Moment man, after being involved in a brawl with other passengers, got trapped between a Tube train platform and the London Underground Station Platform.

  • Man was caught launching himself at another Tube-bound passenger.
  • Video taken by witness on December 17, at Osterley Underground Station
  • The man leapt up into the air to fall between the platform and train. 

The bizarre scene in which a drunken man tried to fight his fellow passengers while jumping into a tube hole. 

On December 17, a man launched himself at another person at Osterley Underground Station, at 5.46pm.

Witness footage captured the man jumping into the air and accidentally aligning his feet with the space between the train tracks.

He fell to the tracks at his waist, and then he seemed to slip further before he was helped free.

He lined his feet up exactly with the gap between the train and the platform, falling in as far as his waist

Witness footage showed the man leaping into the air

Witness footage shows the man leaping in the air. His feet were aligned with the space between the platform and train, so he fell as far as his waist.

Another point, he bounces back against his sparring buddy and rolls through open doors of the train and in to the train.

The man was able to slip between platform and train platforms when a worker with orange high visibility jacket came running towards him. 

Following reports of an attack at the station, officers were summoned.

British Transport Police said that a 33 year-old male was detained on suspicion of assault, drunkenness and disorder.

At another point he rebounds against his sparring partner and rolls through the train's open doors and into the train

Another point is when he bounces back against his sparring buddy and rolls through open doors of the train and in to the train

In the meantime, he was released by police on bail to allow for further investigations.   

A police spokesman said: ‘British Transport Police were called to Osterley Underground station at 5.46pm on 17 December following reports of an assault.

A 33-year old man was detained on suspicion for assault, drunkenness and disorder.

“He was released by police on bail, pending further inquiries.”