One Zimbabwean teacher (51 years old) ‘called his Facebook fans to bomb his country’s ruling system and target the motorcade of its leader’

  • William Chinyanga (51), a teacher, was charged with inciting terrorism
  • The Zimbabwean activist allegedly called on followers to ‘open gunfire on a gathering of people’ in his home country 
  • The court heard that comments were made to Facebook followers of 7,000 by the judge.
  • Chinyanga alleged MDC-alliance campaigner against Zanu-PF government
  • Four counts of encouraging terrorism are filed against teacher, Archway, London

Zimbabwean activist William Chinyanga, 51, is accused of encouraging bombings against his country's ruling regime in four speeches to 7,000 followers on social media

William Chinyanga (51), a Zimbabwean activist, has been accused of inciting bombings against the ruling government of his country. He made four speeches to his 7,000 social media followers

A Zimbabwean activist urged his supporters to commit terrorist acts to overthrow the government of his country in a series speeches.

William Chinyanga, 51, is accused of encouraging bombings in the south-east African country in four speeches to 7,000 followers on social media over two days in December 2019.

According to Facebook, the teacher of supply, who is from north London, claimed that he told his followers on Facebook. Use ‘gorilla war’ to ‘open fire on people’

Chinyanga is known to have been a campaigner in the MDC-alliance multi-party political group that opposed Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF government.

The Old Bailey was told he has been charged with four counts of encouraging terrorism, which he denies.

Prosecutor Sean Larkin QC said Chinyanga, who was born in Zimbabwe, sought asylum in 2009 and was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK

He continued, “There’s no doubt he’s an enemy of the Zimbabwean government.”

“He created a Facebook account, and over two days, between the 1st & 2nd of December 2019, he streamed four speeches live to his over 7,000 Facebook fans.

He speaks English mixed with Shona.

Chinyanga is understood to be a campaigner for MDC-alliance, a multi-party political bloc that opposes Emmerson Mnangagwa's (pictured) ruling Zanu-PF government in Zimbabwe

Chinyanga is thought to be an MDC-alliance campaigner, which is a multi-party party political bloc that opposes Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) ruling Zanu-PF government.

“The prosecution case says that he committed the crimes with which they are charged and went well beyond a legitimate complaint or protest against government.”

Jurors were informed by Chinyanga that he was a “long-standing adversary of the Zimbabwean regime”, although only four speeches from him were incriminated.

“In these speeches, he encouraged his supporters to bomb Zanu-PF’s headquarters, bomb the motorcade led by Zanu-PF leader, bomb petrol stations and bomb petrol stations. It seems that this was with the aim to disrupt the economy, bring about revolution, attack police officers from their cars, and attack soldiers.

“He encouraged his followers share the speeches with other people,” said Mr Larkin.

A speech Chinyanga posted entitled “The strategy for removing” was discovered by police. Announcement – Chinyanga was interviewed February 2020.

The Old Bailey was told he has been charged with four counts of encouraging terrorism, which he denies

According to the Old Bailey, he was charged with encouraging terrorism on four counts. He denies these charges.

He was convicted of posting the speech.

He said in the speech, “Anyone in his right brain to open gunfire upon a gathering people its terrorist’ that he considered what occurred in Zimbabwe a “disgrace”.

“What appears to have been the case is that he saw footage of Zimbabwean police filming a group of protestors, possibly in relation to a tree planting matter.

“That’s what drove his speeches,” said the prosecutor.

The jury was told by Robert Mugabe that Zanu-PF had ruled the country in Southeast Africa since 1980 when it became independent.

He was overthrown by his party in 2017 and replaced by Emmerson Nnangagwa.

As the prosecution opened the case, the teacher spoke in the dock, wearing a suit and a Shona interpreter.

Chinyanga (of St Johns Way Archway), denies the four charges of encouraging terrorism.

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