The shocking realization by an exhausted mother-of-4 that she had been marking her 3-year-old son’s birthday the wrong day over the past two years shocked her.

Emily Vondrachek from Minneapolis, Minnesota was shocked to discover that her son was not born on the correct date. 

In a TikTok clip, she explained that Henry’s pediatrician called her to resolve a billing issue with her insurance company.

Emily has four children under six years old. She told doctors that her son was born on February 26, 2018, but it had been listed by the insurance company for February 25, 2018.

Although she maintained that her insurance company was incorrect, after looking at an older Facebook post she discovered that she had been wrong.  

An 'exhausted' mother-of-four was in for a shock when she realized she's been celebrating her three-year-old son Henry's (pictured in 2019) birthday on the wrong day for the last two years

The realization that Henry, three year-old Henry was born on the wrong day in the past two years shocked an exhausted mother-of-4.

Emily Vondrachek, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, explained in a TikTok video that her pediatrician called to work out a billing problem they were having with the insurance company

Emily Vondrachek from Minneapolis, Minnesota explained to TikTok that she called her pediatrician in order to resolve a billing issue they had with their insurance company

Emily told the doctors office that her son's birthday was February 26 - but the insurance company had it listed for the 25th. Pictured is her birthday post for Henry in 2020

Emily informed the doctor that her son was born February 26, but it was listed by the insurance company for the 25th. This is Henry’s 2020 birthday picture.

She insisted that the insurance company was wrong, but after going back to an old Facebook post, she realized she was the one that was wrong

To Emily's surprise, she soon discovered that Henry was indeed born on the 25th. It turns out, she had been celebrating the tot's birthday on the wrong day for two whole years

She realized, after the confusion about his birth date, that she was celebrating her son’s birthday incorrectly for the past two years.

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“I am his mom, and I know his birthday,” she replied. “I am about to phone my insurance company and request it. I replied, “Maybe, I should go back to Facebook and look at his birth announcement from years ago to be sure.”

Emily was surprised to discover that Henry was actually born on May 25th. It turned out that she was celebrating Henry’s birth on an incorrect date for over two years. 

“For the past two years, I have been marking his 26th birthday every year,” she continued. My pediatrician called me back, and I said, “Ha ha ha!” “I had my child’s birthday incorrectly.” 

She insisted that despite not knowing her own son's birthday, she 'loves her kids.' Henry is pictured with his older brother, Johnny, 5

She said that even though she didn’t know her son’s birth date, she still ‘loves’ her children. Henry, 5, is shown with Johnny, his elder brother.

She joked: I love my kids. They may not have their birthday celebration on the correct day but they celebrated the next.' Pictured is Henry's birth announcement in 2018

She joked: I love my kids. Although they may not be celebrating their birthdays on the proper day, they still celebrated it every year. Henry’s birth announcement from 2018 is illustrated.

The worst part about this is it being my middle child. I love my kids, OK? I love my kids. Their birthdays may not have been on the proper day for them, but they still celebrated their next one.

She captioned the hilarious video, ‘How’s your day going? #momfail #mombrain #parenting101 #sahm.’

Today Parents spoke to Emily about her ordeal and said that she was laughing with the receptionist when she phoned the doctor’s office to report the incident. 

Emily, who is also the mom to Johnny, five, Nora, two, and four-month-old Olive, noted that Henry’s due date was the 26th, which is why she might have gotten it wrong. 

‘Maybe that’s why I got it wrong. We don’t know. I’m exhausted,’ she joked

Emily plans to make Henry’s fourth birthday extra special.

“Henry would like an Iron Man Hulk party,” she said. ‘He’s specifically requested a red Hulk, not a green Hulk.

‘I have no idea how I’m going to make that happen – but for my middle child I will do anything.’

Emily, who is also the mom to Nora, two, and four-month-old Olive (not pictured), noted that Henry’s due date was the 26th, which is why she might have gotten it wrong

Emily, who is also the mom to Nora, two, and four-month-old Olive (not pictured), noted that Henry’s due date was the 26th, which is why she might have gotten it wrong

As for Henry's upcoming fourth birthday, Emily has plans to make it extra special. She said, 'For my middle child I will do anything'

Emily plans to make Henry’s fourth birthday extra special. “For my middle son, I will do whatever,” she said.

Many other parents took to the comment section of Emily's 'relatable' TikTok video to share their own stories - and lots admitted that they too have forgotten their kids' birthdays

Emily’s TikTok video has many other parents who shared their story in the comments section. A lot of them admitted they had forgotten their birthdays.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, Emily. Other parents shared their stories in the comments section of Emily’s TikTok video. Many others admitted to forgetting their children’s birthdays.

One mom said that she had been wrong about her middle child’s birthday for more than a year. “Who knew that August was not the ninth month but the eighth?”

“Everytime someone asks me for the date of my child’s birth, I panic internally,” another said. “So, this is understandable.

“Had created a plaque with footprints on February 24, 2009” On February 23, 2009, he was born. Someone else laughed and said, “I think it must have been February.”

Another user stated that he felt it was a test he didn’t take. Guess what? Two! [of my kids]even the same day and it’s not working. 

Some kids who were the victims of forgetful parents commented too

Some of the children that were victims of neglectful parents also commented.

One individual even confessed to having their name incorrectly once.

“I was flustered when I heard that someone had told me that I had a beautiful baby boy. He asked my name,” they said. I said Ron. Harper is her name. It is hard to get by out there.

The children of neglectful parents were also affected. One child wrote, “One year my mom sang Happy Birthday to Allison My Name is Ashley and I am an only child.

‘My dad has twins. They are twins. Two years ago, he forgot to remember my birthday. He forgot my sister’s birthday, another commentator said. “Haven’t let him die that way.” 

My father introduced me as Ellen at a marriage. Annie is my name. I was 19 when this happened,’ another user shared. 

One comment stated, “This happened to my ex husband for over 25 years. His mother felt that his b-day had been different for over 25 years.