Emily Borthwick, Team GB Olympian, pays tribute to her 22-year-old brother who was trapped in industrial machinery and died.

  • One Team GB Olympian paid tribute at the funeral of her 22-year-old brother.
  • Connor Borthwick was killed in Blackburn when he was being caught up in industrial machinery
  • Emily Borthwick (24 years old) said that she felt ‘heartbroken” after the accident. 

An Olympic Team GB athlete said that her 22-year old brother was killed in an accident involving industrial machinery.

Emily Borthwick (24) said she was heartbroken to announce the death of her Connor.

Following reports of an accident at Blackburn industrial site, Lancashire last Thursday, 3 fire engines were dispatched and 2 paramedics arrived.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue firefighters spent approximately two and half hours trying rescue Mr Borthwick.

Connor Borthwick, 22, (right) died after becoming trapped in industrial machinery in Blackburn. He was the younger brother of Team GB high jumper and Olympian Emily Borthwick, 24 (left)

Connor Borthwick (22) died in Blackburn after he was trapped by industrial machinery. He was 24 years old, the younger brother to Emily Borthwick (left), a high jumper for Team GB and Olympian.

Emily said she was 'absolutely devastated' that her 'beautiful baby brother' had died in the accident

Emily stated that she was “absolutely devastated” to learn her beautiful baby brother had been killed in an accident

Emily Borthwick represented Team GB in the high jump at the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year

Emily Borthwick was a member of Team GB’s high jump team at the Tokyo Olympics in Japan earlier this year.

However, Mr Borthwick was from Wigan in Greater Manchester and he died later of injuries.

Ms Borthwick was Team GB’s representative at the Tokyo Olympics and wrote on Twitter: ‘Me (and my family) are deeply saddened to announce the death of my precious baby brother last week.

Connor’s family claimed that he enriched their lives beyond what they could have imagined.

The quote was: “Our son and our brother, Connor were a light that shined brightly even if it only lasted 22 years.”

His unbounded energy and kind spirit made a difference in the lives of everyone who met him. He was a great friend and loved his family.

The Borthwick family paid tribute to Connor's 'boundless energy and generous spirit'

The Borthwick family paid tribute to Connor’s ‘boundless energy and generous spirit’

Connor and Emily were just two years apart in age. The family said it was' overwhelmed by the love and support' they received after Connor's death

Connor was only two years older than Emily. According to the family, they felt overwhelmed by the care and support that was shown them after Connor died.

“We are overwhelmed by all the support and love we received after his passing.

“It’s a testament to his positive impact on so many lives and the immense enrichment he has made in our lives.

“We will miss you so much.

Trevor Painter (Miss Borthwick’s athlete coach) also paid tribute the’strength” of the family in mourning.

He stated that he is’so proud’ of the Borthwick families and their resilience in these darkest hours.

Emily Borthwick of Great Britain reacts after a clearance in the Women's High Jump qualifying round during the second session on day one of the European Indoor Athletics Championships at Arena Torun in Torun, Poland

Emily celebrates after qualifying to the Women's High Jump final during the second session in Poland

Emily Borthwick from Great Britain reacts following a clearing in the Women’s High Jump qualifying round, during day two of European Indoor Athletics Championships in Arena Torun. Torun. Poland

He said, “I loved when he came to our sessions several years back as he had always been a funny storyteller and had a bright smile.”

‘RIP Connor. You will always be remembered.

A joint police investigation was launched by the Health and Safety Executive and Police.

According to a spokesperson for Lancashire Police, the ambulance service was called at 3:00pm. It had received a report about an industrial accident that occurred on Bruce Street in Blackburn. The victim, a 20-year old man, sustained serious injuries.

“Sadly those injuries were fatal.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this man.

“We are still in the beginning stages of our joint investigation with the Health and Safety Executive and the inquiries are continuing.”

Connor’s family created a fundraising page with the proceeds going to two charities.

They stated that they would love to pay tribute to him by funding two charities close to their hearts.

“His Grandad Derek died from Alzheimer’s in 2017 and Jamie, his uncle who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, succumbed to the disease in 2015.