One mom shared her experience with the backlash that she faced over her child’s name Poot. Some haters called it the “ugliest ever” and some claimed the baby would be bullied her entire life for calling it such a horrible name.

Abbie Herbert was 25 when she had a baby girl named Poppy James. She began calling her newborn Poot after she gave birth to her daughter.

She often posts videos of her adorable baby Poot and herself to TikTok and has amassed more than 10,000,000 followers. 

Abbie is loved by most viewers and they often flood her comments section with supportive responses. However, Abbie has been criticised for her unusual nickname.

A mom has shared the fierce backlash she faces over calling her daughter Poot, with some haters branding it the 'ugliest name ever'

One mom shared her experience with the backlash that she faced over the name Poot being given to her child by some people who called it the “ugliest” name.

Abbie Herbert, 25, welcomed a baby girl in May 2021, who she named Poppy. But when she started calling the newborn Poot, she received a lot of scathing remarks over the nickname

Abbie Herbert (25), welcomed Poppy, a baby girl, in May 2021. However, when Poot was born she got a lot of criticisms for her choice of nickname.

The mother-of-one often shares videos of herself and adorable little Poot to TikTok, and she has wracked up more than 10 million followers on the platform

This mother-of-1 often uploads videos of her and Poot to TikTok. She has more than 10,000,000 subscribers on the site.

Abbie says she started looking for a name for her baby when she realized that Poppy was not popular enough.

According to her, she named the baby Poot after herself because it seemed cute – however the nickname caused quite a stir among her fans.

However, she doesn’t seem to care about all of the negativity she’s been receiving over her name. She recently uploaded a video where she addresses those people.

The clip quickly became viral, with more than 6 million views within three days. She stared at the camera, annoyed, while some of the vile messages flashed on the screen.  

According to Abbie, she decided to give her baby the nickname Poot because she thought it was 'cute,' but the moniker caused quite the stir with her followers

Abbie said that she gave her baby the name Poot as she liked the cute nickname. However, the moniker was quite controversial with some of her fans.

She received comments like, 'She's going to get bullied her entire life,' 'It sounds like a fart,' and, 'Poot is the ugliest name ever'

Comments she received included, “She’s going be bullied her whole life,” and “It sounds like an fart.” She also said, “Poot has the most ugly name ever.”

She recently posted a video of herself responding to her haters and she seemed unbothered, claiming the name is 'unique and special to her'

A video she recently uploaded of her responding to her haters was posted and she appeared unbothered.

“Why would she name her Poot?” Another read. Another one said “Poot sounds a lot like a fart.”

A third party wrote that she would be bullied throughout her life. 

One last thought: “Poot James, the most ugly name ever,”

The video then cut to the photo of the child, now aged seven months, smiling, and wearing a hoodie with the words ‘Poot.

Abbie added the caption, “Go little rock star,” to the picture.

In the caption she wrote: “Her name was unique and special to me.”

This video caused a lot of controversy in the comments section. Many people were critical of the name.

The video sparked a huge debate in the comment section, with many people bashing the name

This video caused a lot of debate on the comments section with many criticizing the name. 

Other people came to Abbie's defense, and some pointed out that Poot wasn't actually the baby's real name

Abbie received support from others, including some who pointed out the fact that Poot was actually not her real name. 

One person said that Poot was adorable as a baby, but would look strange when she grows up.

One added, “She will be beggin” for a name-change in high school. 

Another person wrote, “I would die if I was given that name by my parents.”

One comment said that Poot in the Philippines means “hatred”.  

Abbie was not alone. Others defended her and pointed out Poot’s true name.  

“What is wrong about Poot?” Abbie’s supporter fired back at the critics. “If Mom wants to name her daughter Poot she can. 

Leave her alone. Another said, “It’s her child. Her choice.” 

“I find it adorable and original,” a third positive response wrote.