Moment drinkers have a lucky escape when car smashes into bar terrace and overturns ‘after driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake’

  • A driver in Zhongshan City, China mixed up her pedals and crashed her new car
  • Two men were sitting outside on a terrace bar terrace when the car almost struck them both.
  • Although the car was hit by an object and flipped, no one in or out was injured.

Here’s the moment that a Chinese woman messed up her pedals and crashed into a terrace bar, causing two drink-loving people to be unable to see the incident.

In the footage, two customers are seen enjoying a drink on the bar terrace as the  driver turns into the road.

Instead of slowing her down, however, she appears to accelerate into the terrace’s stepped entry, almost hitting two of her customers.

The car in Zhongshan City, China careened right and was inches away from hitting two men sitting outside a bar

The car in Zhongshan City, China careened right and was inches away from hitting two men sitting outside a bar

Clients get up and run away when the car flips on its roof, and abruptly stops.

It took place at Nantou in Zhongshan City, in south-eastern China’s Guangdong province. The incident was caught by two separate security cameras.

Rong, a female driver who was driving along with Tang as a passenger, hit the accelerator instead than the brake pedal. Sina News site says she did so. 

The car dramatically flipped as it looked as though it would hit the two men enjoying the bar

As the car flipped, it appeared as though it was going to hit two of the men who were enjoying the bar.

The flipped car was caught on two security camera with a second angle showing the damage to the vehicle clearer

Two security cameras captured the car flipping. A second angle shows the extent of the vehicle’s damage.

Both the people inside and outside the car were unharmed after the incident despite the damage to the car

In spite of the fact that the car was damaged, both those inside and outside were not hurt.

The driver crashed into the terrace’s stepped entry and almost flattened two customers.

Although the accident was not fatal, Tang lost a tooth. 

Rong said that she used to drive manual cars, and her new car was not familiar to her.