A tearful uncle’s moment with his nephew after five days of waiting for his sister to be discharged from hospital has become a viral sensation.

Sernad Hoxia, 22 years old, is shown walking towards Liri Hoxha (25 years), while holding Noah, her infant son.

Sernad immediately put his hands on his heads in disbelief and reached out to touch his sister’s forehead.

Sernad Hoxha, 22, pictured, first saw his five-day-old nephew Noah in the car park of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital car park because he was not allowed onto the maternity unit because of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions

Sernad Hoxia, 22, is pictured. She first met Noah, Noah’s five-day old nephew, in the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital parking lot. Noah was barred from the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital maternity unit by ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

Sernad held his head in his hands when he approached his sister and infant nephew

Sernad held his neck in his hands as he approached his younger sister and her infant nephew.

Sernad walked over to his sister Liri, right, and kissed her one the forehead. He told her: 'I am so proud of you'

Sernad approached his sister Liri right and kissed one of her foreheads. Sernad told Liri, “I’m so proud of your accomplishments.”

Sernad, pictured holding his nephew, even went out and got Noah's name tattooed to his arm to celebrate the infant's arrival

Sernad is holding Noah, his nephew. He even got Noah’s name tattooed on his arm, to commemorate the baby’s birth

Sernad, Liri stated, had dreamed since childhood of becoming an uncle. That moment occurred on March 25, when Noah met Sernad in a carpark at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 

Though the moment took place earlier this year, it wasn’t until months later, in October, Liri shared the video on social media – soon seeing the post go super viral.

Liri from Fulham said Noah and Sernad shared an irresistible bond ever since.

She spent a long time in hospital due to COVID-19 protocols, and she also had an emergency C section. It worried the family.

Liri continued: “Unfortunately, there weren’t any visitors to the hospital. So my family had five days to patiently wait until they were able to see Noah and me.

“My brother was there for us five hours until they released us.

“Many commented on his greeting and telling me how proud they are before acknowledging me as a baby. That is really heartwarming.

“I believe he said that because I needed an emergency C-section, and there were a lot of complications. He was happy to see me well and healthy.

Sernad has been praised on social media following his reaction to being introduced to his nephew for the first time

After being presented to his nephew, Sernad was praised by social media.

Liri, right, pictured with her husband and baby Noah shared the footage of her brother meeting her son for the first time on TikTok where it has received widespread acclaim

Liri is pictured right with Noah and her husband. She shared the video of Noah meeting Liri’s son on TikTok. It has garnered widespread praise.

Sernad, pictured with Noah, has had his nephew's name and date of birth tattooed to his arm

Sernad (pictured with Noah) has his nephew’s date and name tattooed on his arm

“He got Noah’s name tattooed on his arm one week later. He is the best friend and I sometimes catch Sernad weeping just from looking at his nephew.” 

This footage was liked nearly 190,000.

Before kissing her forehead, Mr Hoxha declared: “I’m proud of you.”

One person on social media responded to the video: 'Who's cutting onions. He'll be the best uncle'

On social media, one person commented on the video. He’ll make the most wonderful uncle.

Yarin Hadad Tzfira said: 'If he reacts like that when it is his sister, what would be the reaction when it is his wife. It's so adorable'

Yarin Hadad Tzfira commented: “If it’s his sister, how would he react when it was his wife?” It’s so adorable’

Before he looked down at his five-day old baby, he placed his head in his hands.

He starts to cry as soon as he looks at the child, and within 30 seconds he’s holding him. 

On social media, one person commented on the video. He will be the greatest uncle.

Yarin Hadad Tzfira stated: “If he reacts as if it’s his sister, how would he react when it’s his wife?” It’s so adorable.’

Ms. Hoxha tells us that Noah’s brother got Noah’s name inked to his body days after the birth.

One person said, “Hands down this video is the most beautiful and wholesome I’ve ever seen”

Katja Marilla Sarkka said, “I watched this three more times and I sobbed.” Your brother is all we have in this harsh world.