Sssstrike! Sssstrike! Moment: A hissing ladder snake bit a wildlife enthusiast when he pulled it off a Spanish road.

  • Footage captures angry ladder snake herding across road in Diseminado Cabo Gata
  • Ewan Wilson, a wildlife enthusiast from Cardiff was bitten in Spain by an animal.
  • The girlfriend and Mr Wilson snapped pictures, then put it back in the wild.

Here’s the amazing moment when a ladder snake hissed at a wildlife lover as he saved it from Spain.

Ewan Wilson from Cardiff is a wildlife enthusiast. He was out with his girlfriend, looking for snakes, through Diseminado Cabo Gata in Almeria, Spain. 

At first, they saw a stick but realized that it was actually a snake. 

The footage shows Mr Wilson and his girlfriend standing by the ladder snake.

The animal is quite angry upon first seeing it, and heave at Wilson when he attempts to get it.   

He is now bitten by the snake and zooms in to see what he has done.

Serenity, the girl friend of Serenity said that he was a beautiful photograph after they had finally seen a snake and drove for several weeks looking.

Wildlife enthusiast Ewan Wilson, from Cardiff, was driving through the Almeria countryside in Diseminado Cabo Gata, Spain, on November 21 with his girlfriend looking for snakes. They stopped the car when they spotted a ladder snake who bit Mr Wilson as he picked it up

Ewan Wilson from Cardiff is a wildlife enthusiast. He was on his way to Spain with his girlfriend, looking for snakes, through Almeria, Diseminado Cabo Gata. The couple stopped their car after they came across a ladder snake that bit Wilson.

The snake was described as “feisty” by her, as it doesn’t have a tail. They believe it might have been involved in an altercation in the past.

Wilson did not let the snake’s bites deter him and continued to take photos.

After some time, the snake was able to draw a crowd, which took photos.  

The couple described the snake as 'beautiful' and 'feisty' and noted it did not have a tail. They thought it may have been in a fight in the past

According to the couple, it was ‘beautiful and fiesty’. They also noted that the snake didn’t have a tail. It may have been involved with a past fight, they thought.

They called it “beautiful” and Mr Wilson took it back to pick it up. The snake began to hiss.

It was windy, according to his girlfriend. They were also near the coast so it wasn’t unusual for the snake to be there. 

They let the snake go and redirected it in the direction that was indicated at the beginning of the video. 

Wilson commented that it was an extremely rare sighting to witness this snake in such a late season. Although I didn’t expect to see the snake this close to winter, nature has its surprises. This is a wonderful animal to view in the countryside. 

As Mr Wilson picked the snake up again, it hissed ferociously before the couple then released it back into the direction it was heading

After Mr Wilson had picked up the snake again, the serpent hissed incessantly before being released by the couple back to the direction it was headed. 

This isn’t the first snake sighting.

In October, a snake-catcher found a poisonous serpent in a Twin Waters swimming pool. 

Fearless reptile hunter, the fearless one, pulled the whip snake from the jet and coaxed it using an air blower. 

A snake catcher retrieved a venomous serpent from a swimming pool water jet in Twin Waters, Queensland, in October

In October, a snake-catcher found a poisonous snake in a Twin Waters swimming pool.