“I gave you a treat. Stop scaring me!” When horses follow a dogwalker’s lead, moment of panic.

  • Dogwalker Pete evaded a pack of hungry horses he had just fed in Clwyd, Wales
  • As he calls his Basset Hound, the man can be heard laughing nervously  
  • Sherlock and Pete made a running for it against horses. They want more carrots. 

The moment when a Welshman and his dog attempted to flee a group of horses that had followed him since he’d given them carrots was the time.

Pete the dogwalker laughs nervously and shouts out for his Basset Hound, Sherlock, as he leaves his pack of hungry dogs in Clwyd (Wales).

In the hilarious video captured by Pete himself, the dogwalker says: ‘I’ve just fed all of these horses and this one really loves carrots.

“Oh my God they are all running.”

Then he started calling out for Sherlock while he made his escape from the group, then laughing nervously and adding: ‘It is scary!

Pete stated that horses are after him because he thinks he has more carrots.

“I have given you a treat. Stop scaring me.

The dogwalker, called Pete, nervously laughs and shouts for his Basset Hound Sherlock as he walks away from his growing pack of hungry followers in a field in Clwyd, Wales

Pete, a dogwalker in Wales, nervously laughs as he calls his Basset Hound Sherlock. He walks out of Clwyd’s field with his expanding pack of hungry dogs.

In the hilarious video captured by Pete himself, the dogwalker says: 'I've just fed all of these horses and this one really loves carrots'

Pete captured the funny video and Pete says that the dogwalker said, “I just fed all these horses, and this one loves carrots.”

‘Thank you, horses. It’s possible to say thanks by stopping running at me. 

The Basset Hound and he paced rapidly down the field. At one point, the dogwalker said: “Right! I’m running for it now.”

Sherlock and Pete ran towards the gate’s other side, where they were safe from their followers.

Pete said, “You scared me horses,” and promised the animals that he would be back with more food later.

Terri Jones uploaded this video to YouTube on December 1st. It had the caption: ‘Just one Welsh man walking the dogs and recording feeding the horses carrots. The horses were not convinced that the bag contained all the carrots.

The Welsh man and his dog try to escape a herd of horses which started following them after he fed them all carrots

He and his Welsh dog tried to escape horses following their trail after they had eaten all of his carrots.

The horses crowd around the dogwalker who fed them carrots

Pete laughs nervously

Pete tells the horses that he is after them, thinking he’s got more carrots. “I don’t have any left. This is only my hat!” he says.

The nervous wreck that is Welsh Pete

“He begins to panic, laughing, running and even Basset Hound appears scared. He runs off and begs for help. 

YouTube uploaded the video and it has received more than 4,000 hits. Commenters are in stitches.

The pack of horses follow a fleeing Pete

Pete calls for his dog Hound to hurry

Sherlock the Basset Hound, Pete, and Sherlock the Pete attempt to escape the horse-mad crowd

Akhil Reddy stated: “How did you build such an army?” Carrots.’

User Armann added: “Beautiful. Now…negotiations. Surrender the carrots, you’re out-numbered.’

‘Next time they’ll meet you at the fence when you bring carrots, you won’t have to venture into the pasture,’ Justin Butler added.