Moment man drags along the road with his car, trying to escape police officers during dramatic pursuit

  • Greater Manchester Police use unmarked squad cars to patrol the city 
  • These officers will be responsible for clamping down against vehicle-related crime in the locality.
  • Operation Dynamo focuses on criminals that use cars as part their regular routine 
  • GMP reports that six persons were detained under Operation Dynamo this Week 

After he didn’t jump clear from the vehicle, a criminal suspect was dragged behind a car as he tried to escape police. 

Greater Manchester Police has released footage showing the back doors opening. Two men are seen trying to leap out. 

When the unmarked officer interceptor from police is in front of the vehicle, the man at the driver’s seat jumps on to the roadway and attempts to run. 

Greater Manchester Police were following this car when two men tried to escape from the back doors while the vehicle was still moving down a residential street in Bury in the early hours of yesterday morning

Greater Manchester Police followed this vehicle when it was being driven down a Bury street.

One man was able to jump cleanly out of the car, pictured right. The second lost his footing and was dragged along by the door

The right-hand picture shows how one man was able jump out of his car. Second man lost his balance and was pulled along by the door.

Two men aged 18 and 22 were arrested following this incident. In total officers working on Operation Dynamo in Greater Manchester arrested six people

Following this incident, two young men aged between 18 and 22 were taken into custody. Six people were arrested by officers involved in Operation Dynamo, Greater Manchester.

The car is still moving at 30mph in Bury, Greater Manchester. A second man who was alighting from its reardoor on the passenger side falls off his feet. 

While the police car was stopped temporarily, the Ford white sedan continued on the highway with the suspect still holding onto the front passenger door. He was about to smash into any cars that were parked in the vicinity. 

This footage was taken in Whitefield, close to Bury. It showed police following the suspects. 

The footage was released by officers via Twitter. 

Two men were taken into police custody by Greater Manchester Police after the chase. 

After officers used several police dogs to locate the men aged 22-18, they were taken into custody  

Over the course of 24 hours, another four people were taken into custody in different incidents.    

Greater Manchester Police spokesmen said, “Our Tactical Vehicle Intercept Unit patrols in unmarked cars daily and night, working to target vehicles suspected or being involved in a broad array of crime, particularly thefts and burglaries. 

“Under the codename Operation Dynamo, they use intelligence and public reports to reduce vehicle-related crimes in Greater Manchester. 

If you have any suspicions or information regarding the vehicles in your neighborhood, report it online. In an emergency, always call 911.

“Details may be sent anonymously to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 112”