A man who led police on a 100mph pursuit in a stolen BMW before crashing into a car and spinning it 180 degrees described his own driving as ‘f*****g ridiculous’.

Jacob Rimmer (21) was first pulled over by police in Salford, in an unmarked automobile. He had made a series of U-turns in front.

Manchester Crown Court heard that he waited for a while before speeding off and launching a 10-minute chase at high speed.

Gavin Howie, the prosecutor for Gavin Howie stated, “The defendant drove onto Whitefield Drive at speeds of 60 MPH in a zone 20.”

“He continued on Queensway Road before turning onto A666 at speeds of 80 to 90 miles per hour.

“He drove through red lights, on the other side of the road, causing vehicles to evade him, reaching speeds up to 100 mph at one point.

“The speedometer of the police also indicated speeds of 120 miles an hour.”

Worsley’s Rimmer drove on driving through speed bumps at 60 MPH, then turned left onto Trafford Rd and lost control.

The young girl had just bought her red Corsa a month prior to him colliding with it.

Police dashcam footage captured the moment 21-year-old joyrider Jacob Rimmer led Greater Manchester Police on a 100mph chase

Police dashcam footage captured the moment 21-year-old joyrider Jacob Rimmer led Greater Manchester Police on a 100mph chase

Rimmer, who was driving a stolen BMW, kicked up a cloud of dust as he raced along a busy road in Manchester during the chase

Rimmer, who was riding a stolen BMW BMW, whipped up dust while he raced down a busy Manchester road during the chase

It spun 180° after the impact.

She suffered whiplash and muscle pains, which led to her vehicle being written off. As a result, she has lost her job.

Rimmer drove on, but failed to slow down. He eventually abandoned the vehicle near a housing development.

The officer pursued him as he fled. He then ran and threw his lock knife out of his pocket.

“The defendant ran into the gated area of a residential block,” Mr Howie said. The officer claims that the defendant leapt over a wooden fencing and closed the gate. His face was reddening and he had a lump.

“He felt dizzy but pulled on the jacket of the defendant.”

‘The defendant grabbed him by the body armour and a tussle ensued, with the defendant saying: ‘what the f*** are you going to do about it?”

Only when the officer threatened with pepper spray, did he let him go.

Rimmer had been initially pulled over by officers in an unmarked car in Salford after making a number of u-turns in front of them

Officers pulled Rimmer over in an unmarked Salford car after he made a series of U-turns in front.

He waited a few minutes before speeding off, launching a 10-minute high speed chase, Manchester Crown Court heard. Pictured: Rimmer weaving between busy traffic at high speed

Manchester Crown Court heard that Rimmer waited for several minutes before speeding away, initiating a 10-minute high-speed chase. Rimmer weaves between the busy streets at high speed.

According to the officers, the driving was the worst that they have ever witnessed in field experience.

Rimmer was arrested and interviewed and admitted to the officers his driving was ‘f****** ridiculous’.

Although the white BMW was stolen just four days before the August 29th offence, Rimmer wasn’t believed to have been involved in the crime. However, he later admitted to knowing that it had been taken.

Rimmer had no prior convictions.

Lloyd Morgan, Lloyd Morgan’s lawyer, said that the client has been diagnosed as ADHD and is now ‘absolutely horrified” by his driving.

He stated that he felt shame, bitter regretted, and regret for what he did and for how it affected the Corsa lady.

After crashing into another vehicle, sending it spinning, Rimmer ditched the car and attempted to flee on foot

Rimmer crashed into another car, spinning it around, and he tried to escape on foot.

Rimmer claimed that he was an employee of HMRC, but after the Covid lockdown he discovered it difficult to work remotely and disengaged from his family.

He said, “He’s someone who got off track.” He was very fortunate to have no injuries,’ he stated.

“It was a storm of events, it was panic. He wasn’t thinking.

“He sits on the dock today and looks through a glass of the metaphorical shameful tears.”

He was sentenced by Judge Elizabeth Nicholls, who said that the facts were very, very chilling.

“You’re a young male who thought he had it all. However, for some reason beyond this court you ran away from police. This was a horrific pursuit.

“It was quite a miracle that no one died along the path, and God’s grace that nobody suffered serious injury.

Rimmer from Greenleach Road received 22 months imprisonment with 25 days suspended rehabilitation activity and 150 hours unpaid labor. After pleading guilty, Rimmer was placed under electronic surveillance for five months.