Moment drunk driver was asleep behind the wheel, before he climbed the curb at 100 mph

  • Footage shows drunk driver asleep behind the wheel at Cheltenham in Gloucestershire
  • Local man is concerned and asks woman if she’s okay. Woman wakes up, but speed off
  • The man called police to follow her as she made speeds over 100 mph.
  • Driving ban lifted for 20 months. 12-month community order

Here’s the moment when a drunk driver fell asleep behind the wheel and drove at 100 mph.

The footage was released by the police on August 22, and shows the woman sitting in the driver’s seat in a stationary car in Cheltenham.

It appears the woman has vomited because of the pool of vomit visible outside her windows.   

An uninformed passerby recorded the video, and attempted to get her awake.

It is possible to hear him say: “Hello, there!

“Hello, how are you? 

After waking up, she drove her Toyota Hybrid to the curb and then continued her night of sleep.

After spotting her, a concerned man called the police. He followed her and told police where she was located. 

Footage released by police from August 22 shows a woman in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, napping in the driver's seat of a stationary car

Police released footage on August 22 showing a woman from Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) reclining in the driver’s chair of a stationary vehicle. 

Gloucestershire Police stated that the drunk woman drove at 100 mph on the A40, and nearly missed other motorists. 

After that, she turned into Whittington Village and officers discovered her car in a housing development.

After she had returned home, police broke into her house. Bodycam footage captured the woman lying down on her couch.    

Police burst into her home moments after she returned to the house and bodycam footage showed the woman slumped asleep on her couch

The woman fell asleep on the couch when police arrived at her house.

The room smelled strongly of alcohol. One said, “We have had someone follow you and have seen your crash your car.”   

“We have been right behind you, even though we know that you’ve just come back.

“Get some sneakers and get outside with us.”

This woman is clearly slurring her words and resists arrest.

An officer arrested the suspect and said that he could have been killed himself or someone else. 

She was taken outside by police after she was handcuffed.

As she was being taken away, the concerned man from nearby stood with officers.

The concerned local man who had followed her to the house stood outside with officers as she was taken away

As the woman was being removed, the officer and concerned neighbor who followed her outside stood by with them.

As he tried to get away, she got upset and kicked him.    

She was using a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid as a front-passenger and found a bottle of alcohol. 

For 20 months she was banned from driving and got a 12 month community order.

The drunk driver will also have to do 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and pay a fine of £180.   

Social media users reacted with shock to the video.

A bottle of alcohol was found in the front passenger side of the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid she was driving

One bottle of alcohol was discovered in the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid’s front passenger compartment.

Jill Garland, a local, said: ‘Huge well done to the person who realised there was a problem, followed her and contacted the police.

Justine Davis said, “Absolutely disgraceful behavior.”

“Well done to the man who followed her and called police.

James O’Keefe stated that it was a ridiculous sentence to drive over 100 mph and be so drunk, you vomit or pass out.

Every year in the UK, an average of 3,000 are injured or killed by drink driving accidents.