, Brazil, on November 12th.

Ricardo Marodin’s husband Camila was, according to police, the head of an alleged cartel. He was killed during Camila’s son’s party in November 7.

Camila claimed that her husband had not been involved in criminal activities and said the death was likely a mistaken identity.

Camila, the suspected leader of the cartel has been taken into custody and it is thought that she was involved in Ricardo’s shooting as well as two deaths by former officers.

The military operation that led to her capture included 14 other members of suspected cartels being detained. 

Camila Marodin, a model and fashion influencer, was arrested in the coastal town of Matinhos in the Brazilian state of Parana on the morning of November 12. She is believed to be leading an alleged drug cartel implicated in the shooting of her husband, as well as the deaths of two former cops

Camila Marodin was a fashion model and influencer who was taken into custody in Matinhos, Brazil, on November 12th. It is thought she leads an alleged drug cartel that was involved in her husband’s shooting death, and the deaths of two ex-cops.

Camila's husband Ricardo Marodin, who police originally thought was the leader of an alleged drug cartel, was reportedly shot dead during his son's birthday party on November 7

Ricardo Marodin was initially believed to be the leader of a drug cartel. Camila’s wife was apparently shot and killed at his son’s party on November 7.

To execute the warrant, the Military Police arrived at Camila’s Pinhais home to arrest her. However, they found that she had already vacated the house.

The woman was eventually caught as she returned from Matinhos, her mother’s home. There, police discovered a Glock pistol which they suspect that she had concealed to avoid suspicion.

The spokesperson for the police Colonel Barroso stated that the arrest was planned, but it had to be made after Ricardo’s death and the deaths Thiago Cear Carvalho (ex-policemen) and Guilherme Anton da Costa (police). 

Just three days after Ricardo was murdered, police officers were gunned down in Cajuru (parana state capital Curitiba). 

Since Ricardo died, there had been a Military Police investigation for about a year. Police chiefs approved the arrests.  

Colonel Barroso explained that Operation Ostentacao, or Operation Stentation was initiated by the Military Police. It follows over a year-long investigation and follow ups conducted by the Military Police’s intelligence division.

‘During this investigation, we found financial payments in Camila’s account of more than 1.3 million Brazilian reais (equivalent to around £177,000).’

According to the news site Em Tempo, a court froze the money in Camila’s account in addition to 13 properties, some of them high-end, valued at 3 million reais (£410,000) that are believed to be owned by the criminal gang.

Five luxury vehicles, including two Audis, five Hondas, two Audis, and a Chevrolet Camaro were also taken into police custody, along with a motorbike.

The police also confiscated 39 weapons and cash in the amount of 120,000 reais (£16,400).

Ricardo Marodin was shot dead at last week’s fourth-birthday celebration in Pinhais.

Camila Marodin (right), widow of Ricardo Marodin (left) from Parana, Brazil, who was killed in his son's birthday in November 2021, in a photo with their kids.

Camila Marodin (right), wife of Ricardo Marodin from Parana in Brazil was taken with their children.

Four armed suspects, carrying a silver Volkswagen Voyage, arrived at Ricardo’s house and shot multiple times. Ricardo died instantly.

Two former police officers were killed by gunmen riding in silver Volkswagen Voyage on the morning of November 10, possibly the same vehicle used in Ricardo’s shooting.

Hudson Teixeira, Commander of Military Police said that Ricardo was murdered in an operation to combat drug trafficking. Military Police are currently studying other recent murders in this region to see if there is any connection.

Tito Barichello, a Homicide Investigator, stated that the crimes might be connected because Thiago and Ricardo knew one another.

Continue the investigation.