Mark Twain said, “If you tell truth,” he once stated, “you don’t need to recall anything.”

This incontrovertible truth was what I thought about today, when the Mail reported that Meghan Markle had won her privacy court case against it.

Within seconds, her victory response was sent on regal notepaper, with a gold M under a crown of gold, headlined: Statement from Meghan, the Duchess Of Sussex.

It might sound odd, but this is a regal way to go for someone who trashes the Monarchy while smearing members of the Royal Family as disgusting racists.

You might find it amusing to watch Ms Markle claim that she is the victim of her painful lies, given all the pain and suffering caused by her alleged miscreants.

She claims she represents “anyone who ever felt afraid to stand up for the right”, as if she were a Winston Churchill-type leader in wartime.

Let’s get very clear on exactly what Meghan “won” today.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the Mail on Sunday could not publish the same amount of Thomas Markle’s letter as the newspaper.

The judges stated that if they had run less, it would have been okay for the Mail to be published.

She won on the point of precisely how many words she said were allowed to be reported. Assuming that her letter was private, it is surely an issue for trial. 

It was 585 words in a letter of 1,250 words that were deemed excessive.

Although Meghan did not authorize her father to publish the letter in writing, she was confident he would.

That is evident from emails and messages that were revealed to court. They paint a different picture than Meghan, who was appointed the Patron Saint of Privacy & Veracity.

'If you tell the truth,' Mark Twain once observed, 'you don't have to remember anything.' I thought of this incontrovertible truism today when news broke that Meghan Markle had 'won' her privacy court battle with the Mail on Sunday

Mark Twain observed that if you tell the truth then you don’t have any need to recall anything. This incontrovertible truth was what I remembered when the Mail reported that Meghan Markle had won her privacy court case against it.

Meghan's victory response was issued within seconds, on regal notepaper adorned with a gold 'M' under a golden crown, and headlined: 'Statement from Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.' You might think this a curiously regal way of doing things for a woman who spends her entire time trashing the Monarchy and smearing the Royal Family for being disgusting callous racists

Meghan issued her win response within seconds. It was printed on regal notepaper with a gold M under a golden crown. The headline read: Statement from Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. It might sound like an oddly elegant way to go for a woman who spent so much time shaming the Monarchy, and calling the Royal Family racists disgusting. 

“Obviously, everything that I’ve drafted was with the understanding it could leak,” she wrote to Jason Knauf, her then communications secretary. “I have been careful in my word selection, but I ask you to let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

In fact, she believed the letter could be published and even used words to control the emotions of those who saw it.

Knauf explained to the court, “She also asked about Mr Markle’s address as ‘daddy.’ She stated that despite Markle being less than paternal it made sense for me to refer it as such. In the unfortunate event it was leaked it would tug at my heart strings.


Regrettably, I must admit that my heart was not moved when I first read this utterly cynical gem. A small amount of disgusted intestinal fluid escaped my mouth.

It’s worthwhile to return to Meghan’s victory speech again, where she said: “From day one I have considered this lawsuit an important measure for right and wrong.”

Meghan then attacks the tabloids, accusing them of being cruel and profiting off ‘lies, pain, and they cause’. She specifically mentions their desire to manipulate the public and ‘twist facts’.

These things might be more significant if she didn’t reveal herself to be a manipulator who is willing to use her ‘daddy to pull at her heartstrings’.

As for twisting facts and profiting from lies and the pain they create, Meghan should know all about after her Oprah fib-athon which contained myriad demonstrable falsehoods designed to cause maximum damage to the Royal Family

Meghan needs to know everything about twisting facts, profiting off lies and the pain that they cause. She was caught up in a Oprah fibathon with numerous demonstrable lies designed to do maximum harm to the Royal Family

It’s worthwhile to return to Meghan’s victory speech here. The part where she states: “From day one I have treated the lawsuit as an important measure in right and wrong.” Meghan then attacks tabloids and accuses them of being ‘cruel and profiting off ‘lies, and the pain that they cause’. And, specifically, for their desire to twist facts, and manipulate the public.

Meghan ought to be aware of Meghan’s Oprah fib-athon, which featured numerous falsehoods that were proven to inflict maximum damage on the Royal Family.

The court case cemented her awkward relationship with the truth.

At the time of publication, their spokesperson stated that “The Duke and Duchess” had not contributed to Finding Freedom. Based on their experiences as royal press corps members and independent reporting, this book was written.

This was, in fact, disingenuous claptrap, as everyone suspected.

Jason Knauf told the court that the book had been ‘discussed routinely’ as well as ‘discussed with the duchess directly multiple times over email and in person.

Before his meeting of two hours with the authors, she even gave him a list with “background reminders” about her life.

However, she and her husband were determined that the public and media would never discover their involvement.

According to the former aide, Prince Harry said to him that he agreed with his statement.

Harry is now leading an international campaign to combat ‘disinformation.

This is beyond absurd!

Knauf’s shocking testimony forced Meghan into apologies to the court.

She admitted that she had accepted that Mr Knauf provided some information to authors of the book. He did this with my knowledge for a planned meeting with authors that he was planning in his role as communications secretary. The passage was approved by me. The passage was approved by me. I didn’t have access to these emails. I regret that this happened and apologized to the court. I did not intend to or wish to mislead either the defendant nor the court.

Ah, pur-lease.

This is right up there with Bill Clinton’s ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky’ on the Richter scale of rhetorical bullsh*t.

Meghan Markle is a friend who has shared one thing with them (those she didn’t meet on the steep climb to the top of her social circle): She has an incredible memory and attention for detail.

But, we are to assume that she doesn’t recall co-operating extensively with the book published to support Harry and their version of reality.

According to the Court of Appeal, it took note of the apology by the Duchess and concluded that this was at most a regrettable lapse of memory. 

As with her proud use of a royal title bestowed by an institution that she constantly damages, Meghan Markle wants to have her cake and eat it. But if I were her, I'd stick the celebratory champagne back in the fridge today. Thanks to this court case, we've now seen what the real Meghan looks like, fork tongue and all

Meghan Markle is proud to use a royal title conferred by an institution which she continually damages. If I was her, however, I would put the champagne in the refrigerator today. We now have a clear picture of Meghan, with her fork tongue, thanks to the court case

The court of public opinion, however, was less careful in their scathing social media verdict regarding Princess Pinocchio’s literary amnesia.

Meghan’s brazen lies about the book confirm what I have known about Meghan for some time.

After watching Oprah’s interview on Good Morning Britain, I stated that I would not trust her to read weather reports.

It is ironic that she denied repeatedly a tabloid story, which was disputed by her. The tabloids proved to be correct.

The tabloids proved right about many other Meghan stories that were false. This has led to Meghan’s unpleasant treatment, and resignations from palace staff. Now, a formal investigation is underway.

It’s actually many Meghan’s claims, such as her absurd claim to Oprah, Archie wasn’t a Prince because of his skin color.

Although she may claim victory in this case, it did nothing to expose Meghan’s true personality to the public and reveal the harsh two-faced realities at the heart Meghan and Harry’s privacy policies.

They are happy to sell their privacy to Spotify, Netflix, and Oprah Winfrey, as we have seen them do with remarkable regularity, since leaving Britain in search of a more peaceful life in America.

They are content to simply express their dismay at the possibility of others using their personal information to market it to them.

They want media control and to stop beastly journalists writing things they don’t like.

This is why they cooperate with other drooling hypocrites like Omid Scobie, Finding Freedom’s author, and sue all others who dare to raise even one eyebrow at their inexplicable hypocrisy.

Meghan Markle, like her proud usage of a title royal bestowed upon her by an institution she continually damages, wants her cake and eat it too.

If I was her, however, I would put the champagne in the refrigerator today.

This court case has allowed us to see the true Meghan, with her fork tongue and all.

This is not an attractive sight.