Moment Greenpeace ship narrowly fits under 177ft high bridge on its way to COP26. This is after a standoff between port authorities and police.

Today’s travel chaos in Glasgow was caused by the refusal of permission for the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior to dock at the COP26 climate summit.

Activists sailed on board the vessel towards Glasgow on the River Clyde to participate in the climate summit. However, police prohibited the boat from entering the water near campus.

A confrontation was avoided, and compromise reached at last minute when police agreed that the boat could continue docking at Govan Dock two miles from conference venue.

Traffic chaos ensued when police closed roads around Erskine bridge, which is located over the River Clyde and about 15 miles from the venue.

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Activists aboard the vessel set sail towards Glasgow on the River Clyde to participate in the climate summit. At the eleventh hour, police reached a compromise and avoided confrontation. The boat was allowed to continue and dock at Govan Dock.

A Greenpeace activist on board the boat told MailOnline: ‘The captain has decided to ignore the warnings from the port authority and will continue the ship’s journey, as the activists’ message and presence at COP26 is fundamental to its success.

‘The highest part of our boat is 54 meters and the police have told us that Erskine Bridge is 54m in height so we are counting on a low tide to help us through.

‘The bridge will be closed to traffic as well as the roads around it.’

A Greenpeace spokesman said the organisation did not understand why it hadn’t been welcomed to the conference when all ‘are singing from the same hymn sheet’ on climate change.

Rainbow Warrior has four young climate activists aboard the ship, who are members Fridays for Future MAPA.

They are from four countries across three continents – Namibia, Uganda, Mexico and Bangladesh – and are demanding that world leaders must ‘stop failing us.’

Police set up roadblocks on the banks of River Clyde. Officers were stationed at various points along this waterway.

As traffic was diverted from Erskine Bridge, a helicopter hovered over.

Police also launched a boat with Captain Hettie Geenen as the helm to assist rainbow Warrior towards Glasgow.